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The Case of the Missing Comments

Well, as I was cleaning out some stuff, I accidentally deleted all the posts from today, Friday, May 29. I was able to recover the posts, but not the comments. I apologize for the error.

15 Responses to The Case of the Missing Comments

  1. Sure Hillary, it was just an ACCIDENT! I believe it! Don’t the rest of you!! Let me see, Keith; gone for a week. Comes back and starts deleting comments. We’re talking “Pod People” here! Get the flame throwers ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. After a particularily trying day, I stopped in to my friend’s lodging hoping for a quiet exchange of views on the day’s events. Instead of a warm welcome, I found my friend, MrK, frantically searching for lost digital documents among his many papers. He shouted “they’re gone! and can’t be found. Moriarty had his henchmen unlawfully enter my sanctuary to steal the important messages left by notable clients”, he claimed.
    I suggested that he call Scotland Yard to investigate the outrage, but was rebuffed by his distainful remarks “oh those fools couldn’t find their own heads”.
    “Come, srdem, the game is afoot”.

  3. Not to worry about the comments, Keith. They’ll show up on EBay in a day or two and fetch a handsome price from someone from the White House. Otherwise, we can call the nice NSA folks over there at Ft. Meade and politely ask for copies of our comments. They’re always helpful that way. ;+}