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Obama to Sweat Through His Climate Plan Announcement

Now, what better time and place to announce a climate change initiative than in Washington during the soupy summer month of August.

Politico is speculating that perhaps part of the reason the upcoming big-deal EPA rule for carbon emissions has been delayed is so that President Obama could announce it in August.

Makes sense. From what we like to call here in Washington, an “optics” point of view.

Then again, I used to cover certain environmental regulations, and they were always, always delayed. Sometimes for years. Because this is the government, as you know. Meantime, businesses made business plans as best they could.

But why would I want to ruin the fun here?

From the piece:

An announcement in August – or even late July or early September ​​​​​​​​​​​- means the chances are pretty good Obama will be going before the TV cameras to champion his new greenhouse-gas restrictions ​​​on a 90-degree day, where the sweat dripping off his forehead will provide a potent and symbolic rebuke to global-warming skeptics.

The president is no stranger to climate theater: ​An ​​image of Obama wiping his brow with a white hankie filled the news accounts from his June 2013 remarks on climate change. That outdoor speech at Georgetown came on a day when the thermostat in Washington maxed out at 94, and Obama opened with this line: “My first announcement today is that you should all take off your jackets.”

And last Tuesday, when Obama made the call for stronger climate change measures, he did it at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, on the heels of devastating springtime floods in Texas and Oklahoma. Citing “the best climate scientists in the world,” Obama warned of more extreme weather events.

Here he is, bathed in perspiration during his June 2013 remarks. Perhaps it’s less the heat and more that he recognizes how insincere he sounds saying, “we’ve gotta move beyond partisan politics” and then snickering, “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat earth society.”

23 thoughts on “Obama to Sweat Through His Climate Plan Announcement”

  1. August, huh? That’s when the Flatearth Union (FU) meets in Las Vegas for our annual meeting.
    Our promotion team had invited MrO to speak, but there must have been some miscommunication or something in the invite as Secret Service agents showed up and searched our headquarters for, well, something.
    Anyway, Wayne Newton has agreed to speak. We believe he is a distant relative of the great Isaac Newton, so it’s going to be an exciting evening.

      1. Speaking of celebs (and we were), that Nye guy was on Inside Amy Schumer mocking–mocking I say–the idea that the “universe” fulfilled the wishes of white women–and I believe, though there was a BLEEP, he ended with “effing stupid.” He is quite the card.

  2. Of course he is hot. He did not grow up in N.O. LA where high humidity and high temperture is the norm. We just had a long and cold winter. I may have to buy a coat. The spring has been beautiful. I am still waiting for true summer weather to arrive.
    He needs to go to Hawaii and stand on the beach, with a beautiful breeze to do this announcement.
    I do not want our weather to cool off to much, it may interfere with our oysters and crawfish and shrimp numbers.
    Once again he should be on the tube speaking to us about what the dickens we are going to do about the maniacs coming into our Country. He can save his climate crud and speak to the bathroom mirror.

      1. Believe or not we use to live through our hot summers with out air condition. That is why there are/were a lot of shotgun houses.
        The house was not square but sort of rectangle. That way the front and back door were open allowing the breeze to blow through. :)

        1. I grew up in the soupy DC summers without air conditioning, so we kids were always outside. No wonder today’s kids are getting plumper ;) Oh well, never thought I’d turn into one of those old fogies whining about back in the day……heh.

  3. b-b-but weather is not climate! that’s what they keep telling us when it snows at a global warming event. why is this different?

    1. I know, I keep thinking of Al Gore’s many Gorebal Warming gigs getting canceled by snow.

      My favorite though is the global warming ship that got stuck in the Antartica ice while measuring…the shrinking ice :D

  4. What I wish the media were curious about is Martin O’Malley’s comment at his Presidential announcement “Climate Change is real and so are the business opportunites that will grow because of it!!”

    Like Solyndra? Or the many other failed green energy companies that flushed the many millions of dollars of taxpayer money?

  5. Usually these big “globull initiatives” are held in the winter time and are poorly attended because of Mother Nature dumping an excess of snow on things. Maybe Obama is hoping to cool off DC in the middle of August this year. Can January 21, 2017 get here any sooner? And yes, I know the actual date is supposed to be Jan. 20, but I want to give the security personnel time to release the columns on the WH porch from Michelle’s grasp and get POTUS 44 and family off to wherever they are moving.

  6. Testing….

    My comments aren’t posting. I’m not even getting the “in moderation” message. I hit “Post Comment” and it just disappears. This happened a few days ago too.

  7. Thats all Obama is worried about, global warming? It may have gotten a LITTLE warmer because of all the cars, trains, etc. including Obama’s limos choking up the streets. That he could care less about. The guy is such a pig, such a liar and is just a miserable SOB, a real hater of America and the people. He loves the abortion of millions of human life, too bad he wasn’t an abortion. He will get his one day, what goes around. Nothing but a lazy smelly liar.

  8. @SnarkEsquire, I just posted a reply to you and it didn’t show up either.
    Have you noticed that sometimes the “Reply” buttons don’t show up at all? Where do they go? Some days, posting here is like being in the Twilight Zone.

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