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Obama Actually Had a Beer at 5 AM

I just wanted to make sure this was clear. You know I’m always looking out for you.

There have been reports all over the Internets that President Obama shared a beer with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at 11 in the morning Sunday. This is not technically correct.

From the British Telegraph newspaper:

Eleven in the morning might be considered a little early for a beer in some parts of the world, but in Bavaria breakfast is not complete without a weissbier, as the local wheat beer is called.

It’s not quite as hard-drinking as it sounds: Bavarians don’t down a quick pint before heading to the office every morning.

It originates in Frühschoppen – a local tradition of meeting for a drink late in the morning on Sundays and holidays.

But Obama was actually Frühschoppen on steroids. He had of course had just landed in Germany and was still on U.S. time, meaning for him it was six hours earlier, or five in the morning.

Obama beer

None of which, of course, is meant to be taken as criticism toward our president. I want a man leading our country and taking care of our national security who would not hesitate to have a beer at five in the morning. Not that Obama is this sort of man – he was being polite – but I’ll take it.

And as part of my duty as a journalist, I will personally test the effects of this behavior as soon as feasible, possibly this weekend, just to better understand what Obama might have been experiencing.

Ahh yes. Empty stomach. No caffeine yet. German beer. The things I do for my work.

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  1. No need to trouble yourself with a “test” MrK.
    Most of your loyal readers can testify that after an evening of vigorous, um, fine wine tasting and morning prayers to the ceramic gods, nothing gets that taste out of the mouth like an ice-cold (or warm) beer.

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      • Thanks Keith.
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  2. Not that I doubt he’s an addict (of multiple kinds) or certifiably insane and should be nowhere near power, BUT, I read that it was “non-alcoholic.”

    STIPULATED they LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING but I *did* read reporting on that.

  3. I would only care about Zero having a beer if it contained poison!

    Mean time why nothing from John Kerry?
    Rumors he was shot are on the net.

  4. Bilderbers

    “There are no minutes taken of the meetings, and no reports are made of any conclusions reached. No votes are taken and no policies proscribed. Journalists trying to interview participants at meetings have previously been arrested.”

  5. The story said it was non-alcoholic beer Obama drank. Ha Ha. I think that’s against the law in Germany. And if it isn’t, it ought to be.