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White House Begins to Bully the Supreme Court Again

In an echo of the last time the Supreme Court held the fate of the Affordable Care Act in its hands, the White House today began warning the Court of the kind of rhetoric it would face if it eviscerates the crown jewel of President Obama’s presidency.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today suggested that the Court would be responsible for wrecking the U.S. health care system by undermining Obamacare should it take the side of Plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case, a decision to be handed down this month that would invalidate the federal Obamacare health insurance exchanges used by 37 states.

Earnest said:

If the Supreme Court were to throw the health care system in this country into utter chaos, there would be no easy solution for solving that problem because it would likely require an act of Congress in order to address that situation.

Note the careful phrasing here. Earnest is laying culpability on the Supreme Court, when all the Court would be doing is to decide that Congress failed to provide subsidies for federally-created exchanges, as opposed to those created by the state.

The tactic harkens back to April 2012, when Obama indicated he would attack the Court if it failed to uphold Obamacare during a challenge to the law that year:

Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.

In fact, CBS News later reported that Chief Justice John Roberts did change his opinion, allowing the law to survive by a 5-4 majority, and that he was concerned about damage to the Court.

21 Responses to White House Begins to Bully the Supreme Court Again

  1. Chaos. Sick people won’t know what to do, medical personnel will be confused, hospitals will evict dying patients to the street, big insurance companies will go bankrupt, children will starve, our water will be contaminated with anthrax, the polar ice will melt, illegal aliens will go home, and we’ll all be obese.
    What exactly could the President do to the Supremes that they fear? Their mandate is to judge all laws on their constitutionality, not what the sitting President or some rich guy/corporation wants.
    Do the right thing, Supremes. Do your job.

  2. Let’s hope after Roberts screwed us the first time around he uses this opportunity to correct a very bad mistake. It won’t be the first time SCOTUS realized it did wrong. (Dred Scott; Plessy v Ferguson)and it would send a big signal to future courts that it’s OK not to ruin lives waiting generations to acknowledge that mistake.

    At present there are only 11.7 million or so on the Obama exchange that would be affected anyway and not even all of those are receiving subsidies. (Remember those 6 to 7 million kicked off plans they liked that Obama told them they could keep? They were already paying their way) Would be far better for SCOTUS to kill the damn thing and let some reasonable reform take its place.

  3. The irony of Roberts’ 2012 fold is that making the opposite decision would have in fact strengthened the Court and put them in a place to hold the Obama Admin’s feet to the fire for their illegal steamrolling of laws on multiple fronts.

    Instead, he caved, and Obama is emboldened. And now who will stop him? Bet it won’t be SCOTUS this month.

    • Chief Justice Roberts, we all know that there may be some “gray areas” in the birth and adoption of your children. No one is going to do anything to you about that.
      This is your chance. Now is the time.
      Do the right thing.
      Right begats right. Wrong begats evil.
      Do right.

    • Nothing personal but I sure hope you’re wrong. I’m hoping that the over reach on immigration last fall will tip Roberts to realizing he screwed up in ’12 and this is his last chance so slap this arrogant SOB back into the Constitutional constraints the Founders intended for EVERY President.

  4. can we dare to hope that Roberts has learned his lesson, and that calling an unconstitutional law constitutional just so people will like him is not a good idea?

  5. The Supreme Court has one task relative to the Affordable Care Act in its upcoming review: is the Act, in all its elements, Constitutional. That’s their only task. Justice Roberts cannot rewrite the law again to please Obama.

    It doesn’t matter how many people Obama and his spokesparrot say will be “hurt”, what the costs will be, whether citizens like the ObamaCare or not. The Court has one objective: to decide if ObamaCare lawful, Constitutionally, in all its elements.

  6. My family healthcare cost has risen from 1200 to 2000 per month in the last three years and I just got a notice it will rise by 12% next year. Man I love the ACA.

    Makes me ill, no pun intended


  7. It’d be just like eons ago in 2011 when if the slobs wanted healthcare they’d put down the cheetos, stop drooling on themselves and get a job!
    Starting July 1, shaming every Republican candidate. There’ll be a new one every day.

      • AFVet – just a thought … how does Congress repeal Obamacare in a way that prevents Pres’ent Obama from vetoing their legislation repealing it ? What they can do and are doing is what can work, and then support the various efforts taking Obamacare to the Courts, to get it whittled away tot he point where it *must* be replaced, and even Pres’ent Obama realises that his veto of Congress-passed legislation will be perceived by the public/electorate as blocking healthcare …

  8. The Obama admin has turned into some 3rd world tin pan dictatorship telling the courts how they should rule. I’m waiting for family members to be kidnaps making their survival dependent on how a SC Justice rules

  9. What’s that old Kenny Rogers song? Oh, yeah — ‘you gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em’. Don’t think for a minute CJ Roberts isn’t sweating this one big time. ‘Specially with the homosexual faux marriage issue coming down at the same time.

  10. Obamacare should never have passed. It should be repealed. Let people pay for their own health insurance premiums and pick the coverages they want.