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Kerry Breaks His Leg

Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg riding a bike in France and immediately canceled the rest of his European trip.

Now, with Kerry on painkillers, we’ll get an even worse deal with Iran.

Oh, yeah, nukes for you in eight years, that sounds fine. I love you guys.

From the Associated Press.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle crash Sunday, apparently after hitting a curb, and scrapped the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.

Kerry was in stable condition and in good spirits as he prepared to return to Boston for further treatment with the doctor who previously operated on his hip, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said. He said X-rays at a Swiss hospital confirmed that Kerry fractured his right femur.

“The secretary is stable and never lost consciousness, his injury is not life-threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery,” Kirby said in a statement.

Kerry was taken by helicopter to Geneva’s main medical center.

24 thoughts on “Kerry Breaks His Leg”

  1. Hit a curb….he’s hit a few curbs lately. So, who will take his place at the table? Or, will the WH come up with some lame brain response that says without JK, we must recuse the USA from talks on ISIS?


  2. Kerry hates America, period. He will make the worse deal he can get away with, pain killers or not!

    Your mistaking pain control vs drug abuse. Patients with chronic pain can take RX pain killers and function just fine.
    If Kerry cannot carry on then another USA hater will just step in. This administration is full of just such people!!!!

    1. No the gov war on drugs has invaded the doctor area.
      All RX must be hard copy now. No refills by mail or anything. You have to pick up the hard copy and take to the pharmacy.

      Its nuts if you are going to be on pain meds for a long time.

      More work for the doc’s while they have cut the pay for medicare. More work = less pay, great work obumercare.

  3. Living the good life as SOS at taxpayer’s expense must have caught up with Mssr. Kerry…just as it did with SOS Clinton when she fell down and sustained a concussion.

    Over-indulging in gastronomic delicacies…truffles, foie gras, escargot..and rare bottles of Mouton Rothschild can wreak havoc with a person’s ability to maintain their balance.

    It’s time for both of these old globe-trotting pleasure seekers to get off the world stage before they choke on a frog leg.

  4. What? Are Kerry’s bones made out of toilet paper or something? Or is just lefty wussyness that would break a leg from a bike accident.

  5. Based on the cost of overseas travel – or any travel for that matter – I would expect him to be working and not biking. Save the recreation for times when it is not costing the taxpayers an arm and a leg and their evening meal too.

    1. Exactly. When I heard on Saturday that Kerry was back in Geneva for the final push on the Iran talks, I wondered aloud to my husband if Kerry would be riding his bike again because I remembered the news that he got a flat tire on his bike ride there a couple of months ago. Then came this news this morning that Kerry was indeed riding his bike again while in Geneva.

      As I said last time, he’s supposed to be over there engaging in very important talks, and we really don’t need him to treat it like a freebie five star vacation where he takes his thousand dollar bike and just has to go on a bike ride, which means Secret Service members must go with him. On top of that, I read today that paramedics and a doctor travel with him on these bike rides. Give me a break. Who does stuff like this while on a business trip? Grow up and save that crap for your own time when you go on a private vacation. Oh well, I guess it’s a moot issue since he probably won’t be bike riding much anymore.

      By the way, I also read (at the WSJ site) that Kerry had to be flown to a hospital in Geneva. And, then he was flown to Boston today while his entourage was flying home separately. So, all because Kerry wants to go on a bike ride, we’re out millions of dollars, and the Iran nuke talks are on hold. Just stupid, if you ask me.

      Also, before this bike accident, there was already some buzz that the June 30th Iran nuke deadline might be extended (yet again). So, now they have an excuse to extend the deadline.

  6. Update: I just checked back at the WSJ and there’s been a change in plans for some reason. It appears that despite the special arrangements for a plane “outfitted to ensure he remains comfortable and stable throughout the flight”, Kerry was not up to flying home today:

    Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg Sunday while cycling near Geneva, potentially sidelining the lead U.S. negotiator in nuclear talks with Iran ahead of the June 30 deadline.

    Mr. Kerry canceled the remainder of the overseas trip, which began with talks with his Iranian counterpart on Saturday.

    He was originally set to return to the U.S. late Sunday for treatment in Boston, but doctors decided to keep him hospitalized overnight in Geneva for observation, purely as a precaution, State Department spokesman John Kirby said.

    The 71-year-old diplomat was cycling near Scionzier, France, near the Swiss border, Sunday morning when he crashed. He was flown by helicopter to the hospital in Geneva, where doctors determined he had fractured his right femur, Mr. Kirby said.

    Mr. Kerry is an avid cyclist who regularly takes a bicycle with him for exercise on overseas trips, and his rides have become a familiar sight during the Iran negotiations.

    The accident comes at an crucial moment in the Obama administration’s long-running push to reach a final nuclear agreement with Iran. Mr. Kerry has made the Iran talks a personal priority, taking the U.S. lead on the negotiations.

    His injury could leave him on the sidelines during part or all of the final few weeks.

    However, Jen Psaki, Mr. Kerry’s former spokeswoman who is now the White House communications director, said she expected Mr. Kerry to press ahead with his role in the talks.

    ”I would love to see anyone at the hospital try to stop John Kerry from negotiating and working while recovering from breaking his leg,” she said on Twitter.

    Mr. Kerry was to have flown Sunday to Spain to sign a deal allowing for the expansion of a U.S. military contingent at the Morón air base there, as part of a rapid-response force for crises around the region. A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman said it would be done at a later date.

    From there, Mr. Kerry had planned to go to Paris for a meeting of countries in the coalition to counter Islamic State.

    Saturday’s meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif sought to bridge some of the significant divisions that remain between Iran and six world powers seeking to curtail its nuclear program.

    U.S. officials have said they aren’t considering extending the June 30 deadline, though other Western diplomats have said the talks are likely to go beyond that date.

    Mr. Kerry was expected to keep up his brisk travel schedule this summer, focused on Iran as well as possibly opening a U.S. embassy in Cuba. Mr. Kerry also is involved in negotiations to conclude landmark international climate and trade deals.

    It was unclear Sunday the extent to which his travel schedule would be interrupted or when he could resume it.

    Mr. Kerry was to depart Geneva on an aircraft “outfitted to ensure he remains comfortable and stable throughout the flight,” Mr. Kirby said.

    The rest of those traveling with Mr. Kerry were to head back to the U.S. on Mr. Kerry’s regular aircraft, Mr. Kirby said.

    Paramedics and a physician were traveling with Mr. Kerry’s motorcade at the time of the crash and he didn’t lose consciousness, Mr. Kirby said.

    The same doctor who performed an earlier right-hip replacement operation in 2009 will treat the secretary for the injury in Boston. Mr. Kerry underwent that surgery to address chronic pain and flexibility issues and had his left hip replaced the following year.

    Dr. Steven Weinfeld, an orthopedic surgeon at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai who isn’t treating Mr. Kerry, said he likely will be unable to travel for four to six weeks.

    Dr. Weinfeld added that such an injury will require surgery, and it could take several months for Mr. Kerry to recover from the injury fully. Mr. Kerry is active and in good health, which bodes well for his recovery, Dr. Weinfeld said.

  7. Don’t be shocked if Obama agrees to extend the negotiations indefinitely due to Kerry’s injury.

    That will give Iran time to talk the U.S. Into additional unacceptable conditions.

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