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White House Excuse for Ramadi Defeat: Lack of Diversity

No, really. You’re not misreading the headline.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Tuesday exculpated Obama’s Iraq strategy and instead blamed Iraqi leaders’ failure to integrate their armed forces for the dramatic loss of Ramadi to ISIS.

Earnest said:

What we have indicated all along is that it will require a multi-sectarian force to succeed against ISIL.  And the reason for that is Iraq is a very diverse country and they’re going to need every element of their diversity to counter this specific threat.

You’ll recall from even the earliest days of the military campaign that the support of the United States was predicated on the commitment of the Iraqi political leadership and the Iraqi military leadership governing and fighting in a multi-sectarian fashion.  And that was true at the beginning in terms of the air support that the United States was prepared to offer; that’s also been true in some of the successful military operations that Iraqi security forces have carried out.

Now, there’s some truth to his, like any bit of spin. It’s not unreasonable to question the commitment of Iraq’s largely Shiite force to defending Sunni areas like Ramadi its ability to relate to the local population. But this isn’t enough to explain the catastrophic failure of Obama’s policy.

Two questions are begged:

1. Why, after six years of training Iraqi forces – and additional years under George W. Bush – do they still suck?

2. Why did Obama allow U.S. forces to leave Iraq before its forces were trained well enough – and, if you like, “diverse” enough?

Diversity explains little of this catastrophe. The Iraqi army was fighting fanatical Sunni’s not far from Bagdad, the capital. They should have had every motivation to prevail. They outnumbered their attackers. And, with U.S. support, they ruled the air.

The Washington Post had a much more conventional explanation for the failure: A lousy military poorly backed by its American allies.

New accounts from fighters in the city indicate that the fall of Ramadi owed as much to the weakness of Iraq’s forces and holes in U.S. strategy as to the Islamic State’s strength.

Soldiers described confusion and a lack of coordination between branches of the security forces as chains of command broke down.

Even Iraq’s Golden Division — a U.S.-trained special-forces unit considered the most capable in the country — suddenly deserted its positions, security officials said.

Planes from the U.S.-led coalition bombed the edges of Ramadi, but there simply weren’t enough airstrikes, Iraqi military officials said.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what the explanation is. The White House has the attitude of, Well, if the Iraqis won’t defend themselves, that’s their problem.

But ISIS is our problem. It is perhaps the greatest national security threat confronting us.

Withdrawing all our troops from Iraq was a grave mistake. Not sending enough back quickly enough to stomp out this metastasizing Islamist peril was the second mistake.

Every day this war goes on is another day ISIS has to plan a major attack in the United States. Maybe everyone will feel better about it if we know we have Iraqi sectarianism to blame.

34 thoughts on “White House Excuse for Ramadi Defeat: Lack of Diversity”

  1. Perhaps it depends on what your definition of IS – IS is.

    Personally, I’d like to see some diversity in Obama’s schedule today. Looks like nothing but sucking in money from ultra rich people, after taking a quick look at his Blueberry for the PDB.

  2. Oh, please. No more of our troops on Arab lands, never again.
    We need them here. Our lax border policy is allowing the radicals to just walk in, all to prepare for something that will make our lives miserable.

    1. And NOW–his big plans to legalize people is on hold, prob until after he leaves or beyond. Well, he himself said he could not legally do it. Steve Ratner on MoJoe said you can’t blame him for trying–YES YOU CAN!

  3. …and Keith why are those “two questions begged” NOT asked by anyone in the “WH press corps”?
    I am always curious Mr. Koffler why we lowly readers of WhiteHouseDossier can always come up with better questions to ask the Obama regime than the so-called professional ‘journalists’ in the “WH press corps”…is everything still being pre-screened by the Obama regime and you, working in the “WH press corps” is not allowed to tell the public…?

    1. I’d like to ask why Barry and his minions are the only people in the world who still use the acronym “ISIL”. Oh wait…

  4. One gets the overall impression that the admin is looking for reasons to dog this–when preparing to leave, there did not seem to be a big effort to get the forces agreement–more of a “No go? Uh, OK” thing. At least as far as we mushrooms were told. This all comes off as college kids “reasoning” things–not as hardened professionals and mideast “hands” making the calls.

  5. Gulf war number one. The Iraq’s ran. Surrendered and hid. Redo now. Same o same o.

    Years ago Kissinger said Iraq should be divided into 3 countries. Sunni’s, Loonies, and the Kurd s.

    Maybe that is what is really happening now?

  6. 1. The s*** because they knew, and know now that o was not going to have their back.
    2. He pulled our forces out to not have this on his plate, as well to look like a good guy bringing men and women home.
    We watched/watch this unfolding and a great percentage of people can figure out what should have been down, and what should be done now.
    This is a silly example, but if a swarm of bees, or a bunch ants come after you. You do not sit back and do nothing.
    Someone on Fox this morning made another good point. He needs to show his face on TV, addressing the nation and explain himself. If he doesn’t fight them, tell us WHY!
    Intelligence has warned him.
    We are not leaving in a cave centuries ago, with no news or info. We can search news left and right, even if the msm chooses not to report something, or plays an important fact down.
    With all the info we have learned: Leaving Iraq to soon, the scandels, The list, etc., nothing is getting fixed, resolved. No one is answering for diddly.
    God Bless America.
    May our children, grandchildren have a safe and wonderful Country to live in.

    1. That’s why he ducks the press.
      What is happening in this Country and abroad is exactly what he wants to happen.
      Complete chaos, and here at home, economic disaster, with a massive increase in the welfare state.

      Christianity is being attacked and businesses shuttered because the owners will not accept the concept of homosexuality.

      Barack Obama’s attack on this Country is working to take Her down to the level that he believes is necessary.

      The fact that She has been ‘exceptional’ all of these years grates on him.

      The people that put him in office twice are fools.
      And the congress that will not restrict his policies do not deserve their positions.

      1. 5 Gitmo detainess could leave Qatar at the end of the month. No response on this matter yesterday, and I just heard that the WH spokesman had no response again today.
        You mentioned what is happening in this Country. They were discussing this morning the issue of little kids getting suspended for using there hand and finger playing in the school yard, or another getting suspended (5 yrs old) for bring a picture of his father who is in the service. His dad was holding his gun. They made the point that people are becoming complacent regarding this and so many matters.

    1. No, it’s his fault.
      Although, he will never acknowledge it.

      I would love to see a full bore attack on this charlatan,…but it will never happen.

      We are just reduced to the fact that we have to wait it out.

  7. Send the golden boy there personally to lead from behind, he can cornhole them into doing better, and when they run away… he will suddenly find himself “in front” and then…lol FINI

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