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Bush Releases Video; Unveils Logo

Jeb Bush, who announces his candidacy Monday, released Sunday a video making the case for his candidacy and unwrapped his logo for all to seen.



Jeb Logo

34 thoughts on “Bush Releases Video; Unveils Logo”

  1. That logo is very lame, in my not so humble opinion. You know that all the pundits will pounce on it, pointing out how he’s trying to avoid his last name. Kind of pathetic.

    Jeb! 2016

    My reply to that: NO Jeb in 2016!!

    1. In fairness…eh, I guess I’ll be fair…I seem to remember him using a similar style in Florida during his campaigns in the state. He’s always been Jeb! in Florida. It’s tiresome.

      Hey, at least he’s got a name to run on, I guess. At least he hasn’t whittled his identity down to a sign directing you to the hospital with his campaign logo.

      (Too…much…fairness…to…Jeb…. Must…shower…off….)

  2. OMG! I just watched that. WORST video ever! Boring and depressing!! Not one person ever cracked a smile in the entire 3 plus minutes.

    He has to hit all the demographics, of course. It opens with a black woman (first in her family to graduate high school), then a Hispanic man (who grew up poor), then a Hispanic woman (with a special needs child), and finally a white woman (a victim of domestic violence).

    Bush cares about all of them, blah, blah, blah. He did great things for them in Florida. These people, including Jeb are soooo blah. They all need some coffee, stat!

    Jeb concludes with, “America’s best days are in front of us and we’re going to lead the world.” He says that with all the excitement of someone reading the damn phonebook!


    100 frickin million dollars and this is the best he can do?!?!


    Jeb Gets Backing of Key Cuban-American Congressmen

    By Greg Richter | Sunday, 14 Jun 2015 09:16 PM

    In a blow to Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign and its seemingly solid support from his home base, all three of Miami’s Cuban-American Congressmen have announced they are backing Jeb Bush for president.

    A list of key supporters released by Bush’s campaign on the eve of his official announcement set for Monday includes the names of Miami’s powerful troika of Cuban-American Congressmen — Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo.

    Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart had previously announced they were backing Bush in the Republican primary over Sen. Marco Rubio.

    Curbelos’s recent endorsement shows a united front for Bush over their fellow Cuban-American and Miami native Rubio.

    The freshman senator from Florida, Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants.


    1. Neither Hill nor Jeb have any sincere enthusiasm -or sincerity for that matter.
      I’m curious – does a Presidential candidacy ensure future profit potential?
      There has to be some reason – neither of these two people truly desire to be President for the Good of God and Country.
      So, I presume, a candidacy must provide a nice income stream.
      Cannot believe I am stating this, but I like Carly Fiona more and more. At least she openly admits she is fabulously wealthy – and she is a capitalist.
      Socialists wear me out with their droning speeches. All Leftists believe that speaking words equal reality.
      Apparently, now, if you say you’re black you are black. If you say you are not a man but are a woman – you are.
      All I know is parking yourself in a garage does not make you a car.
      Hill and Jeb can call themselves viable candidates, but they are not – at least to me.
      This morning, I am voicing my personal objections to secret trade deals and secret negotiations and gamesmanship. I am against Hill and Jeb and a slew of other candidates on both sides. I don’t need the media to create a candidate (Rubio.). Bernie Sanders makes me want to poke my ears and eyes out with a pencil. I don’t want to hear anymore sob stories from anyone about anything.
      Get up off the couch and make something of yourself. God gave each of us a brain. Use it to figure out how to turn off the TV and read something – like a newspaper or two. Realize that just because you see it on TV does not mean it is truth. Look at voting records and read speeches by the candidates.
      It’s not that hard. Educate yourself before you choose your candidate.
      …end of rant…

        1. And it’s a shame Hillary’s last name doesn’t begin with an “H.”
          Her logo could have been “HRH.”
          Her Royal Highness

      1. x10
        Great rant !
        Carly wasn’t handed her current position, she earned it.
        From a secretary to a CEO of a multinational corporation is a pretty good run IMO.

  4. Very blah, blah, blah.
    I am concerned for everyone here in America. First off our freedom, safety from foreign maniacs. Not one word about foreign issues…
    After the neglect from o we need someone to deal with what he screwed up.

  5. Put a pantsuit on him and have him start talking in annoying accents and you couldn’t tell the difference between him and Cash Queen Hillary.
    Following up on a refreshing difference to the paid political class, Carly Fiorina followed up on her great week last week with Special Report and the Competitive Enterprise Institute by going on Morning Joe this morning and doing the same thing:
    Direct, to the point answers to questions. Al Hunt tried to throw her off regarding Wall Street and the Big Banks and she gave him a schooling that will leave you: “Yeh, THAT’s what we want from a candidate”–you-discount–underestimate-me-464624707949

  6. Just viewed this. Perhaps we have all seen way too many Logos and warm video clips of candidates that all seem to meld into one feel good event. I have no doubt that Jeb is a decent man who did good things in FLA. But that by itself, and a boatload of cash, does not win the WH.

    I did not see any fire. I saw a good man with a kind heart that cares for everyone. Those candidates get buried by others.

    Watch the Carly interview with Brett Baier again. She has spunk, spit and vinegar. No way she would project the soft, feel good video the way Jeb did…this looked like a United Way commercial, with apologies to the UW, a good organization.


  7. Another one to watch is Joni Ernst.
    She is fearless.

    Dreaming now, but, an all female ticket Carly/Joni would be a breath of fresh air.

    Not because they are female mind you, because what is between their ears.

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  9. The HUGE problem I have with either a Bush or Clinton candidacy is that it smells of Royal inheritance, Royal families vying for the crown, a primofamilia (I made the word up but it fits) expectation. Are we to believe that in a country of 330,000,000 people a Bush or a Clinton are the best presidential candidates we can muster? I think not.

    1. The era of the dominating parties choosing the candidate needs to come to an end.
      The voice of the people needs to be loud enough to overcome the will of the bureaucracy.

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