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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 10, 2015

20 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 10, 2015”

  1. This guy is clueless, along with his boss.
    They are placing yet more of our troops in jeopardy, hands tied, and victims of a feckless vacillating moron.

    There has been no evidence since the initial influx of the troops.

    He keeps referring to setbacks.
    Setbacks are failures.
    Failures need to be rectified.
    This president isn’t capable of rectifying those failures.

    Instead, he will continue to diddle about and make statements of our victories in the mid east.

    To those that populate this thread, we know better, and the disgust we hold for him and his administration is an indication of the intelligence that still survives in this Country and the world.

    1. Setbacks are failures. On the cable news shows they should have that as the title of the next subject to discuss. I do not want to hear the pros and cons. There should not be any cons. This is our childrens future and safety. This is regarding our military putting their lives on the line to go over there. If it is one person or 300 or 300 more. There should be a planned layed out NOW! I do not mean the plan should be discussed, but the issue of there not being a plan now at all!!!

      1. You don’t fiddle in the face of the enemy, nor do you broadcast your intentions.

        The CIC of the most powerful armed force in the world is incapable of leading it.

        Believe me,…those troops want to defeat the enemy.
        Whether it be the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, or the Marines.

        They are not pansies, they are fighters.

        Obama is showing the world his power over our military.

        And he is enjoying it.

        1. I was not
          blaming it on the people in military. I am upset because they don’t have a stategy, or approved plans given to them. To risk their lives with out a plan.

  2. A black lady asked Josh if the president was holding a pack of cigarettes in his hand.
    Josh said to her, I just told you that it was not.

    This little arrogant POS is really an obnoxious echo of Obama with no respect for the reporters sitting in front of him.

    1. I understand that is a professional number of people in that room. I have discussed before, I do not know how the reporters are keeping so calm. If someone spoke down to me in such a flip way. I would either reply, or have to walk off.
      My father and grandfathers did not talk down to me.

        1. Since I was a kid I have always respected the men and women in that room. I think they deserve respect and answers. That is instead of the big circle answers he always gives.

  3. Amateurs, ignoring the advice of professionals.

    That includes the Iraqis, cowards that throw down their weapons and run away.

    1. When a CIC exhibits signs of cowardice, shouldn’t he be court-martialed?

      Since Obama’s near-death experience with ‘red lines’ in Syria, he has been MIA on America’s foreign policy.
      He has ceded everything in the ME to Iran! He deserves the ultimate punishment.

    1. I can barely stand to listen to him.
      He is a puss and at times disrespectful of the reporters when they start getting too close to the facts.

    1. Listening to Sen Jeff Sessions talking about the trade agreement on the Mark Levin Show tonight. This trade agreement is much, much bigger than simply “trade”. It will have negative impact on our currency, will have impact on immigration policies, environmental issues (climate change regulations in particular), reduces our sovereignty to make American decisions which impact us, and will have an extremely negative impact on our economy. And a whole pile of other bad effects. In other words, it’s perfect for Obama’s intentions. He compared it to the European disaster which is crippling Europe and the UK.

      Thus far the, House doesn’t quite have the votes to approve it. Sessions noted that Boehner is running around hysterically drumming up votes to approve it. Said he may call a vote Thursday or Friday.

      And Boehner hasn’t even read the agreement yet. No surprise there, of course. That’s how Boehner rolls.

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