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White House: U.S. “Not Responsible” for Iraq Security Situation

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Thursday ruled out ground troops in Iraq, saying the United States is not responsible for the security situation in the country.

The blunt statement relinquishing responsibility comes as pressure grows for President Obama to step up the U.S. commitment to the country in the wake of the spectacular loss to ISIS – or ISIL – of Ramadi, a city of one million that is just an hour and half drive from Baghdad.

Earnest spoke to Fox News. Yes, Fox News.

The United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside of Iraq . . .

We’re not going to be in a situation where the United States is doing for the Iraqi people what they must do for themselves, which is taking the fight to ISIL on the ground in their country.

This is chilling. The White House really does inhabit an alternative universe, a golden fairy land where our enemies conform to the wishes of our president.

These people mean to do us great harm. ISIS is our enemy, it is sworn to destroy our way of life, and it is determined to take the fight over here. It is in a way a greater threat to the United States than Germany was in either World War I or World War II, in neither of which cases did the Germans plan to attack the United States.

Obama can’t simply wish Iraq and ISIS away. He cannot protect us by blaming Bush for the situation. If we are not ultimately responsible for defeating ISIS, than we are not responsible for our own self defense. Which would really be plowing new and dangerous ground.

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  1. Last week Judicial Watch released a Defense Dept document that they obtained via a Freedom of Information lawsuit. The document proves the US knew the Sunni uprising they were sponsoring in Syria would morph into something like Islamic State.. It also predicted dire consequences for Iraq if that happened.

    Another document seems to prove the State Department was running weapons out of Benghazi to the anti Assad Sunni Rebels in Syria. Most of those forces are now part of Islamic State.

    Mostly overlooked by the MSM, and ignored by the administration, various websites have been reporting about the atrocities against Christians and Shiites being committed by Obama’s so called “Good Syrian Rebels” since late 2011.

    Intentionally or otherwise, the Obama Administration played a key role in the creation of the Islamic State.

    Now it’s looking like the President doesn’t seriously want to stop the monster he was instrumental in creating.

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