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29 Responses to Open Thread || Saturday, May 30, 2015

    • Thanks Guillermo Grande for the numbers.
      I think he should have help (his) numbers by repaying the money for all of his vacations, and trips.
      As far as getting the coffee ready for everyone. Thanks. I didn’t make a 2nd pot for everyone, I figured everyone thought the chicory was to strong. :)
      I found the marshmellows, can’t find the hot chocolate. :)

  1. Before Fox went to commercial just now. I saw the line at the bottom of the screen:
    Is this free speech or are they going to far.
    They just said does this cross the line.
    In our wonderful free Country they are going to bring that stupid (line) in the same conversation as: FREE SPEECH.

  2. g’mornin’
    Drudge is highlighting an editorial from the Wall Street Journal:

    Their opinion of a “nationwide-crime-wave” just tiptoes around who is responsible for this uptick in violent crime, and why they do what they do.
    The headline sounds ominous, but there is no nationwide crime increase- it’s just happening in Dem controlled cities and the victims and criminals are inner city Blacks.
    It’s a good read, if you have the time.

    Yesterday a confrontation happened in Phoenix between American patriots and those who oppose the First Amendment. The MSM made it sound like a bunch of gun-happy yahoos were bound to insult the peace-loving Muslim community.
    No harm came to either side in the standoff, but the supporters of our constitution made their point – freedom of speech means you can’t kill us for what we say or what we think, no matter what your faux peaceful religion calls for.

    • This is the Cloward/Piven method.
      Create a problem and then have the government step in and fix it.
      Remember Obama’s wish to have a civilian defense force ?
      And that he stated that we cannot rely on our military ?

      Wait, isn’t that the purpose of the National Guard ?

      • So when Christians are beheaded, or shot, or burned alive is it OK for the terrorists to say I’m sorry,….I misinterpreted the Koran ?

        • Did I say that? It started as an educational seminar for both Muslims and non-Muslims about how Islam was corrupted–and then someone said bring your guns and someone else drew the Prophet Mohammed. the terrorists, for the record, never say they misinterpreted–they say theirs is the only interpretation. But that is not true. I guess one good pt is it stayed peacehful.

  3. In light of the coming mobility of the released Gitmo 5 for the deserter Bergdahl here is an interesting article on the spread of ISIS possibly to Afghanistan. Particularly interesting is the WH Eric Schultz saying that we can negotiate with the Taliban because they are not “terrorists”. They are an “armed insurgency”.

    It also includes comments by the NATO Commander Campbell who no one had any time to meet with recently in WDC.