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Kerry Tweets Out Photo of Himself in Hospital

As people increasingly wondered about the silence, Secretary of State kerry finally tweeted out a photo of himself in the hospital, saying:

“Feeling good a week after surgery. Good chats today w/@AmbassadorRice & @StateDept senior team. The work continues!”

Kerry hospital

All of which begs the question, why is Kerry still in the hospital? A week is a long time these days. He clearly had major surgery for a very serious injury that the administration sought to minimize. And his “work” has to have been affected.

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  1. The man never rests…look at him work. Wait, is that a land line he is using? How secure is that? And hey, how about sharing some of those cookies in that big red tin?

    ps…who wears a button down oxford shirt while convalescing?


    • As the Devil’s Advocate, I’d have to say anyone who’s LACK of pictures in the hospital has been cause for question. And just to be clear, I hate John Kerry with a passion! Anything bad that happens to him is KARMA! But in THIS case, I think the twit was in response to the non-twit. ( I don’t twit so I don’t know the protocol on tweeter)!

      • Although, if I WE’RE a conspiracy theorist I’d wonder why the “broken” leg seems to be wrapped with nothing more than a sock! I mean, look close. There’s no cast. Not even a heavy wrap. Seems to ME he’s just enjoying the view. Maybe he can see all the way down to the next state, where he parks his yacht so as to avoid paying taxes in hi HOME state? Oh, did I mention I hate John (The Traitor) Kerry?

  2. This staged photo raises more questions than it answers:
    1. What hospital in what city
    2. Why isn’t he at home with a private nurse
    3. Where are the crutches
    4. Why no photos of visiting family, political figures.
    Something’s not right here.

    • Actually, under Medicare, I think the CURRENT term is “Disgorged” rather than “discharged”. Something to do with diagnosis codes, I believe!!

  3. Why is he wearing scrub pants ? I’d think that would be difficult for the boo-boo leg.

    Too bad he didn’t go to a VA Hospital to reassure our veterans how wonderful the experience is. Oh wait, this is a Dem 1%er, what was I thinking ;)

  4. Why is he still in the hospital? Hospitals practically run out the door these days.

    That’s not his room. To small, and doesn’t look lived in.

  5. I agree with you here, it looks staged.
    On the Net these questions are asked : Why no leg cast ? If able to phone, why no interviews ? Why do Bostonians not see enhanced security around the hospital ? Why no photos of well wishers ? Why release a single photo now when questions mount ? Were are the wife, the daughters ?

    • Also – Why so much noise? Have you zoomed in on the photo? And look at the arm of the blue couch on the left side. Why is it semitransparent? And what’s with noise around some items and not others? And shouldn’t a broken FEMUR have a FULL LEG cast? I’m no doc, but wouldn’t you want to keep the ENTIRE leg STABLE?

      This thing smells. I want video. And even then I’ll want it examined.

      Irony: I didn’t think anything about this “accident” until they released this picture. NOW I wonder.

    • Who the HELL has insurance that will pay for a nearly TWO WEEK STAY (with a view better than 99.999999999999% of us will EVER get even at a 5-star hotel) with a BROKEN FRICKIN’ LEG?

      I had a c-section (in Boston) with TWINS and I stayed 3 nights! And that was UNUSUAL.

  6. The most interesting photo of the day is of Obama with his pack of cigarettes while chatting with the Italian prime minister at the G7 summit. Story is on Daily Mail….

  7. no Keith–it does not “beg” the question. it RAISES the question, or ASKS the question.

    begging the question “is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.”

  8. This is an old picture from a few years ago. Where is the cast he would have on from the “broken leg”? Why are we being lied to now? Is he dead from a gun shot wound? Others in the placed of his job already.

  9. He’s obviously on the phone speaking with the captain of his yacht telling him to stock the fridge with lobster, caviar and champagne.

  10. “…his “work” has to have been affected.”

    Any day this lying klutz is hors de combat is a good day for US foreign policy.

  11. I broke my femur in 2009. The surgeon inserted a rod in my bone, but I did NOT have a cast. I was in the hospital 3 days, then moved to the Physical Therapy floor for 4 days, using a walker to get around the hallways. I had more Physical Therapy at home and at a center.

  12. Photo is bogus for sure. Check this; The traction must be maintained until the healing process is advanced to the point where the fracture will not move when the traction is removed. This usually takes six to eight weeks in an adult. Following this period in traction the fracture must still be protected in a body cast, otherwise it is liable to shorten, angulate or rotate. The body cast, from chest to ankle is maintained for some months until the fracture is united. If the fracture has a very stable pattern it may be possible to treat it in a cast brace after the initial period in traction.”