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Marco in the Middle

Well, Sen. Marco Rubio today submitted himself to Fox News Channel’s Monkey in the Middle segment – officially called “Outnumbered” – where a dude is dropped in a sea of estrogen and tries to keep his thoughts straight while questioned by smart, attractive distaff Fox News anchors.

The show is supposed to feature clever and insightful takes on the news provoked by the sensation of being “outnumbered,” but as you can see in the clip below, Rubio wasn’t above launching into some of his standard campaign blather, as in, “I honestly believe the time has come for a new generation of leadership . . . ” and blah blah blah blah blah.

This line, of course, is meant for his fellow Floridian, the suddenly shrinking 800-pound GOP Primary gorilla Jeb Bush, and of course it will come in handy against Hillary Clinton should Rubio gain the nomination.

Why bash your elders, Marco? Such thinking would have excluded Ronald Reagan, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from the presidency. Surely, having written the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it was time for a new generation of leadership in 1801 when Jefferson became president, wasn’t it?

If Rubio really is the intelligent, earnest fellow his promoters are touting, than he might want to lose some of the insincere claptrap.

One thing I noticed is that he looks a little diminutive, even among the ladies. At 5’10”, Rubio is short for a modern president.

I say it’s time for a president of stature who can help America stand tall!

And blah blah blah blah blah.

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  1. If memory serves, the “New Generation of Leadership” line worked pretty well for Bill Clinton in 1992, as a Boomer running againt 70+-year-old George H.W. Bush and over-65 Ross Perot.

    Short is harder to fix.

      1. Same here. It’s much too early. No one in the gaggle of R candidates stands out enough to seriously pick one out the pack yet. And that’s ok. If you look at the polls, they are pretty much bunched up close together. So other citizens are still evaluating as well. Let them all present themselves, their positions, their values and principles at this point in time. They are still all at the starting line right now.

        1. Doesn’t bode well for him. The D’s will milk this for all it’s worth and I would too if I were them. Gotta have clean, ethical accounting and expense practices if you’re running for office (or for any other reason, for that matter). My only real reactions to Rubio thus far is that he’s too glib by half, and he’s a flip flopper (immigration policies).

    1. Do you people ever read anything? No sarcasm or disrespect intended.
      It is high time we investigate these candidates and select the most ethical, experienced and honorable person for this leadership position.
      Quit relying on the media-fed emotions of “politically correct”and appearance!
      Google these people for God’s sake!!

  2. I’m not promoting Rubio or against him but if this is the extent of Keith’s criticism I would Rubio is in a good place..

  3. “It’s too bad youth is wasted on the young”. George Bernard Shaw

    Baby-faced Marco and the valley girls on Outnumbered are a perfect match. Unfortunately, this is the sort of frothiness that got Obama elected.

  4. So, say, for the sake of argument, you get to join the bevy of beauties, Keith–would all that estrogen affect you? LOL. And now we are heightest–I can’t keep up.

  5. Every presidential candidate spews a fair amount of “claptrap” and “blah blah blahs”…don’t know why Rubio is singled out as anything different. Don’t get the “heightest” remarks, either.

  6. Not that it matters too much, but he looked like he did not know where to put his hands. Knees, hips, couch… again, really does not matter but it made him look fidgety. And man, cross the legs, strike a confident casual pose that says you are comfortable in the surroundings, not leaning on your knees like a school boy at the dance.

    He still has some work to do, both in his manner and his message.

    Good man, perhaps not quite ready.


  7. The whole image of this program is off-putting for a lot of people – the screen grab says it all:
    Four attractive young women, dressed in similar short dresses, legs crossed showing lots of skin and dangling sexy high heels while sitting on a pristine white couch. Their “prey”- a man who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else, but stuck in the middle of the couch, not knowing where to look, what to do with his hands.
    Bad optics for anyone.

      1. oh, I see. you can’t be an attractive woman and be smart too.

        I suppose Megyn Kelly is an “infobabe” because she is a good-looking blonde. the fact that she’s an attorney–who, among other things, negotiates her own contracts with Roger Ailes–is unimportant, because she’s blonde.

        you guys are really unbelievable.

        1. Of course a woman can be smart and attractive. I married one like that 54 years ago. And she’s still smart and attractive! That’s not the point we’re making.

      1. Some are lawyer babes, but still I get sick of the girls on display, the spray-tanned thighs, the Manolos–how about some business attire? Man, I am getting old!

        1. Well, any/every one of them looks better than “lawyer Gretta”. Where does she get her clothes? Don’t they have anyone in wardrobe at FOX?

      2. Yes, I agree with you here, the image is off putting. Why these short dresses and these shoes ? I get suspicious. They may be smart girls who put up with it because of the careers but…girls with integrity wouldn´t. Seems like women with heavy legs and flat shoes won´t get a job on that channel.

          1. Well, Star, Hillary and Angela Merkel are both pantsuits and flat shoes girls. That look is somehow considered more trustworthy ( oh no, I am not saying that Hillary IS trustworthy….) I mean, think about Christina Kirschner, that Argentine president. She looks like Donatella Versace. Not a very presidential look.

          1. Mao suit–another straw man, er, woman, er garment? Why not a nice blouse, jacket and skirt or even pants. While this hootchy stuff may be attracting men, some women (yes, we vote and watch news now) are not as enchanted.

        1. The dress code comes from the top–Roger Ailes. Tis so. Legs=ratings. Sad, but that’s where we are in modern media.

    1. I agree. The Five has the same, sad image. If Kimberly Guilfoyle wagged her legs any higher she’d be arrested. Andrea Tantaros is almost as bad. It’s about ratings, we all know, but it’s off putting.

      1. It’s not even that sexy–it just looks kinda out of place, to me. I am an old grump now, I guess. Dana is pretty goody-two-shoes but at least none of her endowments are hanging out.

  8. A president of stature ? Well I have not seen anyone look better and more presidential than Mitt Romney, and I believe he would have been a fine, pragmatic leader.Sigh…… And I like Rand Paul, maybe he is on the short side too but that doesn´t really matter when it comes to Rand. His confidence makes him tall.
    We are having American house-guests this weekend. I sit here and ponder various menues. I want them to taste Nordic food, local food. I will do my best to make their stay enjoyable. And I do hope that our bees will not swarm.

  9. This is OT. And so vacay starts. The WH announced Michelle will be taking her daughters and mother on vacation later this month. They’ll be visiting London, Milan, Vicenza and Venice. For some reason when I read about this trip I thought of srdem’s comment about the flying Winnebago. :)

    1. So much traveling left to do – so little time. The most famous ‘beard’ in the world has done very well for herself and her low-brow family from the SouthSide.
      Hope Granny doesn’t make this trip another international incident with her temper tantrums.

  10. why all the Marco-hate, Keith? he’s no more insincere than any body else running for president.

    and he’s not “bashing his elders,” he’s bashing his main geographical competition, fellow Floridian Jeb Bush. and he’s got a point. there’s no appetite for another Clinton-Bush election.

  11. I’m amazed that Marco was able to keep his eyes off all of the gorgeous, tightly crossed gams. We need a president who is disciplined.

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