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Quote of the Day || May 26, 2015

“Our plan, as I’ve said, is to first degrade ISIS. So let the insults begin!”

– Barack Obama

A note from out attorneys: This is not a real quote.

20 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 26, 2015”

  1. 1. The only reason my camel is not your mother is because your father didn’t see her first!!

    2. When you strap on the explosive vest, remember Ali and the short fuse!

    3. How much sand does it take to make a successful Arab? Trick question, There IS no such thing!!

    4. What do you call an Arab woman with the wind in her hair? Beaten!!

    5. The best thing about Islam is:
    a. Abusing the women
    b. Killing Infidels
    c. Blowing yourself up
    d. b&c
    e. Skipping Mass on Sundays

  2. How many ISIS fighters does it take to have sex with a camel? 6! 3 to hold the camel. 1 to kneel BEHIND the camel to give a boost. 1 to do the deed. And one to take video to be broadcast on Al Jazeera!

  3. ISIS held a beauty contest for “Miss Jihadi 2015”. 3 men, 2 camels, 4 goats and a BBC reporter of undetermined sex entered. The BBC reporter and 2 of the goats were disqualified for being “Infidels”. The winner will be announced concurrent with the fall of Baghdad!

    1. TRUE FACT: They had to cancel the swimsuit competition when 2 of the judges were overcome by the sight of the camels in 2-piece bathing suits!!

  4. Remember that time when obama said Isis was Jv?… Never mind.
    Remember that time when obama traded Bergdahl? …
    Never mind.
    Remember that time when obama told us that our Libyan ambassador was killed because of a film no one ever saw? …
    Never mind.
    Do you want to know what matters? Do you?
    Look towards Ferguson. Look towards Baltimore.
    Our country is being ripped apart.

  5. Great qoute!
    Now I am trying to think of a quote for this news:
    Marie Harf is being promoted to:
    Senior advisor for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry.
    No that is not a joke.

    1. Overheard at the White House.

      Barry: If I had a daughter she would look like Marie Harf.

      Mikey: You do know that you have two daughters?

      Very Barry: What! Where was I when this happened?

      Little Miss Micky: I think it was while you where playing handball with Reggie.

      A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

  6. OT: early morning rant
    Video of the dust storm in Iraq and the comments by clueless TV talking heads –
    Dust storms are common in AZ. They don’t kill anyone, they are just irritating and make a mess. Think – a gritty fog.
    CNN- 900 people die from heat in India
    The temp was 110 there – a common head reading here in Phoenix and 900 people didn’t die last summer.
    Why did they die in India – they were homeless, sick, had no access to water. So, what killed them – being poor.
    rant over.

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