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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 28, 2015

10:40 am || Tours the National Hurricane Center; Miami, Florida
11:05 am || Receives the annual hurricane season outlook and preparedness briefing; National Hurricane Center, Miami
3:00 pm || Departs Miami
5:30 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 28, 2015”

  1. Touring the National Hurricane Center enables Obama to call his fundraising a “business trip” and charge at least part of the cost to all of us.

    Having some difficulty seeing the value of the trip to the American taxpayer. Nothing new, though.

    Unfortunate that we’ve all paid millions for both of the Obama’s travel junkets.

      1. And I got mine from TV last night, although if someone is paying for me to go to Miami, I will make the sacrifice and go.

  2. Yes I’m sure we can all feel safer now that the POTUS has received a briefing from the prognosticators of hurricanes.

    I have never experienced a hurricane per say, but I have experienced a typhoon, (same thing) in the Philippines.
    If Barry wants to be briefed on massive storms, put him in one.

    Nothing like first hand experience as a teacher.

    1. I used to live in PI/Disneyland and went to high school there. I went on a ‘Humanitarian Mission’ with Team Rubicon in November/December 2013 following Super Typhoon Yolanda. Bad scene, especially since it hit dead center of my in-laws province of Leyte. I guarantee that sometime tomorrow Barry finds time to squeeze in 9 holes. Sunrise is about 0600 so I say he plays before the NHC tour.

      1. Did anyone hear the foul comment that Sharp. said about the Texas (flooding)storms?
        Is this a rebuke from God?
        I just heard on Fox that there was a Backlash on Twitter.

        1. No. The US and PI were negotiating the bases lease extension and PI was asking for the world ($$$$) and the US wouldn’t budge. Then Pinatubo erupted and the US walked saying okay you guys can keep it. Right now it’s a huge air hub in SE Asia and I know quite a few of my buddies that retired or have “summer homes” in Angeles. I was there recently and Clark is very nice, megamalls etc.. Same with Subic/Olongapo. If you google Subic Bay freeport or Clark/Angeles freeport you’ll see. Very nice. Wife and I go back every year and I love down in Leyte where the in laws live. As you may know, Leyte is where MacArthur landed upon his triumphant return to liberate PI. They have a huge statue of him on Palo Beach and sadly Filipino school kids know more about mac than American kids. I love that place, the people and of course Filipino food. Life was good living and going to high school in the PI as a ‘Cano’. American

          1. Thanks for the reply USMC.
            I spent 18 months there a long time ago.
            (Vietnam exit).
            I loved the Country and the people.
            I’m glad to see that they took the bases and utilized them in stead of letting them rot away.

            I have many great memories from there.
            Being an Ohio boy, that was an experience that I will never forget.

            After Pinatubo erupted, I heard that it covered Clark in layers of dust and was afraid that it would be left to lie fallow.

            After my shift, I spent a lot of time watching B-52’s leave on bombing missions to Nam.

  3. Are ya kiddin’ me?

    Ever heard of the Weather Channel?

    If any Republican President did this, the press would be all over him/her for their wasteful ways, not to mention the carbon output.

    This on the heels of the cockamamie speech at the USCG Academy commencement, touting Climate Change as the greatest enemy.


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