As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Somehow I Don’t think This is True . . .

But it sure was nice of her. Got this email today. Note the subject line.


Michelle Obama email


She wants my money, of course. For the cause.

24 Responses to Somehow I Don’t think This is True . . .

  1. HaHaHa, these idiots couldn’t find their butt in the bathroom.

    You inspire her Keith.
    You should be proud !
    After all, FLOTUS is an intellectual, she said so.

    Turn this gang loose on her and we will inspire her.

  2. Speaking of women, my daughter heard me snort when Hillary was on and said, “But, Mom, she’s a woman–don’t you want a woman to be president?” My own kid! Then she said you hate all presidents, it seems like–it could be stressing you.” Well, I am not starting on some Pollyanna track with Hillary–nope! I want to get out of my gender because she’s in it.

  3. The goodlady wrote to me, also – here’s some of her creepy and scary message:
    “For six years, Democrats like you have helped turn that value into a reality for millions of people, and that work has transformed so many lives all across this country.

    So I hope you’ll continue to stand with Barack in the coming years to keep making the change that so many people need. What you do really does make a difference”

    STAND WITH BARACK IN THE COMING YEARS? What the heck does that mean? What ‘coming years’ and what does he mean to do that he needs my support?
    I know that this is a generic message sent to all Dems and the purpose isn’t to make me feel good, but to open my heart and send the Dems money. (As if.)
    The Obamas have a knack to make anyone uneasy, they are creepy people.

  4. I get those letters from the D’s also, even though I am not a D. They all have the same theme: “We love you a whole bunch. Now, please send us money. Lots of money. All your money, if possible. Have you remembered to put us in your will?”

  5. I got sacked today from working at the 999 call center.
    Apparently when a Muslim calls to report, “My house is on fire!”
    “Have you tried blowing on it?” was not the correct reply.