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White House Briefing Room Evacuated

Missed this. I was in town but having lunch with a friend. Could have had some fun video for you. I have this though, which gives you a pretty good idea of what went on.

I like Mark Knoller of CBS, the big guy in the white shirt, who chronicles the White House via Twitter. Looks he’s taking his time getting out while working on some tweets.

It appears a bomb threat targeting the briefing room had been phoned in to the Washington police. The all-clear was given about 20 minutes later and reporters filed back in.

10 Responses to White House Briefing Room Evacuated

  1. I like Mr. Knoller as well as a reporter. I am glad everyone is ok.
    Why didn’t the man with the dog have protective gear on?
    I am furious that some fool is going to threaten our free press.
    God Bless America.

  2. OT: Where is John Kerry? We haven’t seen or heard anything for 10 days now.
    Rumors are that he was shot in an assignation attempt, not that he fell off his bike.
    Is he still alive? Where is he?

    • Good grief! Where did that rumor come from?

      It does seem rather odd that we haven’t had any photos of Kerry mugging for the cameras in his hospital room…or wherever he is. But an assassination attempt? Kinda hard to keep something like that a secret. And why would Obama try to hide it?

      Something is beginning to smell though…Hmmm.

      • Why would Obama try to hide it?

        Hmm.. Maybe because he doesn’t want clips of him saying ISIS is the JV being played back to back with a story about Kerry being shot by them.

        Same thing with Benghazi: it was immediately put out (by Obama himself) that a video caused it because he didn’t want any criticism of the Arab Spring or the fact that those people in the Embassy had been begging for hours for help that never came.

        This WH is a pro at covering stuff up given the lap-dog press we have. No photos of the ‘bike accident’ or its immediate aftermath.. That kind of thing is always accompanied by lots of press. And, as you mentioned, why isn’t Kerry mugging it up now with at least a ‘thumbs up’ from his window?

        Remember when the press when PSYCHO because Putin hadn’t been seen in a week?

        Yet not one single question in the MSM about Kerry.

  3. Evidently Obama was in the Oval Office just 50 feet away from the B.R. He did not evacuate, nor did his family upstairs.

    Sounds like a ridiculous plot to cancel the press briefing. Wonder what they’re hiding today…as if it really matters.

  4. Turn the sound off and watch the video. Looks like Earnest has just fired all the WH reporters on the spot. He didn’t like their questions. maybe? “Get out, you unbelievers!”