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Strassel: The Clinton-Operative Employment Foundation

The Clinton Foundation charity operated acted as a de facto employment assistance program for Hillary Clinton’s once and future political advisors and should be investigated by the IRS for potentially violating charitable organization rules, according to a piece by Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel.

Strassel cites a long list of Clinton operatives who were either directly employed by or paid as consultants by the Foundation, including Sidney Blumenthal, who received $10,000 per year for doing something – just what not being entirely clear.

Strassel writes that the Foundation was notable for its unusually large – for a charity – personnel and travel costs and that such organizations normally have far more charity professionals, as opposed to political campaign workers.

One, Dennis Chang, appears to have built his fundraising rolodex at the charity and then taken it with him directly the the Hillary 2016 campaign.

Other senior officials have floated back and forth from Hillary’s political world to the charity:

Longtime aide Cheryl Mills served as general counsel to Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign, then worked at State. She then joined the board of directors of the foundation and remains on it still, even as she works on Clinton 2016 . . .

Maura Pally was until recently the acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Her training for this important job was working as a lawyer in the Clinton White House, as a counsel to Hillary 2008, and in cultural affairs at the State Department.

Then there’s Mrs. Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin, who worked as traveling chief of staff during the 2008 campaign, then went to State. There she was granted a special arrangement to continue earning money as a private-sector consultant. Among those she consulted for? The Clinton Foundation. Ms. Abedin has transitioned back as vice chairman of Mrs. Clinton 2016 campaign.

There’s more.

Just think if the Clintons get back into the White House. Beyond Hillary and Huma, there will be Bill, with absolutely nothing to do as First Gentleman other than think of ways to parlay his residence into cash, power, extravagant travel and sumptuous events.

It will make the Lincoln Bedroom racket and the Johnny Chung scandal look like phony phone call pranks.

28 thoughts on “Strassel: The Clinton-Operative Employment Foundation”

  1. I think Hillary is on the agenda to appear before a House Committee in June.
    It will be interesting to see what topics they they bring up while she is there.

    The results of that hearing should be interesting given the recent exposures of the Clinton Foundation.

    Question,….will they take this past Benghazi, or will they allow her to dismiss the recent financial discrepancies concerning the millions that they have made ?

  2. Always riding the slim edge of the ethical knife, the Clintons disgraced their tenure in the WhiteHouse, and their activites since have only made them more garish.
    If a candidate for Mayor of any town had such a morally bankrupt history, they would have no chance at being elected, but since the name (Clinton) has such pull in national politics, the Dems seem to be holding their noses as they slowly line up behind MrsClinton.

    Employing past political operatives to their faux charity should be enough evidence to allow the IRS and the FBI to investigate for wrong-doing or violating election laws.

  3. If this isn’t ‘organized crime’, I don’t know what is.
    Years ago, I read that the Foundation consistently was running in the red….despite boatloads of money pouring in.
    Worse yet, the mob chieftain’s daughter from hell, Chelsea, has been fully groomed to take over the family business…without any assistance from outsiders.

    ***Just curious where Huma’s hubby, Tony Weiner, will fit into the menage a trois at the WH…
    This is the most bizarre collection of notorious gangstas and deviants ever to grace the streets of Washington, D.C.
    The White House will become the Big House if they all show up in 2017.

      1. The stories about Chelsea are all over the net. Especially the one from the CEO of NBC (I think it was NBC where she worked for awhile). Look it up.

    1. Chelsea’s as dumb as a box of rocks, she’s the Fredo of the “family”. I mean no disrespect, she’s my daughter’s age so I tend to compare REAL contributions in the REAL world. My kid could kick her ass :)

      1. She used to read the scriptures at church–Sunday after Sunday–and didn’t seem dumb…I never talked to her…but this seems kind of mean to me. She graduated college–she may be shy, to me she seemed shy. Now you have her being thrown in the pen…

  4. These people are well and truly creative in their corruption.

    But I thought old Sid was getting $10K a MONTH, not a year?

  5. I did read recently that the Clintons were keeping future HRC2016 activists, operators and campaign coordinators on the “payroll” to maintain them and not be stolen by other Dems. Much like Obama’s OFA is nothing more than a money laundering scheme for his capos.

    Also, that Hillary entertained the thought of using Chelsea in the First Lady role as was done by a former President who was widowed and used his adult daughter in such a role.

  6. There was a time (really) when journalism was presenting the facts of a story in the correct order of occurrence. Allowing the facts to tell the story. Popular trend recently (last 20 years at least) where the facts are rearranged for entertainment, shock and splash. A veteran friend that recently left the U.S. Navy told me he was unemployable. I ask why? He said because during job interviews he tells the truth. So there we have it, lying to get in has become excepted or maybe expected.

    1. I have mentioned before that I am astounded of The List, and or scandels. With all of the information.
      At least I still have the obtion of the mute button or changing the channel. As well putting the paper down.
      As far as the entertainment, I agree. I find an old comedy. I do not watch the news to make me laugh.

  7. Blumenthal attended Sullivan HS in Chicago where he was seen as a nebbish even back then.

    We’ll see how defiant he is when he gets out of Gowdy’s closed door committee hearing next week.

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