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Mrs. Obama to Take a Week-Long Trip to Europe


Just three months after hitting Japan and Cambodia to talk about girls’ education, Mrs. Obama will travel to London to promote the same thing and to attend the Milan Expo 2015, where she will tour the USA Pavilion – “American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet” – and “participate in activities to lift up efforts to support healthier families and communities,” according to the White House. And she’ll make it to Venice too.

I know that the topic of education in Great Britain has been much on your mind the last several years, as it has mine. FINALLY, the first lady is doing something about it.

From the White House:

As part of the Let Girls Learn initiative and following her recent visits to Japan and Cambodia, the First Lady will visit London where she will meet with students and discuss how the UK and the U.S. are working together to expand access to girls education around the world – supporting adolescent girls in completing their education.

Mrs. Obama will also meet with U.S. military stationed in Vicenza, Italy, which is fine, though undoubtably these are not the service members most in need of the first lady’s care and comfort.

Her mother, Mrs. Marian Robinson, and Malia and Sasha will be along for the trip. No word on if the cousins are coming too, as they have in the past.

You don’t need to be a foxhound to perceive that this smells a lot like a vacation. And a very expensive one for taxpayers, given the security and staff that will be involved. But I gather, with no more elections to be won, that Mrs. Obama figures she can do whatever she wants.

“The First Lady will also visit cultural sites in Venice before returning to Washington, DC,” the White House noted.

That, she will.

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  1. This insane abuse of taxpayer’s funds has to stop. Other past FLOTUSs may have used our monies to entertain themselves or to go on fabulous vacations so that MrsO might feel she is only doing the same.
    It doesn’t matter now. It’s time for Congress to put a limit on how often the FirstFamily can use our resources for their personal vacations, and even fundraising for a certain political party.
    The First Family is as close to royalty as Americans allow, so it’s on them to set good examples of sensible or frugal use of what we freely give them.
    MrsO, her mother and children, were not elected by the people of the US and are not entitled to use our money as they see fit.

  2. So tired of this Abuse!
    Keith, I subscribed to Redline & get it in my email every morning.
    The ad to sign up appears every time I read an article, & I have to close the ad.

  3. Yep, we need to protest the unfairness in our culture. Our cities afire because urban men cannot find decent jobs. Women are unfairly paid in the workplace. Racism runs rampant in every Police force. We simply do not give enough to support our school systems.

    Thank the good Lord that our FLOTUS is there to lead the charge against these injustices, in her own humble and contrite heart, and to spread the good word among the nations of the world, regardless of how beautiful the settings are.


    • oh mama!…if only both of them could be
      impeached…yes, first Black President and first arrogant and wasteful First
      Lady….I choke on those words for both
      of them. Reps have lots of cutesy comebacks, when a Rep President or First
      Lady had even one mis-step! Seems they
      answer only to their narcissistic selves.

  4. What are the Obama going to do in a couple of years when they have to start paying for their own vacations?

    Like the Clintons used to do, they will probably pass the hat among their fawning friends for contributions and loaned vacation homes.

    • Oh please, they will NEVER have to pay a dime to do anything!! The will be hailed as heroes throughout the liberal world, regardless of the destruction he’s wrought. And the taxpayers will pay the bill! As they have with Bill!!

    • After 2016, I don’t care how they make their money, truly. As long as their vacations, homes and other “necessities” are not taken out of MY pocket.

    • Everything will be paid for out of OFA and future foundation slush funds, Michael.
      Even their $8M mansion in Hawaii was purchased by Obama’s BFF, Eric Whittaker. Of course, he will be re-imbursed via Obama govt. grants to the U of Chicago Medical School…or some other scam.

      The Obamas will make the Clinton’s look like paupers after they leave the WH.

  5. Oh yeah!! The Brits are SO way behind the power curve when it comes to educating their womenfolk!! Listen Fat Ass, go to Saudi Arabia and make your case, IF YOU DARE!!!!

  6. It stands to reason she would make this an official trip so she doesn’t have to pay for it. I wonder if she’ll list her daughters as her “assistants” like she did when she went to Spain,so they’ll get an official free ride too?

  7. Seems to me there are a lot of places in the USA the first lady and her million dollar travels could make way more impact!!!! Uggggg

    • Yes! I’m counting the days, too, when
      he gets off the White House steps and
      we don’t have to listen to either one of
      them anymore…the above stooges have been drinking the kool-aid….sad. I
      know our troops and our military will be
      among so many happy to see that idiot
      and idiot wife leave.