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    • D Day. Let’s see if Obama posts a remembrance photo of himself, standing on the beach in Normandy.

      Also, I just saw footage of the O family hopping aboard AF-1 – mother Robinson, one daughter, couldn’t tell which one, MOTUS and POTUS. They honestly needed a 747 to travel to Delaware? I’d think it was more a helicopter flight.

    • Rubio is the media’s choice…which makes him NOT my choice. Fox pundits were comparing the number of traffic tickets they and their spouses have received to Rubio – turns out some of them have gotten more than MR.
      MR is a shyster and IMO no different than HRC or BHO. Three of a kind – and are all in it for the notoriety and the money and the power.
      He voted for TPA which gives BHO fast track authority on TPP – the ultra, ultra secret ObamaTrade. MR refused to state if he has even been to the secret room in the basement and read TPP.
      MR is not trustworthy. MR has shown he does not have the best interests of this country at heart.

    • I sure see a lot of fulminating against Rubio on here–you can’t be against someone just because the press likes him. Well, you can, but to me it’s silly. Who else was for fast-tracking…I saw Donnie Deutsch on MoJoe say, sorry, but Rubio looks like a little boy. Yeah–that’s a reason… And get this–he got a lawyer to contest his four tickets–well, that is your right!

      • When a relatively unknown two-year junior senator with a murky background and history of flip-flopping decides that he is qualified to run the damn country just b/c of his hispanic background and his ‘youthfulness’….it’s a recipe for disaster.

        Rubio is playing off Obama’s playbook in 2008. If an Af/Am can do it, so can an hispanic…so he thinks. Unfortunately, he lacks all of Obama’s organizing skills. He is a nothingburger. Rant over!

        • Good rant.
          He appears to be an opportunist.
          I want someone in that office that has survived the onslaughts of people that hate them and are determined to destroy them.
          The field of battle and the ones that have survived it are justified in saying they did so.

          I want someone that has been there done that, not someone that says they will.

          • As of today I do not believe Rubio has read the TPP but did vote for the TPA.

            Here is an article on who has read what, when or not and some of the varying positions.


            As for “too easily influenced” I really meant more akin to what AFVet calls “opportunist”. His early sign on with the gang of 8 immigration and walking side by side with Schumer is more on the lines of what I was thinking.

            I like what he says on Cuba, Iran and FP in general. But that is me.

          • The GOP is under the false belief that Rubio will steal the hispanic votes from Hillary.
            Butt…he is Cuban. The Cubans are outliers with the general hispanic population. They are considered to be too uppity and snobbish.

            Rubio will NOT get his desired results and the GOP will once again be sitting with egg all over their faces.

            In reality, Rubio does not want amnesty for illegals – he went along with Schumer and amnesty to garner
            DEM votes.

            He is manipulative and opportunistic.
            Never to be trusted!

          • As others have said, Obama is hysterically pushing the approval of the treaty agreements using the same methods he used when he pushed ObamaCare down our throats–by lying blatantly about what the treaty “will do”, making it near impossible to members of Congress to examine the treaties contents, and, again, by lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying about it.

            It’s obvious Obama considers these treaties as incredibly important as a means of undermining the Constitution, the sovereignty of the country, the stability and safety of citizens (by leaking personal information to who-knows-who).

            And the secrecy surrounding the treaties–because if we discovered how we are going to get screwed, there would be riots in the streets.


          • TO Girly1 at 3:29

            Yeah , well a lot of Republicans think Hispanics are all “conservativy,” family oriented, Christians. Turns out many hispanic women are turning to Islam and Mormonism. At The Anchoress blog.

          • To: gracepmc

            You mentioned many Catholic women are turning to Mormanism and Islam.

            Did you know that Rubio, a former Catholic, converted to Mormanism in the 90’s when he lived in Nevada?
            He still says he’s Catholic when it’s convenient for him.

            Something is really suspicious about this guy. I trust my own instincts more than anything else…and my hinky meter went off the first time I laid eyes on him.

        • This is fun. I can do this with any candidate out there. How about Lindsey Graham, since you bring him up, AfVet. Lindsey Graham has been around for decades, sitting in thousands of hours of committee meetings, which means he is older than dirt and probably is only looking out for himself in hopes of giving up his Sundays to be on news shows. He talks big about terrorists–but name the last one he killed. Instead, he eats in nice DC restaurants. Many people call him Miss Lindsey, no one knows why, because they can. And above all, he has the absolute nerve to be friends with John McCain, who as everyone knows, is a torn-up old windbag who often calls out the US President for various policies and misdeeds, even though he is truly disgusting for not being with his first wife.

          • I don’t give a tinker’s damn about wives.
            McCain and Graham are two peas in a pod when it comes to promises.

            Both of them rattle the sabers against Obama’s policies, then they wilt on the floor of the senate.

            They are both paper tigers, making promises that they never intend to keep.

            McCain is a war hero, I tip my hat to him, beyond that, I don’t trust him.
            Graham is a lawyer in the Air Force Reserve.

            Both have been senators for many years, neither have ever governed anything.

            I think it is time we started looking at actual experience as opposed to time in office.

  1. Please tell us the “Date” when the Obama’s are Jet streaming for for Europe. Glenn Beck warned us of a possible [EMP attack] when the family + mother leaves the country. This is alarmingly too close to Jade Helm 15. *Pls have a 3 mth supply food & water. Thank you so much !!

  2. Watching the Beau Biden funeral service. My hat goes off to Joe Biden for the strength and fortitude he has shown over the years of terrible family losses. He is a good man with a big heart. A great family man – which is all that matters.

  3. Paul Ryan just posted on facebook, asking for support for Obamatrade. last I read, only 2 congressmen had read the bill, and Paul wasn’t one of them. so bummed, I really like(d) him. wonder if he’ll respond.

  4. Just reading an article on AT that the Demos are in a panic and trying to attract M. Bloomberg to run…he has enough money to finance his own campaign, it seems.

    • Hmmmm,….
      You mean that Hillary isn’t up to muster ?
      And why would it matter if he could finance his own campaign ?
      Maybe the dem coffers are sucking wind.

    • Heard the shots were from the Mexican side of the border, Lee. Let the border wars begin!

      If you’ve noticed, all of the racist talking heads are now including hispanics as victims
      when they talk about the cop killings in Baltimore, etc.
      They’re now trying to turn Mexicans against law enforcement!

      Is Obama really a secret agent for ISIS? Or is this his way of achieving gun control.

      **We now have a shortage of cops here in L.A. Saw a sign posted in the rear window of a police car the other day: “We are Hiring”!

  5. My view is grim. Essentially I am on board with the WSJ article that says Obama has effectively abolished (neutered) Congress.

    If you consider Congress as our first line of defense (along with the courts — such as they are — and the DOJ –laughable)then it is left to the people. And what I see is increasingly day by day disregard for immigration law,a Congress that refused to address Obama’s amnesty, DHS that refuses to secure the borders, a high influx and resettlement of illegals, comments by powerful individuals like Obama and Hillary in support of illegals despite court rulings, a cooperative IRS dispensing tax benefits and refunds, states that are dispatching drivers licenses and in some cases, CA, the right to vote,and a very large Soros funded campaign against voter ID laws.

    Without an effective Congress or rule of law, it is not unthinkable that illegals will be voting in the upcoming national elections and it will essentially be a fait accompli for the Democrats — no matter who they run. And the value of American citizenship will be worthless.

    • Boehner et al are also terrified that SCOTUS will reverse the Obamacare subsidies. Read several articles that reported Boehner is absolutely against a reversal. He doesn’t want the problems associated with a sudden cancellation of millions of insureds.
      Lazy? Incompetent? Worthless? All of the above.

      • The problems and resolutions due to failures of Obamacare should be the responsibility of the Democrats not the Republicans. Why they decided to pick up that mantle is beyond me.

    • That’s why I say that McConnell and Boehner are nothing more than tits on a boar hog.
      (Pardon my french).
      If they can’t stand up to Obama, (and that includes Roberts), what good are they ?

      Why is this pussy (Obama) allowed to herd this government into what he thinks is necessary ?

      Answer,…because they are afraid of him and his regime.

      No number of TV interviews of all of the congressmen and women that oppose his policies will ever convince me that they are adamant in changing them.

      If they were, they would have by now.
      It’s all a game.

      • Something weird. I read the other day that McCain is “working with” Obama or coming up with something acceptable to the boy king to close Gitmo.

        Of course, don’t know why it has to be “officially closed” — at the rate Obama is going that place will be emptied in no time.

        • From what I read McCain wanted to force the admin to say where the prisoners would be placed, etc–have some control. As chrm of Armed Services, if the place IS emptied, he needs to cut the cost of it. If Obama gets credit for that as a campaign promise, well, so be it. I think that’s it. Who knows–McCain may be so pro-terrorist and pro-Obama he wants to cover the president in glory and free the oppressed…

          • Thanks. I figured you might have a more complete understanding of McCain’s motivation than I. Independent of McCain I am against giving Obama one more “win” because when he wins there is usually some destruction behind it and so many other people suffer and pay for it. God bless McCain if he can come up with something that provides us some security and that Obama will sign off on.

            And as you know I do not believe nor did I imply that McCain is either pro terrorist or pro Obama. I see him pretty much as I do any other RINO.

          • Yes Grace,….McCain can be trusted with whatever comes down the pike.

            No worries here, John is on the watch, and with his loyal sidekick Lindsey, they will strive to eradicate the demons that lurk within the walls of the hallowed chambers of capital hill.

            Sleep well.
            Everything is taken care of.

      • AFVet Re Gitmo (there is no other place to reply sorry).

        Obama clears out and closes Gitmo. Sells or gives it to Cuba, who then leases it to Russia who ….

        Oh noes…surely not. Unintended consequences and all that nonsense.

    • And Boehner and McConnell were more than happy to subvert the US Constitution by giving Congress’s authority to POTUS.

      Here’s the oath they swore, which they have broken in a million pieces:

      “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

      That’s where we are. They are all slow dancing with each other and giving the citizens of the US the finger.

  6. Yea! One of my favorite old movies on TCM — The Man Who Would be King — Sean Connery and Michael Caine. One of them deceives remote people in Baluchistan I believe that he is a King. Found out in the end.

    It is a great movie. And one I always thought Barack Obama should watch from beginning to the very end.

      • Lee EDT 8pm

        Google a summary of it. I think it is based on a Rudyard Kipling story but I am not sure how accurate that is. Anyway, Caine and Connery are great together and it has the ending appropriate to all those whose hubris leads to where too much hubris can lead.

          • For God’s sake. They ruined the film with some liberal garbage analysis about how we could not make this movie now and how it is so abusive of the local people and cultures.

            Yeah, what about their ancestors who had no problems blowing up Americans oh so many years later.

            No more movies on tv for me. Streaming. No analysis.

          • Gracepmc
            I tried to find the movie. I was so tired, I could not remember what channel TCM was on. Fell asleep while I was considering getting up to look the channel up on the computer. :)

  7. o takes a trip. Two hours ago they showed a picture of o having a tall glass of beer. For some reason on the last hour they left off that picture. He is in Germany to address Russian influence in the violence in Ukraine. As well to talk G. warming.
    This chat/meeting should have been held months ago to discuss the influence.
    I just heard a discussion as well about Disney laying off skilled workers, Tech workers included. To have them first train other workers.
    Remember the UPI bill.
    These are not jobs that Americans, Just Won’t Do.
    Americans would love this type of job.

    • Disney doesn’t pay as well as you might think.
      When I was with Xerox, I was installing a network and got a chance to work with a girl that was IBM and used to work for Disney.
      She told me that they don’t pay very well.

      I also met a guy that worked as Mickey Mouse.
      He said it was horrible wearing that suit in the heat.

      • In the screenwriting business–and this is tacky–they call it Mauswich. They are mean, too–I may find the name of someone I want to contact in an article or something, look them up, find no mention of Disney, send a note–and I get a stiff letter from Disney saying never talk to this producer again, they have a deal with us. They slap legal warnings all over it. OK, OK, Mick, give it a rest.