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Top Ten “Consulting” Services Offered by Bill Clinton

So, we learn today that Bill Clinton established a secret company through which he funneled secret earnings that the Clintons tried to keep secret.

The work was for “consulting.” It’s a common job around Washington, consulting. Who knows what it means?

That’s why I sent a team of reporters to find out just what kind of consulting advice Bill Clinton was offering to his well-heeled corporate clients.

Here, for you, are the top ten:

1. How to create proper feng shui in your office and also turn it into a sex palace.

2. The meaning of word “is” – with additional information on how to use it in a sentence.

3. How to get the full value out of your interns.

4. Worried your son may one day face a draft? 1960s draft-dodging techniques updated for the 21st century.

5. Strategies for lying to a grand jury and not going to jail.

6. How to turn the presidency into a money-making extravaganza.

7. Why starting your own charity is the perfect scam.

8. Someone caught you cheating? How to convince your wife it’s all just part of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

9. Ramen Noodle Rich: How to scrape by on $25 million a year.

10. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus? Okay, how to meet chicks on Mars.

29 thoughts on “Top Ten “Consulting” Services Offered by Bill Clinton”

    1. X2
      One thing left off the list.
      What room will he pick at the WH if she gets elected.
      Will he have his own private room for any dresscapades?

  1. There is a creepy, smarmy feel to everything the Clintons do, or have done. Nothing is above board, nothing is honorable, and it’s just amazing that people who should know better (or claim to) can support them in any manner.
    Had any Repub done what the Clinton’s are accused of, any of it, the outrage would be so heavy you could put it in a bucket.

    The money grubbing, the sneaky faux charity, the influence peddling, the lies, destroying e-mails…it’s all too much.

    1. It’s worse when Hillary is questioned about the “Common Core Math” the Clintons apply to their, uhm, finances. She denies, denies, denies then say “let’s let the people decide”. Her supporters will believe her over Mother Theresa.

      1. I’m afraid you’re right about her supporters, but who else do they have?
        What is wrong with her eyes? She’s appearing to be google-eyed or straining to see.
        Something’s up there.

        1. I agree. She seems wobbly eyed, off her game, oddly confused. Full of prewritten and trite phrases. No substance. She was never much of a speaker, but she’s getting much worse.

          Here’s her 2008 Democrat nomination speech to compare and contrast,as an example. It’s not great, but at least it’s relatively coherent for that particular audience. Poke around at various portions of the speech (the beginning is excruciating. Skip it). Something is amiss with Hillary.

  2. How to hide a smirk by biting down on your lip, effectively looking sincere and concerned, all the while plotting your next, er, uh, “move”.


    1. My blood boils when I see Slick Willy wearing his little glasses halfway down his nose as though he were talking to a group of 4th graders who had misbehaved, that smarmy, imperial look on his face, the BS he spouts as easily was water over Niagara Falls. World class phony.

        1. Nice to see him keeping his pants on in the presence of women these days, though. At least when the cameras are present.

  3. Keith, as an aside, I clicked the Mark Levin link on the left side of your screen, and I receive an “Access Denied” warning from some company I’ve never heard of.

    1. You can access Mark’s site if you go to Drudge and scroll down to the list at the bottom.
      I just went there and it works.

  4. The Clinton family – including their daughter Chelsea who is a corrupt as her parents after learning from the best – is beyond sleazy and can’t get any worse.
    I don’t ever understand how they are not imprisoned!
    RICO charges is the minimum for them; it has long been known that they hide large sums of money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying required federal taxes.
    Greed is their main motive; they is never enough for them nor any means to get it.
    Take a close look at Hillary while she was SOS – a job highly unqualified to do – while operating secretly on her server – intended to keep it our of the investigative committees.
    She started her long career with lying; her husband started the same way and now have their daughter in the thick of it as well.

    This family is not only criminally corrupted but reprehensible and a sad example of americans!

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