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Theronniebuss is NOT Satisfied with the Selection

You feeling’ a little meh about what the GOP is putting forward this time? So’s theronniebuss.

There’s a lot of ’em. But I’m not sure either if the one who is going to lead conservatives to the Promised Land is among them. But we’ll see.

Anyway, liked this.

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6 Responses to Theronniebuss is NOT Satisfied with the Selection

  1. I think everyone needs to have patience and see who is still standing at the end. I am tired of the charismatic guy with the killer smile which never quite reaches the eyes. I don’t want someone that will promise everything to everyone just so they win. I don’t want a person who thinks they are right about everything and speaks condescendingly to people who don’t agree with them. I want the quiet one with confidence to bring back the country we love to its rightful place in the world. I believe this person is out there and we need to back them when they show up.

  2. While all the Repubs are choosing from a menu that rivals the one issued by my fav Chinese take-out, I, a Dem, will have my choice (if you can call it a choice) from the elderly female socialist or the more elderly male socialist.
    oh yay.
    So, Repubs, enjoy your primary, pick the best and pray for us poor Dems.