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Obama Should Remove Kerry From the Iran Negotiations

The White House today acknowledged that Secretary of State John Kerry’s broken leg may force a delay in the June 30 deadline for the completion of a nuclear deal with Iran, as Press Secretary Josh Earnest said it was too soon to tell what impact the injury would have on the deadline.

Lahh dee dah . . .
Lahh dee dah . . .

Earnest said he expects Kerry to come roaring back like a tiger – recuperating with “uncommon zeal” – and play a leading role in the discussions. But back in the real world, Kerry is a 71-year-old man who had several hours of surgery today. He’ll be zealously pressing the morphine button on his IV drip for the next few days and then undergoing painful rehabilitation zoned out on other opioids.

Negotiations require a supple and clear mind, stamina, and the ability to gauge your opponents in person, all of which will be unavailable to Kerry during the coming weeks. Obama should consider putting in charge of the talks National Security Advisor Susan Rice – or someone else who will be thinking clearly – at least on a temporary basis.

It was Kerry’s choice to go pedaling out of his presidential suite in Paris pretending he was racing in the Tour de France. Now, unfortunately, he must suffer the consequences of his ill-advised choice so that the rest of us don’t have to – that is, with an even worse deal than the one Kerry is already coming up with.

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    1. Plus–think of sitting a lot maybe with pins from a plate coming through the cast (don’t know), showering, other functions, in and out of a wheelchair or whatever. This is no hangnail.

      1. You are so right – this is no 18 yr old who broke his leg on a skiing trip.
        Plus, everyone faces risks with surgery and especially us old ‘uns.
        He’s going to be in rehab for two months after this.

  1. Call to the bull pen! Bring in the relief pitcher! Place Kerry on injured reserve. Better yet, put him on waivers, see what we can get in a trade.


  2. Isn’t Susan Rice the person who went on 5 Sunday morning shows to “discuss” Benghazi and the role the obscure video played in the killing of our ambassador and three other people?

  3. If you suggest that Rice take Kerry’s place, it would be the same as a drugged chattering parrot discussing the Iran “negotiations”.

  4. “Negotiations require a supple and clear mind, stamina, and the ability to gauge your opponents in person, all of which will be unavailable to Kerry during the coming weeks. Obama should consider putting in charge of the talks National Security Advisor Susan Rice – or someone else who will be thinking clearly – at least on a temporary basis.”

    Does Susan Rice or John Kerry have the ability to gauge their opponents? I don’t mean this as a joke. Kerry went after his own troops and accused them of horrible things. Rice, a loyal political soldier, rarely says factual things.
    They both rarely are correct on the things they say or do.

    Do they represent America’s (and the world’s) interests?

    Neither are good diplomats.
    What we need is someone who is willing to be a negotiator, a diplomat and a bulldog for Americans rights.

  5. Why is the notion that this is so convienent a reason to halt the negotiations – y’know – the ones that were going no where?
    How sad that some of us don’t believe anything that comes out of this WhiteHouse.

    1. There are no “negotiatiions” Just a plan to let Iran have whatever it wants no matter how dangerous. Obama & Kerry need a legacy. The trick is to hide it from the suspicious American people. The press is eating their BS like pudding.

  6. I am wearing my tin foil hat today. So, here’s my take on the negotiations: They were going very badly and a majority of Americans are opposed to them. Kerry and all ten of his brains cells, left Switzerland to go bicycling in France? Does this strike anyone else as terribly odd and poor judgment. Not that he had any for starters. All the pics of him whizzing along and not a one of him falling? I don’t doubt that he fell, I doubt that he fell off his bike. Who knows. Maybe he got carried away doing some version of Saturday Night Femur and thought he was John Travolta not Kerry.

    Bottom line: He won’t be walking or putting weight on his leg for quite awhile, which means that Obama can blame the ‘accident’ if negotiations pause or falter or don’t go in Obama’s directives.

    If they fail, GOOD. BHO won’t be able to blame this on Mrs. Therresa Heinz Kerr O’Leary’s horse (less than subtle shot at the horses’ ass that he is).

    1. Even a spryer Bono fell off his bike–but you have a point–why run over on a weekend and do something so inappropriate for his age, station, current project, his everything?

  7. I would hope that he has people that have been apprised of the ongoing negotiations.
    Maybe not.
    Keep in mind that he had his personal surgeon flown over there and they came back on a C-17 transport.

    Royalty does have it’s benefits.

  8. Anyone remember Rick Perry’s disastrous debate performance after having back surgery and being on pain medication? And he is several years younger than Lurch.
    As for Susan Rice, or Marie Harf, or one of Obama’s other inept sycophants leading the parade.
    Do you think the Iranians would accept a female stand-in?

  9. says the SoS is in ‘good’ condition and was awake all through the 4 hour procedure to ……his broken leg. ??
    Dr claims he will be up walking tomorrow.
    A miracle of Obamacare.
    Story is that he was still conniving with the Iranians before the surgery, and all is well.
    Ah, I’m dizzy from all this spin.

    1. There’s something very fishy about this whole incident. I think the “bike accident” is just the cover story.

        1. If he starts gimping around we will know if this is spin or not. I doubt it after so much surgery? But hey, I don’t even play a doc on TV (just the internet).

  10. Kerry’s broken leg is a metaphor for the the entire Obama administration. More than that, the entire government is broken–the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet. The attack on our military is unprecedented–purging of hundreds of high ranking officers, starving our military resources (the Navy is down to 300+ destroyers, e.g.).

    75% of Americans believe our beloved country is headed in the wrong direction. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!

    That’s a genuine crisis staring us right in the face, and Obama, the Chief Executive, is playing golf and making silly speeches at community colleges. Internationally, our allies are turning their backs on us. The media is all agog with trivia and Bruce Jenner’s crisis de jour. Pathetic.

    Our government has more than a broken leg. All its bones and sinews and muscles are being broken, torn and mutilated before our very eyes.

  11. it’s all Obama anyway: doesn’t matter who is in Lausanne or Geneva or whatever European capital they’re swanning about in. Obama is 100% determined to have a deal, even if he has to give up on every single point–which, so far, he has.

    so whether it’s Kerry or someone equally hapless–like Pauly Shore, or Flo the Progressive Insurance lady, or my cat–Obama’s going to tell them to do whatever they have to do, but sign something.

  12. I think there must have been a typo re: Kerry is recovering with “uncommon zeal”. I believe that should have been uncommon VEAL”!

  13. “Negotiations require a supple and clear mind, stamina, and the ability to gauge your opponents in person…”

    I’m not convinced Kerry had those qualities before the accident.

  14. SOS Kerry blames republicans for moving the curb out into the middle of the road. ” I was doing just fine until the GOP moved the curb on me!” “This just goes to show you, how sneaky they are!”

    *not a real spoken quote, but a secret internal mind surmise.

  15. I broke my leg some years back and was laid up for several months. I didn’t need surgery and am a lot younger than Kerry and STILL was housebound from Sept until Dec, not counting the days I was in ICU with pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis–a real threat when your leg is in a cast with an injury.

    Kerry won’t be doing his job for a while, not that he was doing it well before his little mishap.

  16. I broke a leg once. Had a lot of pain, so took so many pain meds. I listened to rap music and thought it inspiring and beautiful. All common sense was sent into outer space.

  17. “Negotiations require a supple and clear mind”, that statement should have been enough to have kept Kerry out of them in the first place.

  18. John Bolton is my choice. When George Bush fell off his dirt bike and injured himself, I seem to remember John Kerry’s remark, “What happened? Did he take off the training wheels?” Sometimes a careless remark comes home to roost.

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