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Bad Signs at the Hillary Announcement

It’s not such a big problem for the Hillary Clinton campaign that Hillary Clinton isn’t really loved. She could still win. The problem for the campaign is that it is resting its fate on everyone showing the love anyway.

What Clinton strategists are doing is trying to replicate the Obama strategy, which eschewed the usual move to the middle and drilled down into the electorate to find every liberal vote out there and get that vote to the polls.

You can do that when you are a transformational candidate. I realize Obama didn’t turn out to be a transformational anything – unless you find weakening America abroad and bankrupting it at home transformational – but at least he was perceived that way.

Nobody perceives Hillary as anything more than a political animal who devotes her spare time to earning vast sums of money. They do perceive that she is a woman, but that’s not going to be enough.

And so, her political campaign kickoff redo Saturday had some bad tidings. Her speech was fine, but no one seemed to find it really inspirational. Her crowd was very white, and while enthusiastic, not particularly awed.

And then there was this:

Hillary overflow

Thats the “overflow” section for Hillary’s announcement speech. During the speech.

And take a look at this pathetic Iowa watch party:

She has to run as a conventional candidate. Because she is a conventional person with a lot of baggage.

She isn’t the Holy Grail. She’s just another politician, chasing it.

31 thoughts on “Bad Signs at the Hillary Announcement”

  1. Romney had a good one today:
    “Hillary Smiles, But Her Eyes Say ‘Where Is My Latte?’.”

    Watching MoJoe this morning, they were hard-pressed to show any excitement for Hillary – only hesitantly calling it a ‘good speech’.

    Joe S. said she wouldn’t stand up to Wall Street but added that no one will stand up to wall Street once they get to the Oval Office – citing Barack Obama.

    If Jeb gets the nomination, the big questions is…will he stand up to Hillary? I have my doubts.

          1. I like Joe, but Mika is the reason I don’t (can’t?) watch the show. I was an early fan after they permanently replaced Imus. To be fair, I can’t watch FnF anymore because of Hasselbeck. That should have been Alisyn Camerota’s job. CNN stole her.

    1. Yeah–on MoJoe–I believe she got a C+ from someone. But then they say, oh, well, she will win. Fiorina gave a good acct of herself on the show. Quite a difference–and no Penny Dreadful laugh.

    2. Also they pointed out she was against the bankruptcy bill–talked her hubs into vetoing it (implied), then when it came up again when she was a senator she voted for it. Take that, poor people!

  2. Let me get this straight: She did a speech on income inequality, anti-Wall Street, power to the ladies, and fairness while standing in the shadow of some of the most wealthy Americans and their humble $5,000,000 apartments and their Wall Street portfolios and their Upper West Side dog walkers, limo drivers, and personal chefs. That may feed her coffers but it will not resonate with Joe Voter in Peoria.

    What were they thinking?

    Even Mayor DeBlahs is not impressed, dissed her and chose another event.

    Is she had hutzpah, she would have gone to Baltimore.


      1. indeed. Both my kids live in NYC, one on the UES, the other in Harlem. Both pay more in rent than I ever did for my mortgage.


  3. Last week Amy Chozick at the NYT wrote THREE, not one, not two, but THREE glowing puff pieces about Hillary, the worst was the syrupy article about Hillary’s mother. (violin). At no time were reader comments allowed, for any of the three articles. I complained bitterly to the Times but to deaf ears. Duh. Today, the front and center NYT piece is about Jeb and as you might imagine, comments were open the second the article posted. All the negativity gets allowed against an R but we who oppose Hillary are thwarted?? I’m going to continue my outrage campaign to the Times editors but don’t hold your breath for any changes. Awful.

  4. I used to have an old 7 hp Johnson outboard motor on my fishing boat. Dang thing would take about 10 pulls to get it going. Couldn’t figure out how to get it going right on the first pull or two. Changed parts, cleaned it up, checked the choke, hit it with a hammer. Nothing worked. Took it to my boat guy and he couldn’t get it going right. It was restart, restart, restart. Pull. Pull. Pull on the rope. Once it did get going it was loud, smelly, oil flying out everywhere, coughed out a lot. Never got up to speed. Finally bought a new motor.

    Reminds me of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Even if the campaign finally fires up, it will never run right. It keeps coughing out. No matter how she tries to fix it and get it going.

    1. LOL! A perfect metaphor! Thanks to you, Marcus, I will forever picture an ol’ loud, smelly outboard when I see Hills.

      Come to think of it, an ol’ Evinrude might be more fitting. ;-)

      1. Yes! Evinrude. Something the D’s must be thinking about right now. But, for sure, I would like to see Hillary be the nominee for her party. Talk about a free range target!

  5. Once the GOP candidates REALLY go after her, she’ll crack and the real Hill will come out.

    It will not be pretty.

    I can’t wait.

  6. There are a number of people on the business shows who believe Hillary doesn’t really believe this in her heart and if elected you will see that.

    Good luck to them when the socialist robbers are at their doors.

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