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Go to the End of the Line!

Hmm. Testy.

H/T to John Binder at The Hayride.

13 thoughts on “Go to the End of the Line!”

  1. Everyone try that attitude the next time you see someone. If we all video the look we would get in return, we could than put all the videos together and send her a copy.

  2. Ah, the Imperial Hillary Marie Antoinette brushes away the rabble, and doesn’t even offer him a piece of cake. Perhaps she can’t afford to buy a cake. Maybe she’s still dead broke. Man, she’s a tool.

  3. I didn’t see it the same way. If HRC said “Go to the back of the line” to illegal immigrants, then we’d all clap. Obviously this autograph seeker was trying to budge. Maybe if HRC said “Please?”.

    Budgers & whiners can go to the back of the line every time.

    I am glad that HRC is getting bad press on this – just like a Republican would always get blamed for such a benign interaction. This wasn’t like Jesus and the woman who bled for 12 years.

  4. She’s so cross eyed — that one eye floats to the corner all the time. Who would even want to talk to this Miss Piggy? Money hungry liar that she is. Communist too, always has been.

  5. I know some of you guys scoff at her concussion thing, but I believe she had one and a continuing legacy of those can be irritability. It’s brain damage.

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