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Iraqi PM Can’t Get Word in Edgewise With Obama

I thought we liked the new guy?

Guess not. President Obama thinks Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi isn’t doing enough to reach out to Iraq’s Sunni Muslims. And so he isn’t able to reach out to Obama either.

I love Abadi’s look – What am I, chopped liver?

22 thoughts on “Iraqi PM Can’t Get Word in Edgewise With Obama”

  1. Yes once again he acts like a toddler.
    I just refrenced on the last thread, an article I read on Weasel Zippers regarding comment made by former Iraqi Member of parliament.
    The two people he was talking to should have noticed what o was doing with his back. Than proceed in offering a conversation with the Iraqi PM.
    At least I have not seen any videos of him chomping on his gum.

    1. Actually, Obama is more Shiite. I can think of no other reason for his total commitment to Iran and his support of Shia militia from Iran to fight on behalf of Iraq against ISIS. If things go his way, there will be a Muslim caliphate, Iranian, nuclear armed Shiite dominance and a destroyed Israel. How did anybody not understand the predictable results of a Muslim father, a Muslim step father, seven years of education in a madrassa, a Communist adult mentor, an affirmative action education, a narcissistic personality disorder and a very confused sexual identity? This has to be the most psychologically disordered president we have ever had…and, not coincidentally, the worst.

  2. Remember when “our” president would go places, be charming, sought after, the couple would dress well, no gum chewing, snubbing, selfies, texting…those were the days.

  3. Off topic, but Barry is “weighing in” on the Supreme Court’s upcoming ObamaCare ruling…

    from the AP:
    “With a crucial legal decision looming, President Barack Obama said Monday the Supreme Court should not even have considered the latest challenge to his signature health care law but he voiced confidence the justices ‘will play it straight’ — and leave the law intact.”

    The King has spoken! And I suppose if SCOTUS rules against him, they will be “playing it crooked.”

    1. He’s such a pig. He slams SCOTUS when he disagrees with their decisions, (like in the Citizens United case), yet when they rule in his favor,(the Obamacare case), he thinks they’re terrific and it’s the “law of the land”.

      I am so very tired of this petulant little child.

      1. Obama’s trying to publicly influence and shame the Supreme Court into a decision he likes. Obviously, it’s unethical and low class. But that’s how Barry operates, as we know.

      2. And as Mark Levin noted tonight, the words “Federal Exchange” are not in the statute. If Roberts decides to write them in to “fix” the law, it’s time for Roberts to be impeached.

        1. Exactly. This case would be on a first year law school exam. The Court’s task is to look at the clear letter of the law. If the legislature made a mistake and did not draft the law properly, it’s not up to the Court to fix it. All they can do is tell the legislature that they can amend their poorly written law if they choose to do so.

  4. The G7 is one pathetic group.

    The way Obama turned his back on the Iraq PM you would have thought he was Netanyhu.

    If the Ayatollah had been there, the G7 would have been on their collective knees faster than you can say Allah or nuclear.

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