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Biden Returns to Work

Vice President Joe Biden returned to the White House Wednesday following the weekend funeral of his son Beau.

Biden’s schedule includes lunch with President Obama and a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He’ll return to Wilmington, Delaware later this afternoon.

Wishing him all the best.

3 thoughts on “Biden Returns to Work”

  1. There is a grace, a mercy, when loved ones are aware of someone’s impending death. It still pains, it still can be devastating, but there isn’t the shock of sudden death.
    Life goes on. We all know that. Most of us have buried loved ones, and carry the loss in different ways..

  2. The heart will continue to ache regardless of one’s physical location. Returning to one’s normal routine helps speed the healing process.
    Joe has many, many friends in Washington. It’s comforting.

  3. I pray for comfort for the family. Losing a child is a pain I have seen in to many friends. Even a grown child is a pain and ache that never leaves your heart.

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