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Obama Dealt Massive, Humiliating Defeat on Trade

President Obama was handed a horrific defeat Friday in Congress as his own Party deserted him to thwart trade legislation for which he had personally lobbied and which he viewed as a keystone of his second term legacy.

The vote, which was on a measure crucial to passage of the legislation, wasn’t even close, as the House rejected a trade adjustment assistance (TAA) package by 302-126.

The final “fast track” bill probably cannot pass both houses of Congress without the TAA package – which would help workers displaced by trade. The House did pass the fast track bill after rejecting TAA. But now the legislation must go back to the Senate, and without TAA, it is unlikely to succeed there.

It’s not clear what the future is for the trade bill or whether the House can pass TAA if it tries again. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said the White House would continue to press Democrats for TAA. And in a rare departure from common practice, he commended House Speaker Boehner, saying it was important to “give credit where credit is due.”

Only 40 Democrats backed TAA while 144 voted against it. On the GOP side, 158 Republicans voted “no” while 86 Republicans voted “yes,” according to The Hill.

The result undermines the White House’s frequently lodged contention that Republicans opposed Obama solely because of politics or because they hate him. What it suggests, rather, is that he doesn’t spend enough time building relationships and creating IOUs on either side of the aisle.

The president made a rare appearance on Capitol Hill Friday morning to implore Democrats to support the legislation. He reportedly asked them to “play it straight” on the TAA measure, which is exactly what they did not do.

Instead, Democrats opposed TAA for the purpose of using the vote to sink prospects for the underlying fast track bill.

A key moment came when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi abandoned Obama and told the House she would vote against TAA.

“I will be voting to slow down fast-track,” she said. “Today we have an opportunity to slow down. Whatever the deal is with other countries, we want a better deal for American workers.”

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      1. That says all we have to know about the GOP leadership. Time to pull the plug on these spineless characters. They’ve been bought and sold so often they don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

  1. Listening to the White House spokesparrot right now. All happy, smiley, spinning his butt off. “The President wants….., the President has always….., the President pays attention to……., the President thinks it’s important to………, the President is proud that he…….., the President takes seriously……….”

    Where is that bar of soap when we need it? The dude is completely shameless.

  2. Let’s not forget the delicious irony that the Unions, which have spent millions upon millions of $ electing Obama, were in the lead to bust open and expose this “trade” skulduggery. They handed Obama his butt, all wrapped with a red ribbon.

    1. They handed Obama his butt, all wrapped with a red ribbon. Appropriate, since the unions have had they hands UP his butt from day uno (I’m trying to be multi-lingual)>

  3. This is also a stunning defeat for Dictator Obama’s biscuit boy Johnny Walker Boehner.

    What a startling spectacle, the republicans who were handed an overwhelming majority in the House with a clear and very specific mandate to oppose Dictator Obama’s anti-American agenda, joining hand and hand with Dictator Obama to try and ram through a bill which would have unconstitutionally increased his powers, taken away more of our personal freedoms, and not allowing we the voters to read the law. Pelosi has made herself into a hero and Boehner has been revealed as a drunken, traitorous fool.

    As far as Paul Ryan goes, he has been completely corrupted by power.

      1. Yes, it was a defeat for Boehner as well. I was surprised to see so many Republicans Nos. The message to the GOP on this is we no longer trust you.

        Another thing is it shouldn’t have been this hard. Hardly anybody understands it because of the secrecy and suspicion. Whatever is in there probably stinks and there is danger down the road.

        The Dems will eventually rally and the Republicans, who knows.

        Did Hillary manage to remain on the fence?

        Congress is tin eared but motivated by power and greed — this will not be a lesson learned.

    1. I had been a Scott Walker fan. No more. Ben Carson looks better every day and Carly is a very smart lady. Together, they would be a brain trust!

  4. For the first time ever, I agree with Nancy Pelosi. Major policy initiatives, trade agreements, war declarations, etc., should never be “fast-tracked.”

    I’m all for free trade, but only if it helps America, not hurts.

    I live in Southwest Virginia. NAFTA devastated entire communities and towns. Does free trade help the economy in the long term? Yes. Does it help poor countries pull themselves up? Yes. Does it promote peace? You bet.

    Within a few years of NAFTA, thousands of families were thrown into poverty. They were middle class. Then, they weren’t. That kind of thing has a generational effect. It will take a long time to recover.

    In the place of jobs came drugs and crime and hopelessness.

    I believe in free trade. But I also believe that Americans need a chance to adjust, retrain and move forward. Roll it out over a couple of decades. Not overnight.

    If you haven’t already done so, read “Factory Man” by Beth Macy. It’s a wonderful look at the loopholes of free trade, what happened to the people who held the jobs and the devastation to the communities.

  5. Hell has apparently frozen over.

    I am proud to side with Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and a whole bunch of otherwise-slimy liberals in celebrating the defeat of TAA-TPA, otherwise known as Obamatrade.

    I am really disappointed that supposed conservative stalwarts like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan all supported what Jeff Sessions revealed to be Obama’s biggest effort yet to submarine the sovereignty of the United States.

    This issue is over for now, but so far as I am concerned we just opened a new topic for discussion in the 2016 presidential race.

  6. I just got back in.
    I place notes early this morning on a thread about this matter.
    Ran massive amount of errands, heard a clip on the radio of the vote and came straight to the computer to read WHD.
    I still want to read the hidden notes on this matter.

  7. Good. For crying out loud, why would we ever, and I mean EVER, pass any bill without reading it, putting it out for public discussion, etc.

    Who represents whom?

    Now, conservatives need to get their act together and kick Boehner, Ryan, and the other feckless GOPers out on their collective butts. They are not purveyors of liberty but the installers of tyranny.

    1. We can all take a moment to relish in the fact that Obama failed to coerce his party to vote the bill in.
      I’ll bet he is livid.

      1. Livid Liar. The whole hot mess is beginning to unravel…incompetent ME policies…Benghazi LIES…IRS LIES…Clinton Sec/St LIES, cover ups….his entire life is a LIE and now he is being exposed.

        1. I think he is so p***** off that he isn’t able to smoke the whole cigarette. I am picturing him smashing the butt out, or flicking it out the door way with a attitude behind it.

    2. Umm, let’s see. How about the Affordable Care Act, which we “had to pass to see what’s in it”. to quote Nancy Pelosi, who is now a heroine for opposing THIS bill. Alice In Wonderland is starting to make sense, God help me!

  8. A great “in your face” from his own party. I believe that, although abstract, this is a sign that dems will not rule in this next election. Hillary took his side on this one and I believe her karma is coming as well.
    It couldn’t happen to two better people!!!
    karma is a bitch!

    1. I’m actually MORE pleased that so many Repubs voted no. Sounded like they were a lock to vote for some secret, magical, mystical bill that would have benefited, well, WHO? Since the bill was kept sequestered in a mayonnaise jar on the front porch of Price/Waterhouse!!

  9. Thank the Lord!

    Two things about this bill made me shake with worry.

    It would have given Obama fast track authority. Whew! THAT is enough to kill it there.

    And the bill was secret. WTH?

    I feel better…for now.

    1. Yes, the bill was secret, but the fact that it didn’t pass tells me that there are some reps that have said enough is enough.

    2. The face track feature is old hat, other presidents have had it. The issue is we don’t want Obama to have it. He;ll use it to create more damage and chaos.

  10. Although anything that the unions and democrats oppose is typically something that I would support… This had the stink of a Boehner / Obama / McConnell deal to further cripple the constitution and/or line someones pocket.

    Anytime something is “fast tracked” in DC, we the people get one up the rump.

    I asked my US Rep, Marsha Blackburn if she remembered NAFTA… Why are they trying to pass a bill to take care of workers displaced by the agreement if it is such a great thing?

    1. Exactly! We are trying to generate more jobs, not less. How in the world can you construe LESS employment as a plus for the USA?

  11. An addicted sweet tooth kid, tries to make a deal to steal a candy shop from it’s owner. Owner balks at the deal. Sends kid home with a note to his mother. “Keep this child of yours out of my business!”

  12. I saw this elsewhere. I can’t say for sure it is true, but I think so. If not, it wouldn’t be a stretch.


    Comment of the day from the NYT article: “This country does not deserve Barack Obama, least of all Democrats.
    Finally we get a brilliant, wise, thoughtful President who does not see
    issues through a partisan lens, but always does what he knows to be best
    for this country, and what does he get in return? Incessant opposition,
    misjudgment and insults. What short memories people have! What
    stupidity reigns in this country”

    1. Barry, dreamed of by the Pakistani Minister of Industry in 2009 as, “the first Supreme Caliph of all Islam.” He said it, I didn’t. If we look at his Administration’s actions through the caliphate lens, it all makes sense and reason to be terrified.

  13. We rue the day a secret bill of thousands of pages drafted by mysterious characters makes sense to Republican leadership. When “Pass it so you can see what’s in it…” Catholic Apostate Nancy Pelosi is on the side of righteousness, is the day we had better get control of our country before they sell it out completely.

    What in the hell is the matter with you people? If a bill goes over 100 pages, by definition, it has to be full of poison pills and selected privileges. None of this can possibly benefit the American people. The Founders figured it out when the wrote the Declaration of Independence. The same sins of greed and lust for money haunt the weak-minded with the power of the pen.

    More immigration under the wire. More welfare paid out to the fit and able. More jobs overseas. More rules and regulations to stifle the imaginations and creativity of the people.

    It’s no wonder my Congressman McCarthy ignores every attempt to communicate ideas – like the reasons for keeping bills simple and open. 3 years trying to get through their rock heads:

    1. Well I am still trying to figure out Pelosi. All of a sudden she sees the light? I feel they already have something on the backburner in case a vote of today came about.

  14. A temporary defeat…the House will be back next week.

    Pelosi et al are only worried about compensation for displaced American workers. Obama could care less about American workers.
    The real problem, according to Jeff Sessions, lies with the delegation of American sovereignty to an international union. Obama would veto the Bill if it didn’t contain these powers.
    Sessions also accuses Paul Ryan of pulling a fast one before the public finds out what’s in the bill. Shades of Nancy Pelosi – You have to pass it before….”

    There is no other Senator that I respect more than Jeff Sessions. His attack on ObamaTrade is a must read.

    1. Yes, Sen Sessions nailed it on the Mark Levin show the other night when he described this bill. He comes out as a hero and a leader on this one. Great respect for him!

  15. As others have mentioned here, the poison in Obama’s secret “trade” bill went far, far beyond simple “trade”. It would have created insane Glo-bull Warming” legislation in the US, virtually opened the immigration floodgates in the participating countries, made the US servants of some far away governing body, negatively impacted the value of the dollar, weakened the sovereignty of the United States, etc.

    And check this one out—–this “trade” bill would have locked us into helping to pay off the debt of other participating nations. Think of the hijinks and cartwheels the Europeans perform re the debt of Greece. Same thing would have been in store for us.

    In other words, Obama’s bill was patterned on the rapidly failing European Union insanity, much like ObamaCare was patterned on the Brits’ National Health Service.

    We missed a close bullet on this one, but the battle is nowhere near over.

    1. That point was made in debth on the radio news show I was listening to earlier today. The more I listen and read, I agree we missed this one, at this point…

    2. They just said on Fox, O is licking his wounds…
      He mentioned how this is a complicated story.
      The msm could have helped by pulling out one of those hugh billboards they have and write down each one:
      TBA TPP T-Tip Tisa & T-tip for the viewers. They ramble off the names so fast. As Americans are tending to their work, day, etc. they can stop pay attention and understand.

      1. I agree. It takes a bit of research, reading and thinking to get at least some of the core elements of this trade bill. But some critical information is out there (not enough, of course). Here’s my theory about the union reaction to this trade agreement (completely unproven, of course): somehow, the agreement is out there in certain hands–union hands and others. It’s been studied by some people who have learned what a nightmare it is. So they sounded the alarm.

        People who have something to hide, hide it. Obama is desperate to hide the contents in this thing. That’s how Barry plays the game.

  16. What a cold day in you know where when I thank Nancy Pelosi, and union bosses Trumka and Hoffa Jr. Old Lucifer must be wearing a sweater!

  17. Consider this. Maybe this Democrat opposition will give heart to SCOTUS to do their job, despite possible Administration consequences if they don’t vote as Obama wants.

  18. No trade bill – TAA or TPP – can be passed and must be stopped.
    The TPP is basically dissolving the sovereign USA; allowing limitless immigration, displaces even more American workers as well as giving the UN rights over the anything USA among other big issues.
    It also will allow the NAU – North American Union destroying what was once the free republic of the USA.
    There are other hot topics included which is that congress no longer would be making laws – ala EU; congress would be bystanders without having any right to up vote or down vote any laws or issues.
    The agenda of the world elitists as well as bankers will get their one world government if TPP is passed!

  19. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this issue. Stop these secret deals that will weaken the nation and the citizens and empower elitists, banks and global companies. Look at us in Europe. When the EU started it looked like a benevolent trade association and now – it is an almighty Behemoth ruled by faceless administrators making secret deals, even involves in wars. We have had a similar discussion about another brainchild of the Obama administration and the EU : The TTIP deal( transatlantic trade and investment) Sounds good, doesn´t it, but it is also about secret deals, secret courts, secret trials.We also suspected that global companies would get poisonous products, hormones etc through the backdoor against our environmental laws. Luckily it was at least postponed this week thanks to the social democrats in the EU. But it will probably rise its ugly head again. I feel that there is another kind of political landscape out there and it´s not about left and right, Republicans and Democrats, it is about authoritarians and elitists and the freedom of the ordinary citizen.

    OT: Man in Dallas in a armored vehicle. One suspect in vehicle. Winesses said they heard gunfire from other places on the scene. Two devices exploded. Six bags were found. I should have typed detinated them.
    Swat team is now speaking to suspect.
    They are discussing this on Fox as well.
    They are mentioning a restaurant as well. Reporter is talking to Fox she is near the Jack n Box. She said there is a helicopter overhead that saw police shoot tire making armored vehicle unable to move.

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