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97 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || June 13, 2015

  1. I noted issue going on in Dallas on former thread.
    Police robots approach suspects armored van a this time.
    I just read on Drudge that within the Trade crud, that it could lead to limit access of generic drugs.
    Good morning to all.

  2. The Dems don’t hate the fallen trade bill as much as they resent their party’s own President. Ignored by him for years, forced to defend all of his ill-advised actions to their constituents, and bearing the brunt of the poorly designed Obamacare that was meant to be the banner they saluted, they found small reasons to deny something he dearly wanted them to give – their positive votes.

    While the Repubs and others might be secretly celebrating this comeupannce directed at the lame-duck President, the rest of us should be wary of a man shown to be petty and vindictive to anyone who opposes his wishes. The massive powers embedded in the Presidentcy could be used to punish, or exact revenge.
    IMO, we’re in dangerous times.

      • X3.
        I still do not see people in the store, or on the corner discussing these issues.
        Years ago. The paper came out and you may see two people pointing to the same article and discussing it. I only hope more people are paying attention. Than you get to the issue of them responding, What can/are we going to do about it? We pay reps to tend to matters, that protect our way of living and our freedom.

        • We elect reps that hold us in contempt if we do not agree with them.

          We elect reps that lie to us just to get elected.

          We elect reps that would sell their soul to the devil just to remain in power.

          TERM LIMITS !

          • Start with 1 six year term for the President. I can’t remember when any President (Nixon,Reagan,Clinton,Bush,Oblahma) had a good 7th and 8th year. Virginia term limits it’s gov to 1 4yr term and seems to work out well for us.

          • Sadie, Thanks for the clip. I feel a little better, just reading those words.
            Oliver Cromwel’s quote as well. “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.

          • I’m all for term limits for congress, and I like the idea of a single six year term for the president. That way, there won’t be all this endless campaigning. On that note, I’d love a law prohibiting any political activity by a sitting POTUS. That means absolutely no fundraising for their party or individual candidates, and no campaigning for them either. I’m so sick of it all. (Yes, I realize I’m dreaming here…)

      • GOP behind Tuesday new vote on this. See drudge report.

        They all are relentless to get what THEY want.

        Throw us under the bus, they do not care.

        This trade bill so sucks!

        • I read it this morning. I mentioned the generic drug issue earlier. Yes there are a lot of more important issues to be concerned with. That one was one that I just became aware of.

          • If the no more generics caper doesn’t work (and it won’t), their next trick will to tell us the Boogie Man is on his way. RUN!!!

  3. Watching HRC’s brazen, sickening attempt to portray herself as a populist. Elizabeth Warren, she’s not!!! So much red meat for her opponents!

    What really stands out to me is her vicious attack on CEO’s and Hedge Fund managers. Let it be known that Chelsea’s husband is the co-founder of a Wall Street hedge fund!!! It has lost money for the last two out of three years due to it’s gamble on the economic recovery of Greece.

    Also, let it be known that Chelsea also worked for a hedge fund from 2005 to 2009. She quit when her mother became SOS. Wouldn’t look too good for HRC.

    She also neglected to mention Chelsea’s father-in-law, an ex-Congressman conman from Iowa who served 5 years in prison for $10M in bank fraud. He has never compensated the people he scammed.

    Every member of this family is corrupt.

    ***She just talked about her Mother working as a ‘house maid’ when she was young! She’s trying to one-up Marco…LOL.

  4. Michael Sams, the openly gay footballer that all of liberalism cheered, has ‘left the building’. After being given a chancee to play in Canada, he left training camp to go home for reasons not known yet.
    aww, poor baby.
    The sports world is still chatting about LaBron Jame’s flashing his junk on live tv as he adjusted his basketball uniform. Anyone who watched the video of it would be hard pressed to say what they saw.
    hmm. Don’t know what that means.

    The White woman who played the racial hustle better than most Black people is causing a backlash against the guy who say’s he’s a woman because he wears nail polish and girly underwear.
    I think they’re both nuts, but, I think I’m a cat sometimes.

    • Also she yakked for 47 mins in killer heat–she is lucky half the middle class in her audience did not keel. Good looking out. (The turnout was modest.)

    • Millionaire Hillary launches campaign do-over with ‘slightly more arrogant Woodstock’ rally on New York City island as she promises to look out for ordinary Americans’ pocketbooks – but the ‘overflow’ crowd zone is left EMPTY

      • New York City rally brings people from several states to watch Clinton reboot her campaign after two months in low gear
      • Speech emphasizes economic issues and puts Hillary on the hot seat as she suffers wealthy, elitist image
      • Clinton is setting herself up as Obama’s heir apparent
      • ‘She’s earned it,’ one attendee said Saturday; ‘All those campaigns, all that travel at the State Department. All that putting up with Bill’
      • Smaller than expected crowd chanted ‘Hillary! Hillary!’ as audience overflow area with giant screen sat unused
      • Crowd count was 5,500 in a New York City metroplex with 8.4 million – barely more than the 5,000 Bernie Sanders drew in Burlington, Vermont, which is home to just 42,000
      • Clinton’s ubiquitous armored van, dubbed ‘Scooby,’ made an appearance as her motorcade made its way across the only drivable bridge connected to Roosevelt Island

      • I tuned into Cspan early when they had that Repub-Dem-Indie phone line call in show as a pregame warm-up. Not ONE person on any line liked Hillary. The eventually switched it over to a rerun of an actually Pro-Hillary forum at NYU with her gushing staff. LOL. I finally turned it off when the first rally speaker gave her speech in Spanish. Ugh.

        • I just pulled up bbc. I think I will go find an old movie to watch. I just read that 6 prisoners were released from Gitmo. 116 left.

      • Lee, I didn’t watch it. I only saw a second at the beginning, turned it off and came back near the end where I watched Bill and Chelsea and her husband go up on the stage, as I had it on mute.

    • I watched about five minutes of the relaunch. (You know your campaign is in trouble when you need a relaunch already! That’s a big clue right there.) Here she was reading off a script, when she should have had the key points memorized, and spoken directly, eyeball to eyeball, to her worshipers. She droned on and on, as though she was reading the names in a telephone book. No energy, charisma or inspiration at all. It was more, what?, sad, than anything else. She can barely draw a willing crowd let alone inspire a nation, or a Democrat for that matter.

  5. What a flipping joke this is. Republican candidates have always had to put up with far worse than this:

    Three Republican National Committee staffers were forced to turn their t-shirts inside out at Hillary Clinton’s official campaign kick-off event today on Roosevelt Island. The offending t-shirts featured a stop sign with the words “Stop Hillary.”

    The Republicans held general admission tickets to the event. They walked through the security zone to get into the event without a problem. But as they proceeded toward the stage, A green-shirted campaign aide trailed them.

    “Read their shirts, you can’t let them in,” a campaign staffer said.

    The Republicans were told that no protesting was allowed inside the Clinton event. It was considered a no protest zone.

    “You got to go,” the campaign staffer told them.

    But they were allowed to stay inside the event so long as they turned their shirts inside out.

    The Republicans were again scolded by campaign staffers for handing out GOP swag to reporters at the event.

    Separately, a larger group of GOP staffers protested outside the New York City event. Which apparently was allowed.

  6. About the venue for MrsClinto’s speech – Roosevelt Island
    What is it, and why did she pick this place.
    I’ve never heard of it, but the MSM makes that it is some historic or famous island.

    It’s hard to keep up with the MSM and most of the political pundits when most of them are nor-easters and assume that we all out here in flyover know what they’re talking about.

    • This is great! Roosevelt Island USED to be know as Varkens Eylandt (HOG Island, now isn’t THAT appropriate)) by New Netherlanders, and during the colonial era and later as Blackwell‍ ’​s Island. It was known as WELFARE Island (is it just me, or does this keep getting better?)from 1921 to 1971. Renamed Roosevelt Island in 1971 in honor of FDR! Rumors are strong that it will be renamed Philanderer’s Island in 2017 for Bill Clinton.

    • Roosevelt Island is very near Sing Sing Correctional Facility. She likely wanted to check out her future home. Check the nice view, etc.

  7. Good people of WHD.

    Caitlin Jenner and the people of the Left believe she is a woman.

    Rachel Dolezal believes she is black and that is good enough for the NAACP and the left.

    I believe I am the richest woman in the world.

    You can help me actualize my belief by setting up a GoFundMe campaign. I will send you postcards from wherever I am traveling on my yacht, which is larger than Marco Rubio’s.

    • Maybe, just maybe this was done on purpose to try to get sympathy from everyone. Try to get everyone’s mind off of her mess.
      No, just kidding. I don’t think she would have gone along with the no show idea.

    I just read that in speech, Hilla identifies two accomplishments as SecState:
    1. Standing up to Putin
    2. Being in situation room night Bin Laden was killed.
    John McCormick typed:
    Wait what?
    Standing up to Putin? Please name on occasion, just on, where you actually did that.
    What happened during Hillary’s tenure with Putin? Failed ‘Reset’, redlines that Putin stepped over.
    A complete failure to accurately assess Putin and Russia’s expanionist dreams.
    In the situation room when Bin Laden was killed? Is holding your hand to your face an achievement? Even the phrasing of it is the most lame assertion ever-‘in the situation room when Bin Laden was killed’. Not I made this decision, not that we had meetings to decide this. Just “I was in the room when it happened”.
    She was ‘in the office’ of the secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 and she can’t actually name one achievment, one success. Pitiful.

  9. John Podhoretz has a column out on Shrillary’s relaunch today:

    After discussing the exhaustive list of goodies that Shrillary’s promising to Americans, Podhoretz says:

    In that sense, Ms. Rodham Obama is indeed the candidate of the future, as she so desperately sought to cast herself Saturday — a future in which government takes stage center not only in the management of public affairs but of private economic and social relationships, as well.

    A few years ago, I would have told you that such a government-centered vision is so outside the American experience it would be suicide for a national politician to enunciate it. The re-election of Barack Obama shook my confidence in this view, and it may be that the election of 2016 will be the real test of whether America has indeed evolved into a country guided less by an ethic of self-sufficiency and more by a desire for top-down solutions and cradle-to-grave safety.

    I hate to say it, but after Obummer was re-elected, I don’t have much faith in the voters and I’m not holding out much hope. I pray that I will be pleasantly surprised, though.

    • The DEMS have an unbeatable coalition now. It’s a numbers game and all the old bag needs to do is turn them out.
      Shouldn’t be a problem with John Podesta leading the charge.
      It’s beyond depressing.

  10. I was watching Fox a little while ago. The showed a clip from CNN. A news person mad a comment using the words courageous and brave, when she spoke of the man in vehichle who attacked the police station.