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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 8, 2015

At the G-7 summit in Krün, Germany
4:05 am || Meets with French President Hollande
4:45 am || Attends a G-7 ,eetomg pm Terrpros,
6:45 am || Attends a G-7 working lunch on development issues
9:05 am || Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi
10:00 am || Hollds a press conference
12:15 pm || Departs Germany
9:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern; time in Krün is six hours ahead
Live stream of Obama press conference at 10:00 am

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, June 8, 2015”

  1. There was a time (long ago and far away) when the American President was a touchstone. What THAT president did, the REST of the world wanted to do too. No more. Our current, feckless, genderless, gutless, useless president (and I AM aware re was elected TWICE, which is why I have very little hope for the survival of my beloved country), is “participating”, “joining”, but NEVER leading! Of course, that would be beneath him!! And WAY beyond his capabilities!!!!!

    1. Genderless haha!!just how I want to remember this worthless resident.
      Keith 10:00 am “hollds a press conference” is scary enough, thanks.

  2. Well, he’ll be back tonight and right back into campaign mode as per usual. Tuesday looks like some preemptive p.r. in anticipation of the SCOTUS decision in the Obamacare subsidies case.

    I wonder why they’re keeping the rest of the week open. I’m sure something interesting will be added at the last minute.

    Schedule for the Week of June 8, 2015

    On Monday, the President will attend a G-7 meeting on energy and climate and a G-7 meeting with outreach guests on terrorism. Afterward, the President will participate in a family photo with outreach guests and attend a working lunch on development issues. In the afternoon, the President will hold a press conference before returning to Washington, DC.

    On Tuesday, the President will attend the Catholic Hospital Association Conference in Washington, DC. The President will discuss what healthcare reform has meant to millions of Americans – not only in terms of improved and affordable coverage options for individuals, but in terms of new rights and protections for all consumers, rising quality of care, and the transformative impact on the economy as a whole.

    On Wednesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Thursday, the President will attend meetings at the White House and a DNC roundtable in Washington, DC.

    On Friday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    1. I just questioned the initials for the 4:45 am meeting. The search I did was correct.
      Besides involving him selling more crud to the Catholic Association, it seems he will have a lot of time to rest in bed after that hard trip he made.

    2. I missed your pointing out that Obama will speak to , of all groups, the Catholic Hospital Association Conference tomorrow. Should have read it before making my comments below. Catholic/Christian hospitals and medical care delivery have been a special target for Obama. It will be an interesting situation. He’ll lie and divert, and otherwise spew his usual bunk before the , of course. I’d like to see Catholic bishops aggressively tear his propaganda apart, but they’re a timid group, and so that won’t happen.

      1. I am Catholic. Depending on who shows up there is every possibility that the Catholic Hospitals will make a deal with Obama. They shouldn’t but they probably will.

  3. Speaking of Obama’s schedule, I keep waiting for our Kabuki President to schedule an address to the nation to bring the nation up to date on his signature achievement–ObamaCare.

    No one is talking much about it anymore. Maybe Barry forgot that he forced that dog of a law down our throats? Maybe ValJar won’t give him permission to talk about it publicly?

    So what happened to ObamaCare? Do we all love it now? Are we all sorry we had to be pulled kicking and screaming into ObamaCare?

    I think not. Here’s the Real Clear Politics current aggregate polling results on ObamaCare. Turns out, the American people hate it more than ever. Ah, wait! That’s why Obama doesn’t talking about it anymore. He knows more of us have caught on that’s it’s destroying healthcare in the US and he doesn’t want to be associated with it. He ain’t about to include updating us on ObamaCare on his daily schedule.

    1. My daughter, 33, Wendy’s, does not have it. I checked, Mom, she said and it’s hundreds a month and you still have to pay the doctor a lot. I said they will take out a huge fine next tax time, and she said she knew that, but it would still be cheaper than getting it.

      1. Just for giggles and tickles I went on the ObamaCare web site a while ago and “applied” for coverage. I created a 50 year old man (I can’t even remember when I was 50, it’s that long ago!), wife, three kids in high school.

        What came back was that my premium would cost $1,800 a month with a $15,000 deductible.

        In a more honest time, we would have called that highway robbery.

        1. We’re self-employed and currently paying almost $1700 a month for a family plan, and expecting a huge increase soon. WTH happened to Obummer’s oft-repeated claim that his wonderful Obamacare would be saving us all about $2,500 a year? Ha, joke’s on us. Thanks again to all the fools who re-elected this moron and the idiot Republicans who refused to vote for Romney and stayed home.

          Years ago, we had tons of choices and could voluntarily make the decision to go with a higher deductible in order to save on the monthly premium, (that’s a good choice and actually works great as long as all members of the family are fairly healthy and only need annual check-ups, plus dental and vision). Now there are NO choices at all and crappy coverage. Even if you self-insure and stay away from the Obamacare site, all the insurance companies can only offer you the Obamacare type coverage (silver, gold, etc. coverage). It’s a mess and I am beyond ticked off about this every single day!

          What’s worse is that I’m at the point where if the Republicans regain the WH and maintain full control of Congress I have very little faith that the ACA will be repealed in its entirety. They talk a good talk and hold faux votes to repeal, yet at the same time many Republicans in Congress and some governors are working on ways to save the Ocare subsidies should the Supremes do the right thing and rule the current subsidies being paid out on the federal exchange are not valid under the law.

          1. I agree, Star. And I think that was the plan from the beginning. Most people had, and still have, no idea how pervasive this law is. They half-listened and thought they wouldn’t be affected much, that the ACA was just to help people who didn’t have insurance through their employers. Little did they know that the intent was to completely overhaul the health insurance industry AND the medical care industry. This law has does nothing but create chaos.

    2. Btw, I just read this brief article:

      Every day there seems to be another article focused on how many individuals might lose their subsidies if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case.

      Yet, an even bigger group of individuals harmed by Obamacare has an equally good claim for relief that hasn’t gotten as much attention—the people who, thanks to Obamacare, must pay more for health insurance but who never got subsidies.

      The Obamacare subsidies were intended, in part, to hide the law’s unpopular effects. At their root, Obamacare’s costly regulations, dictating what insurers can sell and what individuals and employers can buy, have resulted in premium costs going up, not down. In the 34 states potentially affected by the Court’s ruling, those regulations have driven up costs not only for the estimated 6.4 million receiving coverage subsidies, but also for at least another 15 million who have been forced to pay more for their health insurance without getting any subsidy.

      Last month, The Heritage Foundation published a report highlighting that on average premiums could decrease by as much as 44 percent for young adults and 7 percent for near retirees if Congress, in response to a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in King v Burwell, simply eliminate three of the most costly Obamacare regulations—the age-rating rules, the actuarial value restrictions and the benefit mandates—in the affected states.

      Last week, Heritage released state-specific data for the 34 states potentially affected by the King v. Burwell ruling.

      For example, in Arizona, premiums could drop by as much as $1,044 for a 21-year-old and $402 for a 64-year-old. Similarly, in Iowa, premiums could decline by as much as $1,068 for a 21-year-old and $486 for a 64-year-old. In Ohio, premiums could be reduced by as much as $1,125 for a 21-year old and $633 for a 64-year old.

      Congress’ first step in responding to the Court’s ruling should be to get rid of the Obamacare regulations that needlessly increased the cost of coverage for both those with and without subsidies.

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