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Schieffer: “Maybe We Were Not Skeptical Enough” of Obama

Now you tell us.

Exiting CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer admitted to Fox News’ Howard Kurtz in an interview broadcast Sunday that just maybe perhaps the media went a little too easy on Barack Obama in 2008.

Let me tell you something. I was there as part of the MSM during the campaign. The media, as a general rule, acquiesced in the proposition that Obama was something different. Not really a politician. Some went through the motions of questioning him, but in their hearts they knew he was different.

With a few exceptions, they bought the storyline sold to them and the country by Obama’s seasoned political operatives. You really couldn’t say on polite journalistic company that maybe Obama was full of it. Without being suspected of being one of them. You know, a conservative. Someone not down with the great vision of this post-political, post-partisan, crusader for the good.

Not that they’re looking for their money back or even understand what happened to them. Schieffer, at least a little bit and with clear reluctance, does.

From the interviews:

KURTZ: Many people in this country, as you know, think the three broadcast networks are too biased, too liberal. Would you agree looking back in the media gave Barack Obama an incredibly easy ride in 2008, and for much of his presidency?

SCHIEFFER: Well, I think the whole political world was struck by this fellow who sort of came out of nowhere with this very unusual name and when he won out in Iowa, I think people sat up and took notice.

KURTZ: But isn’t it the job of journalists to be skeptical of the young phenom?

SCHIEFFER: Yeah, it is. It is. And I don’t know, maybe we were not skeptical enough. It was a campaign. Howie, my feeling is it is the role of the other — of the opponents to make the campaign. I think as journalists, basically, what we do is we watch the campaign and we report what the two sides are doing. I think it is the politicians who make the campaign.

KURTZ: But don’t journalists have an adversarial role to play when you have a Presidential candidate in the chair facing you…


KURTZ: — You want to be tough on that person?

SCHIEFFER: Well, I think you want to get to the truth. What you’re trying to do is find out who this person is and who he’s about. I don’t think that always has to be adversarial.

36 thoughts on “Schieffer: “Maybe We Were Not Skeptical Enough” of Obama”

  1. I think Scheiffer read WHD before he went on air. This is what we write/read and have for six years. If I were that slow a learner I would never have gotten my education. My guess is they will be equally in the tank for Schillary. The liberal msm never gets it.

  2. Oh, please….they are only concerned because they know the next POTUS is very likely to be somebody with the “R” after the name, be it male or female! A friend who voted for Zippy had to acknowledge that he & his wife had been so very disappointed in how Obama turned out. I just smiled.

  3. Yes a little to late.
    One step behind, Avoiding the responsiblity of informing us.
    Being afraid to post the truth, and or question an issue.
    Making viewers, readers, and citizens searching for the facts themselves.

  4. Schieffer should have remembered Jimmy Carter’s campaign….he was different too. After Nixon a sweet little ole Christian peanut farmer was a refreshing “hope and change” for most of us 40 years ago. Bonus, he was in the service and a governor!! He was truly an DC outsider.

    The media gave Carter a pass too because anything was better than a crooked Republican. How did that turn out?

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  6. Oh piffle. The MSM didn’t like MrsClinton, never did, so when the bi-racial guy came on the scene with his Black wife and two cute kids, it was a no brainer who they were going to back.
    How ‘forward’, how post-racial, how modern, finally – a cool President with the right background.
    I say, Eat it, MSM. He’s yours, has been yours since 2008, on to 2012, so bear the burden.

    1. “I say, Eat it, MSM. He’s yours, has been yours since 2008, on to 2012, so bear the burden.”

      ….I like your attitude. :)

  7. Yet, this man also said:
    “We’re just overwhelmed by news. There’s so much news that we can’t get to the news!”
    Traditional mainstream media decision-making, the daily picking and choosing of stories, is the antidote, he believes.

    Aha, let the MSM select what is newsworthy for the public to digest.

  8. The media wasn’t skeptical enough? Really, Bob?? All of the MSM news outlets did everything in their power to suppress the truth about the Kenyan messiah.
    It only took 15 minutes on Google and the reams of information on the Obama File to scare the living daylights out of anyone with half a brain.

    Anyone who opposed Obama was labeled ‘racist’. What are we going to be labeled this time with Hillary? Misogynists?

  9. Schieffer is having anguish of conscience NOW because he’s come to the conclusion that the media wasn’t skeptical ENOUGH about Obama?????

    The media wasn’t skeptical AT ALL about Obama, Bob. Didn’t you notice that? You played the game along with the rest of the media, Bob. We noticed that. You bet we noticed. And it ticked us off big time.

    The media carried Obama’s water, went out of their way to destroy the Republican nominee, refused…REFUSED…. to vet Obama properly, bowed and scraped the ground whenever this fraud was in their presence, prayed to touch the hem of his garment, photo-posed him with a halo around his head and Styrofoam columns behind him!

    The media didn’t even BEGIN to be skeptical when Obama bragged he would lower the oceans, did the lousiest possible job reporting on ObamaCare’s enormous and continual failures, covered for Obama on Benghazi, and his gunrunning crime caper to Mexican drug cartels and all the other catastrophes Obama has generated.

    The media had to be dragged kicking and screaming to properly cover the IRS scandals and the unlawful attacks on the Tea Party and other conservative groups. And Bob thinks the media, might have, could have BEEN MORE SKEPTICAL????? Really Bob? You come to that insight all by yourself?

    1. Marcus, I feel just the way you feel — what a horrible horrible press we have reporting a bunch of lies and covering up for this criminal who steals our money for his dumb and hairbrained projects like freaking Obamacare! Scared stupid newsmen who are constantly being told to let Obama ruin this nation. We have a media thats like in Russia or China or all of the third world countries now, constantly playing favorites because they like the communist democrats who want to take down the country. Lousy creeps, we don’t have a free press anymore just a biased one. The media won’t be happy until we have a revolution and kill each other because of the criminal in the White House and the biased media coverage for him, the most vile liar dirtying up our White House who is guilty of so many crimes and nothing is being done about it.

  10. He also said this:
    “It’s harder now than it’s ever been to get accurate information. We’re just overwhelmed by news. There’s so much news that we can’t get to the news!”

    “Traditional mainstream media decision-making, the daily picking and choosing of stories, is the antidote”

    Aha, the MSM should make the decisions of what we get to see!!
    Sorry, Keith, you’re out of a job.

  11. I’m just catching up here and have nothing to add because all the WHD’ers said it so well. Some comments were so good that I had to read them out loud to my husband. You guys are the best.

  12. Schieffer doesn’t think that an interview with a candidate has to be adversarial? What b.s.! Try telling that to Republican candidates that come in contact with the MSM, including Schieffer. The truth? Schieffer wouldn’t know it if it bit him in his wrinkled old backside.

  13. So the media didn’t know about the Muslim Kenyan. Why is it I had him figured out from the start and could see thru this fraud early on? And I’m just a country boy with internet access.

  14. “not skeptical enough”…WOW! Talk about understatement! And this guy makes his money–lots of it, too–with words? What a joke he is just like the majority of the rest of the kiss-butt leftist media.

    HE will decide what we should know and what we should know about it? Yeah, riht. If I want the progressive talking points or my dose of propaganda, I’ll get it directly from the multitude of left wing sites. No need to bother getting out of bed, Minion Shieffer.

  15. MAYBE ??????????????????????????????????????????



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