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Some Help for the Iraqi Troops

It’s a shame.

There are stories all over the place about how the Iraqi troops don’t want to fight. They’re abandoning their expensive and lethal – except in the hands of the Iraqis – U.S. military equipment on the battlefield for ISIS to repossess and put to better use.

They’ve been in training for a decade, but they’re not trained. The Sunnis don’t get along with the Shia, and the Shia don’t like the Sunnis. They’re not getting enough air cover from the Americans, because they don’t know how to call in strikes. They lack the dedication of a maniacal force devoted to converting the world to Islam.

All of this, of course, calls into question President Obama’s light-touch, leading-from-behind strategy of relying on the Iraqis to defeat our enemies for us.

Maybe what the Iraqi troops need is not more weapons, not new generals, but counseling. Perhaps even a team of motivational speakers.

Something like this.

9 Responses to Some Help for the Iraqi Troops

  1. I don’t suppose this will be a popular observation, but it occurs to me that many Iraqis never bought into the arbitrary lines on the map, have family nearby that can be threatened by the headchoppers (heck they even try threaten people on this side of the pond), and joined the Iraqi army to have a job in a desolate economy. This is not a recipe for a gung ho attitude.

  2. LOL! Thanks, Keith. LOVE that skit! Do you think an aggressive motivational speaker can convince Obama to get with the program before every American is living in a van down by the river?

  3. Someone much smarter than I will ever be had a great explanation of the non-fighting Iraqis:
    they have nothing or no one to fight for.
    Their ‘country’ is a mismash of tribal interests, their leader is a puppet of outside interests, and most of all – they’re not going to shoot at men who believe the same as they do.
    Syria and Turkey might have strong leaders who can compel their armies to resist the ISIS onslaught, but the other Islam countries are a shifting mess of Imams issuing fatwas, of killing fields that no one cares to stop, and there is no “leader” – no one to negiotiate a peace with.

    These people are not like us, not like Europeans or Asians. They are feral, tribal, left back 1300 years ago. They might carry cellphones or modern firearms, but they are as backward as their prophet who lived in 8th century.

  4. I want to know if the ROE being applied to the American pilots are being applied to the Iraqi forces.

    If they are, why are we even trying.

    I haven’t seen any example of any ROE being used by ISIS.

  5. Agree w/above. Also thinking that I’d be unwilling to fight when those-who-have-your-back have already shown you that they don’t REALLY have your back