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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 11, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. o is busy contacted Congress by phone to make his case regarding Trade issue.
    Pelosi has right to choose when to reveal her thoughts on this matter.
    Major asked time line with ISIS. He asked the time line o thinks we should be prepared for.
    o thinks America should understand this is not a short term issue, but not go large force ground.
    Joshi said the point again is impossible to seperate the failed Maliki and growth of ISIS.
    You recall when the made advance in desert, many thought he should be aggressive. o was very limited in doing that for many reasons. o said not willing to make go untill local govt. live up to taking on them.
    We are going to watch closly-The Iraq government.
    Major asked about tightening the border of Syria. o took this on while in Germany. We would like to see Turkey do more regarding ISIS.
    Another reporter.
    Gen Flynn said he though ISIS is winning while on the news station. When you hear that from someone experienced. Do you take serious. Joshi mentioned progress in Baghdad, and Tiqret.

    • I heard that comment about advancing across the desert.

      I have said before on this site, I would have destroyed them.

      Why give them the chance to embed themselves in civilian populations ?

      Calling in air strikes is easy when the pilots can see them crossing the desert.

      Obama is a dithering fool.

  2. Is anyone else having trouble with this feed? Mine keeps going back to ‘Next up’ I could only view about 23 minutes of it. Major is getting Josh’s goat real good!

  3. OK–here is how Richard Engel splained it on MoJoe.
    Kurds–Peshmerga–we are their patron.
    Sunni–Had no patron, now the 450 Am guys are supposed to shape them up.
    Shia–Govt of Iraq and Iran are their patrons, oh, and us…Iran and us.
    Then he said, but it’s not that simple.