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Bush Tops Obama in Poll

No, not that Bush. The other one.

A new CNN poll finds that 52 percent of adults have a favorable view of George W. Bush, compared to 43 percent who see him unfavorably, a shift from previous polls that have shown Bush’s post-presidential approval well south of 50 percent.

Bush’s positives are a bit ahead of those of President Obama, who was viewed favorably by only 49 percent. But Obama was also rated unfavorably by 49 percent, six points worse than Bush.

Of course, this is not exactly and apples to apples comparison. Everyone, from presidents to college girlfriends and boyfriends, looks better in retrospect. But still, to be trailing the much-maligned Bush is quite an achievement for the sitting president.

13 Responses to Bush Tops Obama in Poll

  1. That poll was brought up in Josh’s briefing today and he waved it off saying that Obama isn’t concerned about polls.

    Nor should we, because they can skew them whichever way they want.

    • To add to my comment,….it was a CNN poll.
      That however could lend some credence to the trogladites that probably responded to that poll.

      BO better watch his 6.
      His base is eroding.

  2. Retrospect and comparison are all we have to compare with the two Presidents. There were jobs, we won the war in Iraq, the future looked good, there were no riots in the cities, and police and firemen, our first responders, were heros.
    Now. eh.
    The rich are getting richer, jobs are history, the future is fraught with terrorist attacks, people are rioting for the lives of common criminals, and everything we held dear is now considered to be racist, or hateful thinking.
    Who’s to blame- who else, MrObama.