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Obama Tries to Have it Two or Three Ways on Iraq

See, you can do this when you’re always right.

We’re sending more troops to Iraq. But President Obama doesn’t regret taking them out two years ago. Because it was a good idea. Except the Iraqis made him do it.

I’m confused.

17 Responses to Obama Tries to Have it Two or Three Ways on Iraq

  1. Why doesn’t anybody ever pin him to the wall ?
    The few times that they have gotten close to doing so, you can tell he is getting pissed off.

    He’s just a spoiled brat, someone that constantly needs attention and the spotlight.

  2. As long as I live, I will never forget one little exchange between Obama and a reporter a year or so ago. When asked why he didn’t negotiate a SOF agreement with Malaki, he dismissively shrugged his shoulders and said …’the Iraqi Parliament was against it”!!
    No follow-up questions.

    To my mind, this was an impeachable offense. Obama simply didn’t give a flying (bleep)! But his excuse about the Parliament was worse than ‘the dog ate his homework’. This was dereliction of duty and ISIS is a direct result of his inaction. A/Q is bankrupt now…and planning to merge with ISIS.

    ***Malaki even expressed his shock that Obama simply walked away and never tried to negotiate. He was done! George Bush could have negotiated with Malaki for five minutes and the SOF would have been signed, sealed and delivered.

    • bingo, Obama didn’t care so he didn’t bother. Now this mess in the Middle East is directly related to his lack of experience and or indifference.

    • I remember an interview where Malaki described the Status of Forces negotiations he had with Biden. He said that every time he (Malaki) agreed to a Status of Forces agreement with the appropriate conditions, Biden raised the stakes, and the negotiations started all over again. Malaki said he finally realized (speaking for Obama, obviously) after playing this game three of four times with Biden, that Obama did not want a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq.

    • The follow up questions are what is lacking.
      Josh should be forced to answer them along with Obama.
      These press conferences are laughable.
      When he doesn’t answer a question, the next reporter should ask it again, and when Josh says he already has the reporter should say NO YOU HAVEN’T !

      Obama is terrified of the press, that’s why he rarely confronts them.
      He knows that they can make him look like a fool and a liar.

  3. You are not confused, Keith. You have entered Obama’s Twilight Zone where up is down, right is wrong and 2×2=45. You have the same reaction as the rest of the nation and world.

    • Sorry Dog, I think that he does not know that history will say he sucks. In his insane world he is the greatest and best ever! Only racists think he is doing a bad job in his mind.
      He is so delusional, possibly insane. Psychotic at the least.

  4. It’s a good thing Osama bin Laden can’t come back from the dead, or Barry would have to deny killing him single handedly as well.