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The Latest Obama Golf Update

President Obama is playing golf today at the lovely TPC Potomac club in Potomac, Md. The president usually plays at one of the military installation courses, like the one at Joint Base Andrews, but today he decided on a private club instead.


Not bad. From the website:

Less than 20 miles from the nation’s capital is a pure golf experience waiting for you at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm. Located on 220 acres of rolling wooded countryside in Montgomery County, Md., TPC Potomac redefines the private golf club membership experience.

This championship golf course, formerly known as TPC Avenel, was a familiar stop on the PGA TOUR for several years.

Haven’t covered much of Obama’s golf lately, so just to update you, he has played the last six weekends, including this one, bringing his total for the year to 17 outings. He has played 230 times since becoming president.

13 thoughts on “The Latest Obama Golf Update”

  1. …..and he is supposed to advise young black men on becoming good family figures. He spends no time with family. Clearly, Michelle has raised those girls.

    1. He will advise/lecture anyone that will listen.
      Problem is, he has never had any credibility to those who possess a functioning brain.

  2. what a relief! I was worried that Iran going nuclear, Iraq falling to ISIS, and Yemen being overthrown would prevent Obama from getting out to the golf course. good to know that’s not the case.

  3. I sure am glad we have a Commander n Chief who has a brilliant strategy to defeat ISIS. Unfortunately, waiting a human life span for them to die out is taking too long.

    1. I’m guessing that the course was closed to paying members. The process may run something like this, ” Hello, is this _______Golf Club? Say, the Resident wants to play this weekend, so you’ll need to cancel out everyone else, and send your staff home, we’ll provide all the security, bag boy, etc. Why? OK, here’s why…if you don’t play along on this one buddy-boy, the IRS will be here on Monday, so you’d better have your books open when they they get there. Ok, that’s more like it. He’ll be on the course at 11 AM.”

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