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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 9, 2015

11:50 am || Delivers remarks on Obamacare at the Catholic Hospital Association Conference; Washington

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Live stream White House briefing at 1:00 pm

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      1. I think you had it right the first time. I’ll never understand the left side of it. I get the whole every life is important which excludes the death penalty. But the socialist commie’s….not so much.

        1. Hummm. Probably should clarify….every life is important which makes use of the death penalty against doctrine.

  1. As I said this morning, the WH’s description of this event makes it clear that it’s nothing more than some preemptive p.r. in advance of the SCOTUS decision in the Obummercare subsidy case. At today’s press conference in Germany, we already saw the beginning of his tactics to attack the Court if the case doesn’t go his way.

    Try not to LAUGH when you read just how wonderful the WH tells us Obummercare is:

    On Tuesday, the President will attend the Catholic Hospital Association Conference in Washington, DC. The President will discuss what healthcare reform has meant to millions of Americans – not only in terms of improved and affordable coverage options for individuals, but in terms of new rights and protections for all consumers, rising quality of care, and the transformative impact on the economy as a whole.

    1. Obummercare successes, according to the WH:

      • improved and affordable coverage options for individuals
      • new rights and protections for all consumers
      • rising quality of care
      • transformative impact on the economy as a whole.

    2. How about:

      Rising insurances premiums
      Rising costs to inbsurance companies
      Longer wait at the doctor’s office
      Doctors leaving their practices in droves

      1. Good ones, Bonnie (bad, really). Add to that:

        • NO choice in what type of coverage we can purchase based on our individual situations and families

        • Extremely high deductibles becoming the norm

        • And, oh, surprise, surprise they were wrong – having Obummercare did NOT limit ER visits for non-emergencies. Rather, the previously uninsured who now have Obummercare are going in increased droves to the ER for non-emergencies.

  2. Will be interested to see if there is any response to this propaganda from anyone in the Catholic Church or if they will just let Obama have his moment.

    1. There will be no response, I’m afraid. The Bishops will be silent. The priests will cower. The laity will forget it all, if they even learn about the speech in the first place.

      The only thought I have right now, contemplating Obama’s talk to Catholic Hospital Association Conference, is from John 35:11 (the context is different, of course):

      “And Jesus wept”

      Not for Lazarus this time, but for the insulting performance from Obama and the fact that he spoke to the group in the first place, and lied from the beginning to the end of his talk.

      Damian Thorne.

  3. Just saw this on Mark Knoller’s Twitter, regarding O’s press conference in Germany today:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 14 hours ago

    If SCOTUS upholds challenge against ObamaCare, @POTUS says Congress could fix it with a 1-sentence provision.

    That’s certainly true, Obummer. However, elections have consequences and your party is no longer in control of Congress. They wrote this law that they shoved down our throats, using procedural tricks and games, cutting out any Republican input.

    Not to mention that if the Supremes rule correctly, it will mean that one of his little tricks completely backfired on him and the Dems. They thought they were so clever in drafting the ACA to only provide subsidies for Obummer coverage obtained through a state exchange, thinking that would force states to set up exchanges so that their citizens could join in on the subsidies. Doofus Jonathan Gruber confirmed that for us.

    Oh well, Obummer and the Dems, YOU wrote the “law of the land” and now you can live with it as is. Don’t look to the Republicans to fix it for you. There is no fix other than full repeal in 2017!

    (Now, let’s hope the Republicans are not stupid enough to try to fix it for him!)

  4. After watching ShawShank Redemption again, the term “institutionalized” is used to describe inmates that have been there long enough to become dependent on the walls. It now seems possible professional politicians acquire a similar psychotic personality after a short time inside the beltway.Let’s say an invisible wall between Washington and the real world. Leans to explain why their proclamations make little sense? Another speech? Sadly that is all they have. More talk.

    1. The issue that the only thing they read and understood about the ocare, is they did not have to be included in it. There is one big wall in itself.

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