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Lew Booed at Jerusalem Post Conference

Oh, this is priceless.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was heckled, jeered, and booed as he spoke Sunday to a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post.

Clearly, those in attendance understand the enormous peril posed by the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran. And so, naturally, they reacted with anger as Lew artlessly read the administration’s propaganda off his teleprompter, no doubt assuming that a rote recitation of the White House nonsense on Iran would suffice.

It didn’t. These people know better.

Have a look. In this video, the anger heats up and hits crescendo during the final 30 seconds.

This next video has some further outtakes, showing the point at which audience members are simply having none of Lew’s nonsense.

Lew, an orthodox Jew and a Very Powerful Person, assumed Jewish audience members would just take him at his word that Obama stands with Israel, even though everything Obama does – from striking a deal that will allow Iran to have a nuclear weapons to dissing Netanyahu – suggests that he stands elsewhere.

Lew has no business being Treasury Secretary in the first place. He has limited experience outside of the government in any field related to the work of the Treasury. He is instead someone whom Obama could count on to spout the Party Line. Nice to see him get a comeuppance for trying to sell his fellow Jews a bill of goods.

Haven’t seen a senior government official so ignominiously shouted down since this.

24 Responses to Lew Booed at Jerusalem Post Conference

  1. Standing ovation! GOOD! Hope the message is loud and clear.
    Obama hand-picked Adas Israel synagogue in DC to push this crapola.

    This was not the J-Street crowd nodding in approval.

  2. This is imaginary propaganda worthy of Pravda. Too bad people have plenty of sources other than The Regime to learn the truth. It’s a lot harder to sell nonsense like this to an informed audience. Perhaps this would have played better at a Democratic National Committee meeting.

  3. When he speaks in front of the Catholic Hospital Assn this week, hopefully the good people will show respect for the office and not boo him outright. Maybe a polite smattering of applause, or just none.

    About the state of Israel, and of all Jews worldwide – we all have a sense of dread about the anti-Jewish factions and outrages happening, again. Again.

  4. Bilderberg meeting this week in Austria and where is 0? next door in Germany. He will have a cover story and then secretly attend.

  5. This moron is the Susan Rice of Finance. He will say anything they tell him….

    Shameful blind recitation of discredited Obama talking points.

    It’s hard out here for a Pimp!

  6. Far past the time for the rest of us to follow their lead with regards to Obama. Oh sure the media will whine “disrespect” but the effect of the coverage will be to finally get others to realize it’s OK to push back and to start undoing the damage O and ilk have done.