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Obama to Israel: “I Understand Your Concerns”

Now that’s touching. Then why is President Obama negotiating a deal with Iran which, by his own reckoning, will within 15 years allow the Iranians a nuclear “breakout time” of a nanosecond?

Obama spoke to Israeli TV during an interview that is being broadcast there this week, according to The Blaze:

I can, I think, demonstrate, not based on any hope but on facts and evidence and analysis, that the best way to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon is a verifiable, tough agreement. A military solution will not fix it. Even if the United States participates, it would temporarily slow down an Iranian nuclear program but it will not eliminate it.

As usual, Obama presents the choice as between his deal and military action. He ignores Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s whole point, made during his address to Congress, which was that a tougher deal is necessary.

And how, BTW, does Obama know a massive military operation, coupled with sanctions, will not put and end to this? The infrastructure Iran has pieced together was very laboriously acquired and built over many years.

Obama was asked whether he could you imagine a scenario in which Netanyahu goes it alone with the military option:

What I can say is, to the Israeli people: I understand your concerns and I understand your fears.

Maybe he understands everyone’s fears. What he doesn’t understand is the patience and determination of the Iranians to build a nuclear weapon.

Here’s the video. There’s a bit of a Hebrew lesson involved, but the Obama remarks come up soon enough.

14 thoughts on “Obama to Israel: “I Understand Your Concerns””

  1. What I can say is, to the Israeli people: I understand your concerns and I understand your fears.

    AND if I’m wrong, and if you get nuked, then I’m sorry, and you can feel free to tell me I was wrong.

    1. Yeah–he sounds like a dweebie therapist or something–I hear your concerns. Next he’ll talk about Israel’s “journey” or how they need to “own” something…meh.

  2. He is sounding more and more mentally ill- he thinks he’s the first Jewish President, he believes he made America more respected around the world, he thinks we’re in boomtime with a raging economy, and that a mere 5 billion humans can control the weather by returning to the Dark Ages of humanity.
    This guy is getting more and more scary with his pronouncements, his E.O.s that keep getting slammed down in the courts, and his insistance that he is unfairly criticised by anons or aliens or whatevers or a victim of racism.
    He has zero concern for Israel or any one who dares oppose him. He’s alone in the WhiteHouse, he has no politial friends or cronies to turn to for help, his family appears to be putting distance between him and them, and his “legacy” is a failed economy, a world at war, and a dim future.

    1. The clock is ticking and he knows it.
      He is delusional and travels the Country to reinforce his agenda to anyone that will listen.

      I surmise that he will become even more toxic as his tenure expires.

      Josh today stated that he doesn’t care about polls, why should he ?

      He appears to have a lock on congress, full control of the military and through the DoJ, the ability to usurp the states as far as crime control within our cities.

      The onerous regulations imposed on farmers and small businesses is demonic.

      He is intentionally destroying the fabric of this Country and enjoying every minute of it.

  3. He does not understand their fears nor concern, otherwise he would not be dealing with Iran to begin with.
    What about the fears of the citizens of our nation that he works for?

      1. Exactly.
        Remember that hero I have mentioned in the past. I am still waiting for that one person to come forward. At least provide “all” the info!

  4. Obama hates Jews,Plain n simple.He also said he wont protect them in the UN anymore, I’m amazed he don’t refer to Jerusalem as occupied.. Obama and Valerie have to go

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