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Video || Rubio: I Can’t Drive . . . 55!

Another good one from theronniebuss.

9 Responses to Video || Rubio: I Can’t Drive . . . 55!

  1. He and his wife broke the law.
    If I did that I would get a hefty ticket and an increase in my insurance premiums.
    The media is in his pocket.
    I, for one, am NOT!

  2. And FYI…for the record…MO didn’t have it any worse than most of the rest of us.
    Maybe she had it better.
    I did not attend an Ivy League University.
    And I personally paid for my education.
    Just sayin’

  3. The Clinton lovers at the NYT used all of their supposed powers to find dirt on a Repub candidate and found – he had traffic tickets, lives in a middle class home, and bought a fishing boat.
    If that’s all they found on SenRubio they should be ashamed to print it.