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  1. Not content with a NO ! The white house and others are going to have another vote about trade. Secret trade deal, on Tuesday.
    Is this the new America? Us dumb voters are held in contempt and like Obummer care it has to be a secret from us?
    Welcome to the Police state Banana commie new world of America. Land of the not free.

  2. Morning all(or is it brunch time?),
    With all the hype over Hillary yesterday I put up a post on the “other” woman in the race. Carly Fiorina.
    I don’t know if any of you watch Special Report with Bret Baier, but if you don’t and are interested in the news sans Kardashian/Jenner crap you need to check it out.
    Carly was on Center Seat Thursday night and I care not if you skip over all my words, just watch the video.
    Imagine if all the candidates answered in such a direct and straight forward manner.
    Carly Fiorina’s Center Seat performance sets the stage June 14, 2015By Geoff Caldwell – See more at:

    • I saw her on Bret’s show.
      She is very confident and straight forward.
      She has a lot of experience in many areas and is not afraid to say so.

    • Good segment. I like her & I want to see more of her too, a breath of fresh air! Actually answering questions without twisting words into mumble jumble.

    • I totally agree about Baier’s news show, fastest hour on t.v. Thanks for posting the video, Carly’s definitely on my radar, and should be on the GOP’s if Hillary leads the Dem ticket. (I left you a note on your article too!)

    • We DVR Bret Baier’s show every night and catch it later that evening. Carly was fantastic on there, taking questions one after another from four people, while Shrillary still hasn’t done a sit down interview with just one journalist. When Brett said that the “lightning round” was up next I thought, wow, wasn’t that already a lightning round? The questions were flying and she handled them all perfectly. I think she’s clear, concise, and unflappable. Very impressive.

      Excellent column, Geoff. I can’t believe I didn’t notice your name when Bret read the final question. Nice!

    • Our society is crumbling under this socialistic leadership and the progressive direction that the government is driving us toward.

      It seems that desperation is becoming more and more prevalent.

      • To that point, the left has accepted Jenner as a woman, and it appears that they will accept the white NAACP woman as black. So, I am wondering if Bruce/Caitlin self identifies as black then why can’t Jenner be a female,transgender, black , Republican? Is that acceptable?

        Curious because black conservatives do not seem to be accepted by anyone on the Left. Maye this would give them a little boost.

      • Silver lining to all this self identification stuff. What with Jenner as a woman and the NAACP woman as a black this should allow all of us to self identify. This would open doors for small business — you know, minority owned — and students and job applicants where previously race and gender were criteria. And if you wanted a job or something from a liberal establishment, you could self identify as a leftist but remain at your core a conservative.

        Lots and lots of potential here.

        • I self identify as Miss American, despite the fact that I’m married and 67 years old. When I was 20 I was a runner up to Miss Illinois. I refuse to get “old”!

  3. The whole point of a Trojan Horse is to wrap something detrimental inside of something attractive.

    If you put a poison pill (climate change shackles or immigration reform or reins on US sovereignty) inside a bill appealing to Free Traders in hopes of snaring those politicians too dumb to “read the bill before we pass it” then you will accomplish your mission.

    In no way would I give someone who has proven he simply can’t be trusted any kind of Fast Track Authority.

    We know that Obama cannot be trusted. Watch for the big double-cross this week when they resolve TAA (which Dems favor) and he ends up at the statist place where he wanted by wrapping it in a veneer of free trade.

    Term Limit every single one of them from both parties..

    • “politicians too dumb to “read the bill before we pass it” then you will accomplish your mission.”

      Or the ones that are too lazy to read it or the ones that will benefit if it passes.

      • These people have a monopoly on all of the angles to get rich.
        After all, they make the rules.

        ! or 2 terms isn’t going to make it.
        That’s why term limits are a pipe dream.

        The only way to defeat them is at the ballot box.

    • There going to have another vote. Who decided that factor?
      Yes I agree the issue of not knowing all is insane. I mentioned yesterday I learned that generic medicine is involved in this wrap of cr**. Yes that is low on the list of things to be concerned with, but I thought it was important to note what has been squeezed into.
      Along with limited terms, I think the nonsense of everyone voting with out reading has got to stop. I would like them all to stand up on TV and read everything out loud before voting.

    • It’s all just a bunch of theater. The Dems want to look like they care about the American “workers”. They’ll manage to work something out with TAA, probably get some pork thrown in too, and then they’ll act like they’re heroes who were only trying to protect American jobs.

      As for the Republicans in favor of this bill, they all suck. It makes me sorry they even won control of the Senate last fall.

      As for Obummer, he claims he wants this bill because it will create jobs. HA HA HA. Since when has he cared about that?! What a joke this is. I’m fed up with ALL of them, (Obummer, the Dems, and the Republicans), thinking we’re so stupid.

  4. Has anyone noticed for the last several years that grocery items have gotten smaller and smaller?
    I went to the store earlier to get more shaving cream for a loved one. Shook the can before I left. When i got to the store, the same item was 2 inches shorter.
    Detergent. I used to buy the big box of detergent, and a liquid bottle. The big box has gotten smaller and smaller.
    Bread Top line of bread. The slices are smaller.
    Candy bars
    Chocolate chip cookies
    The cookies were the first on the list, that I remembered getting slightly smaller.
    No one seems to care or notice.
    Oh yeah moon pies is another one.
    Oranges, bananas, heads of lettuce.
    Po-boys They are smaller than they use to be.
    So we now have smaller food items, but bigger phones and bigger tv’s. Go figure. :)

    • Add ice cream to the list as well. Can you even get a 1/2 gallon anymore?

      A sign of just how the times. The marketers know that most of the people only look at the box and won’t even realize that the old 16oz package is now only 12 oz. Screws up a bunch of recipes too! Now have to buy two 12oz to get enough for the 16oz required.

    • Remember the ads from the Egg Council, or whatever it’s called, telling us that Wow, eggs have 20% LESS cholesterol than we thought!!! Now, look at a “LARGE” egg. They USED to BE large. Now, they look like they were laid by pigeons!! Yeah, 20% less cholesterol, you betcha!!

    • It’s so infuriating! Last week it was Nathan hot dogs. Had a family Memorial Day bbq. The younger kids all wanted hot dogs and when I opened the packages I couldn’t believe how they have shrunk. The buns, too.

      Everything is shrinking…from bars of Dove face soap to cans of cat food. And we are paying MORE at checkout.

      We can thank MO for all of this. She gave the food mfgs a good excuse to sell us less for more $$$. We’re too fat, don’t you know?
      It’s one thing to raise prices, but this simultaneous shrinkage thing is criminal, IMO.

        • Most people won’t eat less, they will just buy more.
          It’s like MO’s school lunches. They’re so skimpy, the kids are starving. Which means they resort to junk food.

      • This goes WAY back. A package of Hot dogs = 8 but a package of hot dog BUNS = 10. Unless you’re planning on 40 hot dogs, there’s going to be waste. And Star, YOU are starting to get annoying!!

  5. If the big money are backing Jeb and Hilary then no matter who we back, they will be the 2 to chose from.

    Both bad as always. We are so screwed!!

  6. Just watching a clip of the Bill Clinton/Tapper interview on CNN – the part where Bill says he could trust Hillary with his life.
    Both of his hands were outstretched for a few seconds as he was speaking.

    There was a noticeable trembling and/or tremor in his left hand – couldn’t really see his right hand too well. Unless I have a problem with my TV, it looks like Bill might have a neurological problem.

    Politics aside, the age and health of both Clintons should be the main consideration.
    We’re 20 months away from Inauguration day 2017…and nearly 6 years away from the end of the first term in 2021.
    The greed of the Clintons supercedes common sense. What are they thinking??

    • I saw the end of Shrillary’s speech yesterday when Bill was offstage and then came up on stage. I remarked how old and frail he seemed. Far older than his 68 years, (he’ll be 69 in August). Mitt Romney turned 68 last March. Holy cow, they do NOT seem the same age at all!

      As far as Shrillary, she will turn 68 this October so she’ll turn 69 mere days before the 2016 election. I find it rather interesting and humorous that the same Dem voters who cast her aside in 2008, (when she was 60), in favor of the young, hip, cool Obummer now want a POTUS that would be age 69 at inauguration with a presidency that would mostly be during her early to mid 70’s!

      • I detest Bill Clinton with all my soul, but one of the reasons he looks so old is because he spent 8 years as our (EWHCH) president. I haven’t seen ANY president in MY lifetime who hasn’t aged FAR beyond his years. And NO, I cannot explain why Jimmy Carter is still alive!

  7. Computer issues: I use Firefox as my browser and have been having a lot of issues for quite a while, most likely because I usually have several windows open with several tabs in each one. Lots of slow, dragging issues and constantly getting some script error message. So, last week, I read the conversation about ads in one of the threads and finally decided to try Ad Block Plus. I also took the advice of adding No Script.

    Everything is working great now! Much faster and smooth. Thanks to Von Ebb, gracepmc, Marcus, and AFVet.

    WHD’ers are the best!

      • Thanks, grace! I’m really loving the Ad Block Plus. I don’t know what took me so long to check it out.

        I’m still trying to figure out No Script. It’s kind of a pain when I got to a website for the first time since I’ve installed it. I sometimes can’t see everything, like pics, videos, and even comments on some sites. Then, I have to decide whether I want to set it to always allow that page or temporarily allow it. I’m really not sure about some of it, but I’m trying it for now.

    • The main problem I had was the ad running on this site only.
      Keith commented back to me that he would try to block it.
      Drudge has the same thing running on his site but it does not mess with the position of the page.

      Glad you got things straightened out Snarq.

      • Thanks, AFVet. About a month ago, Drudge had some ad at the top that was driving me nuts. It kept getting blocked by our anti-virus software and we had to keep refreshing to try to get back onto Drudge’s site.

  8. Early this morning I found out there is a Invest 91-L that may move towards Texas, (possibly) Louisiana.
    Making way through Yucatan. Will possibly move into Gulf in next possible 48 hours.
    Check your local weather. :)
    50% chance of development.

  9. This cracks me up for some reason:

    MSNBC Worries Hillary Crowd Too White, Too Small and None Too Enthusiastic

    On MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt today, two reporters painted a picture of a crowd that was smaller than hoped for, not overly enthusiastic, and problematically pale.

    First up was Alex Seitz-Wald, who let slip that stands behind the stage didn’t get filled, and that the crowd was largely enthusiastic but “not overwhelmed.” A bit later Joy Reid and host Richard Liu fretted over the problematic predominance of pale faces, with Reid observing “on the diversity side, they were on the low end.”

    (Video and transcript at the above link)

  10. Hey, DC, the Choom Gang’s in town!

    I was just catching up at Mark Knoller’s twitter page and I see that Obummer’s Hawaii Choom Gang is in DC. He played golf with them yesterday. I guess with Moochelle, her mother, and the Moochettes leaving tomorrow for a week long trip to London, Milan, and Venice, Obummer needs to have his pals here all week for a vacation. I wonder if Mooch is taking their wives with her to Europe (along with her Chicago friends too).

    I have to ask, do these guys have jobs? They take an awful lot of vacation time with Obummer between the Martha’s Vineyard trip every August, Christmas and New Year’s weeks in Hawaii, several trips to DC every year, and long golf weekends with Obummer in FL and CA.

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller Jun 13
    It’s 85° and humid in DC Heading to 89°. Pres Obama now at @AndrewsAirForce for a round of golf.
    11:37 AM – 13 Jun 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller Jun 13
    Pres Obama’s foursome today includes his long-time pals from Hawaii: Bobby Titcomb, Michael Ramos and Greg Orme.
    12:37 PM – 13 Jun 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller Jun 13
    After 5 hours at the golf course at @AndrewsAirForce, Pres Obama back at the WH.
    6:18 PM – 13 Jun 2015

  11. Ugh, read it and try not to PUKE:

    ‘What were we doing to our marriage’: US First lady reveals fears for her relationship with Obama after he became president as she makes her debut as a magazine editor

    • The First Lady took on the role of ‘guest editor’ for the first time
    • The debut is also a first for the magazine industry
    • She pitched, wrote and edited pieces ‘up until the last minute’
    • July-August edition of ‘More’ will be released on June 23

    Poor, poor Moochelle. It’s been so hard on her being FLOTUS.