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Live Strean || White House Briefing – June 15, 2015

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    • I Googled it:

      During a regularly scheduled press briefing Monday, White House reporters grilled spokesman Josh Earnest, who said that the Obamas will personally foot the bill for the party.

      “The point is that the President and First Lady—and I think most people across the country would acknowledge, that is an appropriate thing for the president and first lady to do,” Earnest said. “Which is to open their house up to guests for a private party on a Saturday night.”

      Earnest repeatedly stressed that the event was not an official function.

      “President and First Lady did hold a private party at the White House over the weekend, but given the private nature of that event I don’t have a lot of details to discuss from here,” he said.

      The party’s guests, however, weren’t so tight-lipped.

      Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted from Washington that it was “awesome to see Prince and Stevie Wonder on the keyboards together,” at the White House party.

      Football star Russell Wilson posted an Instagram of himself and his date Ciara after “dancing at the White House” to Prince and Stevie Wonder.

      Director Ava DuVernay called it “one of the best house parties I’ve ever been to.”

  1. From Mark Knoller’s Twitter:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller.@PressSec confirms Obamas hosted WH party Saturday night, but it was “a private event” and so hye won’t disclose any more about it.
    1:08 PM – 15 Jun 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    @PressSec says the Pres and First Lady are paying for Saturday night’s party themselves.
    1:15 PM – 15 Jun 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Further, @PressSec says the President and Mrs Obama “reserve the right” to host private parties at the WH & “they did it on their own dime.”
    1:18 PM – 15 Jun 2015

  2. Remind me again why there is a “WH press corps” if they DO NOT ‘report’ stories like the massive ‘secret’ Obama party Saturday…?

    • Yes I agree. They should have asked, Why are the American citizens finging out after the fact.
      Than they should have asked for a copy of the party receipt. A copy for each reporter.

    • Some of the Press Corps ask sorta tough questions, but they all remember what happened to James Rosen and the WH Press Corps phones being tapped (no doubt still are being tapped). The reporting after the pressers is pretty soft, though. So there’s a fear factor there, I suppose. And there’s also a potential of losing WH press credentials if the WH thinks you’ve crossed the line in the questioning. And your editor boss won’t like the loss of the access.

      Still, your point is spot on. There is no Elijah Lovejoy in the Press Corps willing to die to tell the truth.

  3. Of course the American people footed some of the bills for this grifter soiree. The electricity, the security support, the air conditioning, the waiters, cleaning up the mess after the meal. Lot’s more, you can bet.