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Obama: No “Complete Strategy” Yet to Train Iraqis

President Obama admitted today that he still doesn’t have a “complete strategy” to improve Iraqi forces’ fighting effectiveness against ISIS.

No, this is not one of my satirical pieces. He said it in a press conference in Germany at the end of the G-7 meeting. I have video. And yes, we did launch the anti-ISIS initiative end of last summer.

Obama admitted that Iraqi forces have to be trained more quickly, and that some “haven’t” been sufficiently brought up to speed. He suggested the Iraqis were moving too slowly.

We want to get more Iraqi forces, trained, fresh, well-equipped, and focused . . .

So we’re reviewing a range of plans for how we might do that – essentially accelerating the number of Iraqi forces that are properly trained and equipped and have a focused strategy and good leadership.

We don’t yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the Iraqis as well about how recruitment takes place, how that training takes place. And so the details of that are not yet worked out.

It’s unfortunate that for the last ten years we’ve been teaching the Iraqis to roast marshmallows and use them to make S’mores. Because if we had only thought to train them to fight, maybe they’d be kicking a little ISIS ass.

Okay, that’s the satire part. Honestly, I don’t know what we’ve been teaching the Iraqi troops to do. But when I find out, you’ll be the first to know.

33 thoughts on “Obama: No “Complete Strategy” Yet to Train Iraqis”

  1. No complete strategy… really? Maybe because he’s preoccupied trying to nationalize healthcare (and everything else)… and bashing the SCOTUS on foreign soil too. What a _____!

    1. His behavior today shows that yes, he has no strategy. He’s just going with the flow until his term is up. Iraq and ISIS will be the next President’s problem. He doesn’t care if the Mid East blows up in the meantime, no guts no glory is fine with Obama.

  2. This is on his shoulders!
    He can stand there and ramble all day.
    Are mirrors allowed when he speaks? If so he needs to be given a mirror to look at himself ramble, and the press walk off.

  3. Since Zero or one of his closest advisers is sure to attend the Bilderberg meeting in Austria this week, maybe the puppet masters will tell zero what to do?
    See Drudge Report today for a list of Bilderberg attendees!

  4. He’.s lying, lying about everything. He started his lying with puffery about the American job situation, went on to the wonderful “healthcare”, and then he just kept on until he hit the phony Iraqi training program.
    You don’t have to teach a man to shoot his enemy, or to protect his home and family.
    The Iraqi army, if we can call them that, is just a ragtag bunch of guys who consider their uniform a means of income, nothing else.

  5. ISIS figured out long ago that Obama has no strategy to address their expansionist strategy. He has no intention of defeating them and they know it. That’s why they are doing what they are doing.

    Re: the strategy– the Pentagon has strategies for every possible scenario you could imagine. Detailed, in depth strategies, well thought out and complex. There are very smart people who work on these strategies all the time–updating them, adding important details, informed by the newest intelligence. That’s their job. Obama just refuses to approve any of them That’s what’s going on. Count on it.

      1. AFVet….Speaking of rules of engagement, here’s an article about how stupid, pitiful and counterproductive to victory Obama’s ROE are re ISIS. Pitiful.

        How different from our efforts in WW2, when we would send 600, 1,000, 1500 fully loaded bombers at a time over a German city when we were trying to destroy the NAZI machine. Every day until the job was done.

        When I lived in Berlin, I met many people my age who clearly remembered those raids. They would recount the devastating impact of those raids, the sound of bombers coming their way, the air raid sirens, the destruction, the rush to the bomb shelters. They talked about it in hushed tones. It was awful for them as innocent civilians, obviously. But it helped end the war as quickly as possible. That’s what you have to do.

  6. It’s so obvious that he feels footloose and fancy free. All he did was grin and smile for the cameras while the other world leaders appeared to ignore him.

    Many, including Obama, have been counting the days til he’s gone. I wish some reporter would start a rumor that we want Obama to stay for a third term so that we could watch him turn green!

    1. Pardon the naivete, but I think he is going to extend his ‘term’ indefinitely…that’s his game, baffle everyone with his b.s. and then just before election time, he will declare martial law & thumb his nose again…hope I am wrong

  7. What a joke. This hapless, feckless “president” blames the Pentagon and Iraq when it’s clear to everyone, except Obama, that the buck stops on his desk.

    Everyone knows that our military has presented plan after plan, strategy after strategy, on Obumbler’s desk, but of course he has dithered and dithered, and rejected all of it.

    The only thing that’s clear is that Obama’s imagined, fairytale legacy is more important to him than the brutal slaughtering of untold thousands of Christians, Muslims, and innocent woman and children. Barack Hussein Obama IS the problem.

  8. “Obama: No “complete strategy” yet to train Iraqis”

    He came into office with a strategy — the only one he’s ever had, or ever will have –destroy constitutional government in the United States and replace it with a Latin-American style tyranny. Can you hear me now, NSA??

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