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The Candidate Who May be an Even Closer Thing to a Jew Than Obama

President Obama is making waves with his comment that he is “the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

Well, okay. I don’t think so, but as a Jew, I don’t begrudge anyone their claim to solidarity with The Tribe. And if Obama actually goes without shellfish during his upcoming Martha’s Vineyard vacation, then we’ll know he may be serious.

But certainly, at least one Republican candidate is in a position to claim he is even closer to being a Jew.

I know, I’ve run this before. I just can’t resist. He was pretty game. Poor Rick.

Perry is announcing his candidacy in Dallas today.

He released a video earlier Thursday with some boilerplate from his stump speech.

If we’re going to revive this American dream again we need a president who provides leadership that transcends the petty partisanship we’ve seen in the last few years. Someone that’s been tested and a president who tells the American people the truth . . . We need a president who bridges the partisan divide rather than widen — who brings people together. We must do right and risk the consequences.

He’s a longshot. But if the GOP race in anything like 2012, with a new candidate suddenly seizing front runner status for no serious reason every few weeks, he may have his chance.

13 Responses to The Candidate Who May be an Even Closer Thing to a Jew Than Obama

  1. He has two things going for him in my mind.

    1) He served in the Air Force.
    2) He was a successful governor of a very large state for four terms.

    None of the rest of them have any military experience to my knowledge, and his experience as governor could only enhance his efforts.

    However, we shall see.

  2. Call me a cynic but after what the GOP has been doing under Bonner, how can we believe anything any of them say?
    They lied about the following
    1 Immigration
    2 Obamacare
    3 TPP deal
    4 Giving away control of the internet
    5 Nothing done on Benghazi
    6 Nothing done on fast and furious
    7 Nothing done on stopping O on EO’s
    8 Nothing done about 15 trillion dollars of new debt
    We get lip service and little else.
    I would never vote for any democrat, but the GOP is almost as bad.
    Jeb Bush is a good example. What a douche. Pro wide open borders, speaks Spanish, Mexican wife. Unlimited immigration (invasion) is going to destroy this country. No one wants to stop it.

  3. Have been watching Perry’s announcement ‘speech’ with utter disbelief! Except for the horned rimmed glasses, this guy bears no resemblance, personality-wise, to the veteran campaigner we came to know over the past two election cycles. He speaks differently – thought he was a female at first; he’s using phony hand gestures; and his facial expressions are just silly.

    ***Perry said he would sign an EO for Keystone on his first day in office. Is he nuts or something? We don’t need another Obama on either side of the aisle! Please God, just make him go away!

  4. That was funny.
    Governor Perry would make a fantastic President! For the past six years unemployment here has been lower than in states that are smaller than my back yard! Perry knows where it’s at…

      • Based just on Jeb Bush’s wife alone, he could not be president. She is a reluctant participant on the state level; she would be a total “deer in the headlights” in a national race. She does not like politics and is not a campaigner. There is nothing wrong with that, just that it will be a “Mission Impossible”.

        • It’s sort of refreshing in a way. Especially on the heels of the worst FLOTUS…evah!

          It’s going to take years to re-pay China for the care and feeding of the current spendthift in the WH…not to mention the dire effects of her policies.