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Hillary’s Hair Color Advantage

Here’s Hillary discussing why she won’t go grey, like the rest of the presidents, from the stress of the job. Actually, I thought this was pretty good.

I’ve never understood people’s obsession with her various hair styles. Gosh, the woman just likes to experiment and have some fun. It’s not an identity crisis every time a woman changes the way her hair looks. People should bug off.

30 thoughts on “Hillary’s Hair Color Advantage”

  1. I can’t stand the overacting laughter & clapping behind Hillary to kiss her behind (she’s not very funny, even when the jokes are written for her).

    However, her last statement as a punch line is really a truth: “Your not going to watch me turn white in the White House”. She already is a person of pallor. Only Michael Jacksons and chameleons could turn white in the White House [oh, do you think she meant her hair and not her skin color?].

  2. It would have been great if one person said: What difference does this conversation make?
    She is planning on running and she discussing her hair.
    Yes I understand, everyone that runs likes to say something funny. I do not think anything about her is funny.

  3. Smart move! Her hair is ten shades lighter today and she had just the right ‘tone’ in her delivery. What woman beyond a certain age couldn’t identify with her? Had to laugh cuz I just got back from having color today.

    I’m telling ya….this woman is going to walk away with the presidency. She has cultivated an on-stage persona that will attract all of the LIVs, women, and minorities. And Bubba hasn’t even begun his schtick yet! Might as well sit back and enjoy the show!

    1. I’m a strawberry blonde, the kissing cousin of the “ginger”, which means (I’m Hillary’s age), I just sparkle ;) I stopped highlighting/coloring years ago when I made a deal with my hair…I’ll stop abusing you if you stop falling out !

        1. Defense Secretary huh ?
          I already have my cabinet chosen.
          Langley Spook
          …and any other Veteran that is on this site.

  4. So she promises not to “turn white” when she gets to the WhiteHouse – good grief, does everyone forget who was the first “black” president?
    Am I the only one on the planet who got it, the only one who heard the racist promise from the first “black” president’s wife?

    She’s smart, she knows what to say when no one is questioning her.
    She was playing to the Black sisters.

  5. When entering the livestock judging at the county fair, don’t take your old, tired, flabby brood-stock. Judges card is missing this category. Although there may be a ribbon for being able to stand for the duration and making it there in the haul truck with out passing out.

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