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Book to Detail Obama Administration’s “Root Hostility” Toward Israel

A new insider book by former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren will provide “an incredibly detailed account of the root hostility of the Obama administration toward the Jewish state,” according to writer John Podhoretz.

Oren was ambassador from 2009-2013 and is, as Podhoretz notes, no “flame-breathing Israeli right-winger.”

Rather, he was actually suckered by Obama’s promises of “hope and change.” Until, apparently, he found out that part of the “change” applied to George W. Bush’s stalwart support for Israel.

According to Podhoretz, who writes in the New York Post:

On major matters, the administration seemed to hold Israel accountable for problems it had nothing to do with.

Example: The Palestinian Authority made moves toward seeking a declaration of statehood at the United Nations in 2011, which would’ve triggered a law shutting down their US mission and suspending all aid to the PA and to UN agencies that recognized Palestine.

In response, Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides called Oren into his fancy Foggy Bottom office and screamed at him: “You don’t want the f - - - ing UN to collapse because of your f - - - ing conflict with the Palestinians, and you don’t want the f - - - ing Palestinian Authority to fall apart either.”
To which Oren replied that Israel didn’t want the United Nations to collapse, “but there are plenty of Tea Party types who would, and no shortage of Congress members who are wondering why they have to keep paying Palestinians who spit in the president’s eye.” He reports that Nides “slumped into his Louis XVth chair.”

Oren also writes about bizarrely petty offenses. In 2010, Obama left Israel off a list of countries he mentioned as having helped in the wake of the Haiti earthquake when it was the first nation in the world to dispatch relief teams and get them to the disaster sites — because the president was angry about something having to do with the peace process.

The book, Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, will be released June 23.

19 thoughts on “Book to Detail Obama Administration’s “Root Hostility” Toward Israel”

  1. The “Hope and Change” mantra got the stupid ones, not me.
    What is astounding to me is that he was voted in for a second term.

    We had better hope that Hillary doesn’t win.
    If she does, this Country is doomed,….and just try to impeach her !

  2. Insane O zero and his admin. Mean time I got an email from RINO boner speaker. He detail BS to support secret trade TTP deal. O zero supports TTP so we know its a bad deal right there.

    So the RINO’s have joined the devil , so way do we even bother to vote. Both parties are the same now!!!!!!!!

    1. Boehner is a liar.
      He hails from a district outside of Cincinnati similar to what Pelosi has in San Fran.

      They both are essentially unchallenged whenever elections are in play.

      Look what happened in Kentucky when McConnell was challenged.


      1. “He hails from a district outside of Cincinnati similar to what Pelosi has in San Fran.” Wha…? Explain that one, please.

  3. And Jack Lew seemed perplexed when they booed him off the stage as he tried to dishonestly pimp for the most jewish president ever..

    Hillary, Kerry, Susan Rice, Harf, Psaki… good lord, what a bunch of undiplomatic and petty people in this administration..

    1. He’s a typical liberal.
      I have them in my family and their best weapon is to talk over you no matter what you have to say.

      My best defense is to walk away and make every attempt to avoid them.

      Any attempt to correct them will result in name calling, which amounts to nothing.

    2. They are all Progresso-Bots who couldn’t pour pi$$ out of a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel of the boot.

    3. and remember: Marie Harf wrote her college thesis on the “problem” of American evangelical Christians’ support of Israel. so the Jew-hate in this admin. is wide and deep.

      only 18 more months, people. only 18 more months.

      1. might I also add that after reading this writeup I IMMEDIATELY went to Amazon–the WHD Amazon page, of course, you’re welcome Keith–and bought the book. can’t wait to read it!

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