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Kerry to Rise from the Bed

Drunk on painkillers, Secretary of State John Kerry will leap from his hospital bed sometime this month and head to Europe to negotiate the end of Western civilization by handing a nuclear weapon to medieval lunatics.

Kerry hospital

It will be a miraculous cure, given that he’s been in the hospital for a broken leg for more than a week, longer than the average stay for open heart surgery, which is 4-7 days. On the other hand, as some of you have noted, he may be on his wife’s health insurance plan, not Obamacare.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Secretary of State John F. Kerry will travel to Europe this month for the final days of nuclear negotiations with Iran although he is still hospitalized 11 days after he broke his leg in a biking accident, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

The official said the 71-year-old former senator is eager to rejoin the talks in person before negotiators reach their self-imposed deadline of June 30 to wrap up a comprehensive accord.

“When he needs to be there, he will be there,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the talks, said in a conference call with reporters.

He doesn’t need to be there. Anyone can cave to Iran.  Send Taylor Swift.

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18 Responses to Kerry to Rise from the Bed

    • LAT uses anonymous sources ? How yellow journalism of them.

      At Kerry’s age with a broken leg, according to other “sources” affected his hip replacement surgery of a few years ago, that guy ain’t going nowhere. UNLESS, unless we’re being lied to?

      Ugh, worst administration ever :(

  1. No, he needs to be there to cement Obama’s will on the barbarians.

    No-one else can do it, it must be Kerry.

    Limping along on his crutches or being attended to in a wheelchair, no matter.
    See, that is what the Iranians clearly respond to.

    The iron will of John Kerry to appear when he is obviously under the duress of a bike accident.
    AND AT HIS AGE !!!!

    Outstanding devotion is on display here folks, and I’m sure the Iranians will take this into consideration during the negotiations.

    • Perhaps the consensus of the thread is why bother? It’s not like Kerry is going to make any difference. We are totally under Iran’s thumb — these are negotiations they are diktats from the Ayatollah about what he will not do.

  2. The Shia militia is slaughtering Sunnis in Syria; Obama is very belatedly sending 450 troops to Iraq to train Sunnis to kill ISIS; and Obama wants a nuke deal with Iran???

    Today, Dana Perino mentioned that it is very possible that Obama wants a nuke deal with Iran BEFORE he tackles ISIS!! Does he really think a nuke deal will change the mind set of our arch enemy…even with the $50B sweetener? This is a mess of unbelieveable proportion!

    And this:

    How Iran is Making it Impossible for the US to Beat ISIS

  3. I’ve read a few articles lately where doctors were quoted as saying that they would not recommend that a patient like Kerry fly for at least four to six weeks, especially long distance, after the surgery he had. Blood clots are a concern. I guess just like we flew his doctor to Geneva in order to accompany him back to MA, his doctor will have to travel with him.

    • We live in a time of deceit. With the multitude of 24/7 “news” outlets, even with the hyper paranoid secrecy over everything (even things that should NOT be secret), the truth, or parts of it are out there. So the regime–all of them really–hide it among the plethora of smoke and mirrors (lies) and demonize/denigrate truth tellers. “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”