In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || June 7, 2015


33 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || June 7, 2015”

  1. To Keith,… you may get more speaking engagements if the caricature on your left side bar didn’t look like Bill Clinton.

    Then, maybe you are after his speaking fees.
    Can’t blame you.

      1. That Starbucks add is back on here,……maddening !!!
        The one that resets the page to where you have to watch it.
        If anybody else is experiencing this nuisance, just keep hitting reset on the page and it will eventually stop, until it starts again.

        1. I meant AfVet. But you knew that! Also, I think the pop up ad is a problem with your pop up blocker. I sure don’t get a StarBucks ad.

    1. I mentioned this early this morning on the last thread.
      I had mentioned as well they showed that clip of video real early… The next hour they did not show the part of him holding his tall glass up.
      Just now I turned on Fox, sure enough they had just brought that trip up again. They did not show they picture of him with the tall glass of beer. Wonder why?

  2. Netanyahu slams world for silence on Gaza rocket attacks.
    He slammed the international community for its silence over recent rocket attacks from Gaza – warning that a strong reprisal is forthcoming.
    Sunday he says he hasn’t heard a word of condemnation from the world about three rocket attacks from Gaza in the past two weeks. Netanyahu says it will be “interestin to see if the silence continues when we use all our strenght in exercising our right to defend ourselves.”

  3. Guess what de Blasio said on Sunday.
    “We have a democracy problem,” deBlasio told host on Face the Nation.
    “Our elections are governed by state law and for a long time I believed we need to make a fundamental series of reforms”.

    1. How typical. When the Dems lose they start crying about voter’s rights or election laws.
      He must have seen an internal poll that showed NYC voters don’t like what he’s doing and won’t vote for him again.

      1. I really don’t know how real this voting thing is…I get a ballot in the mail…Ask for that if you are infirm or don’t have a ride. I never showed any ID that I remember. And I am completely sure no one looked up my race and said–OK, she can vote. In the bad old days there were poll taxes, but now they seem to be saying all the malunctioning voting machines are shunted to “minority” neighborhoods–it all sounds pretty unlikely to me.

    1. Thanks I’mNoDhimmi for the article. I can’t wait to hear from Swedishlady as well.
      Entire emergency wards shut down for the summer.
      Everyone who voted for ocare should read this article as well. Of course they are not inclused in the ocare mess, so not for them to worry, or be concerned.

    2. It’s a heartbreaking article and it’s important to read it to get a sense of what is happening there, and in Europe, South America and in our own beloved United States. The same issues prevail all over the world. We are in dire times. In many ways, it’s worse than the 1930’s, which resulted in millions of people killed, countries destroyed and agony at every level.

    3. I´mNoDhimmi, I have just read it and the comments. It is very interesting (although a bit overstated ) but I agree in many ways. I will come back and comment later on. I have just waved goodbye to my very nice American house guests , we all had a very good time.

  4. By the time Hillary is finished with this voter thing she will be saying that the only people allowed to vote in the US today are US citizens!

    Or white male Christian wealthy property owners.

    What a harpy.

  5. While Obama plays golf and seems to be having a jolly old time, the world is changing for the worse. It’s not ALL his fault, or the US’s, but the passive, puzzling and incompetent approach Obama takes on all things international is certainly a catalyst.

    Developments like: Russia, under Putin is on the move. Putin’s dream is to rebuild the Soviet Union, and we are moving close to –and really are already engaged in–another Cold war with them. And we are moving rapidly in that direction. Lightening speed.

    Or China which has plans to build–and is building in several cases– naval bases in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Mynanmar in the northern Indian Ocean; Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique in the western Indian Ocean; and Seychelles and Madagascar in the central South Indian Ocean. China is calling this effort their “string of pearls”. They are moving rapidly toward a strong military presence on the Atlantic and close to the US. They understand completely that Obama won’t even wag his finger at them.

    And here’s what’s going on in the African country of Namibia, as an example of how aggressive the Chinese are in their efforts to make their mark. Meanwhile, Obama continues to starve the US military. Again, we ask: who does Obama really work for? The MSM is too damned lazy to search for the answer.

    1. I do not know what the excuse of the msm is. All of the issues need to be discussed or at least put on the screen every day.
      I understand news is mostly for new information, but when our children’s future is at stake, they should put in on the screen. If people want entertainment, they can watch a ball game.

      1. The issue with much of the MSM (not all) is that they are cut from the same clothe as Obama and his posse of revolutionaries. He’s their hero, and they are desperate to protect him. Vive la révolution! That’s what’s going on with some of them. Remember Ezra Klein’s jourOlist, and how they attempt to spin the news?

        And members of journOlist:

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