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Obama to Send 500 More Troops to Iraq

Mission creep continues.

Fighting war the way liberals love to fight them, President Obama is adding bits and pieces of brigades at a time, adding an additional 500 troops after ISIS swamped Ramadi.

Because even though everything, according to he White House, is going fine, and ya win some ya lose some when it comes to battles in a war, the reality is that the situation is deteriorating.

The new U.S. forces will be suspended a few feet in the air, since Obama is not allowing boots on the ground. Although soon he’ll find a way around this, because he has to unless he wants to lose the war.

From the Wall Street Journal:

President Barack Obama is poised to send hundreds more American military advisers into an Islamic State stronghold northwest of Baghdad to help drive the Sunni extremists from Anbar Province, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Pentagon officials are fine-tuning the plan to send about 500 additional American troops to help Iraqi forces prepare for the looming fight to break Islamic State’s hold on the key province, officials said.

There are 3,080 U.S. troops in Iraq now, Pentagon officials said. Once approved by the White House, the new expansion would represent the Pentagon’s latest effort to strengthen a foundering training mission that has yet to produce many battlefield victories.

The troops will also have one arm tied behind their backs to make things fair. And the rules of engagement say no killing anyone unless they admit to being part of ISIS and they can guess the number of jelly beans in a jar each American service member will be required to carry.

28 thoughts on “Obama to Send 500 More Troops to Iraq”

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. If you’re not going to send 50,000, you sure as hell shouldn’t send 500! This isn’t the Pass at Thermopylae.

    1. As mentioned the other day here at WHD. There are many men and woman who have experience and have had suggestions of what should have been done against the maniacs from the beginning. As well what should be done now. He has blown them off.

  1. I seem to remember having better plans in games as a kid. Cowboys and Indians, dodge ball, hide go seek, you name it we had better plans.

  2. Drip, Drip, Drip. How many hundreds of times did he say ‘no more boots on the ground”? The two year delay in taking out ISIS is due to the fact that he boxed himself into a corner with his grandstanding. He was hoping ISIS would just go away.

    We already have 3000 troops in Iraq…their boots must be on the ground somewhere unless they are suspended in air.
    What good does it do to add a measly 500 troops??? Either go big – or go away.

    How can we ever expect a good outcome on anything when Obama refuses to acknowledge or heed the advice of his advisors? Obama is the problem, not the solution. Fire him!

  3. Let’s see, depending on the day, 35,000, 50,000, 70,000 ISIS “Fighters”. 500 of OUR guys. I’d say that’s a fair fight!! But then, in war, you NEVER want to get into a “fair” fight!!!

  4. I have no idea how reliable the EU Times is.
    Not sure if this will open.


  5. And just exactly WHAT are 500 more ADVISORS (OMG, Viet Nam, here we come) going to “advise”?

    1.Achmed, pay more attention to you AK-47 than your camel!!

    2. Suicide bombers are BAD!!

    3. Mustapha, stop paying attention to Achmed’s camel!!

    4. For every step forward, be prepared to take 5 steps back!

    5. What’s the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite? Trick question, there IS no difference. ISIS will kill you both!! DEAD!!!

    6. Achmed, your camel did NOT just wink at Mustapha!

    7. When you KNOW the enemy is in the West, try not run IMMEDIATELY toward the East. It only encourages him!

    8. Don’t worry, Allah is NOT going to run out of Virgins before you get to Paradise!

    9. How many Iraqi soldiers does it take to kill 1 ISIS

      1. There’s a very funny video out there in the ether, of American soldiers trying to teach Afghani troops to do jumping jacks, with hilarious results. I imagine the Iraqi soldiers aren’t much brighter.

  6. Evidently he thinks that he needs to appear like he’s doing something.
    This is what we get for hiring someone with no military experience and refuses to listen to those who do.

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  8. With the drip drip drip of small number of troops, it is probably more correct to call them, targets.

    Same thing leaving such a small force in Afghanistan.

    ps to the troops — there are 99 jelly beans in each jar. give or take. xox Marie H.

  9. Obama and his permanently perplexed and disordered administration constantly confuse tactics, strategy and the end-goal. Sending in 500 troops is a tactic, not a strategy, which Obama hasn’t even declared yet. So what will this tactic accomplish? Nothing. Nor has he declared the ultimate goal, the end game, what success looks like in the overall efforts? What his overall policy? No one knows, because even Obama doesn’t know. This is what happens when an amateur is at the helm of the ship.

    1. Another look at the terms:

      1. The Allied landing on the Normandy Beach was a tactic, in support of a strategy

      2. The strategy was aimed at pushing back the Germans all the way back to Germany to accomplish the goal.

      3. The goal, or vision or end game (whatever you want to call it) was to destroy the German war machine and secure victory.

      1,2,3–that’s how it’s played.

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