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  1. Good morning. I hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Weekend.
    People in Texas and Oklahoma, please be careful with the flood water. I must add Louisiana as well, weather heading east.

  2. Hope this news doesn’t spoil the holiday weekend for anyone, but…
    the rumors are floating in Washington and the Clinton campaign that her VP pick will be Julian Castro. And they don’t have a second option – he is the superior candidate. This comes from HUD Sec. Henry Cisneros via CNN’s State of the Union. Castro is guesting this morning.

    Castro is a no-brainer – and my first thought when she declared. Having a LaRaza activist as VP will be disastrous! The next stop will be the Oval Office in 2020 or 2024.

    Also, the Clinton camp apparently fears Rubio more than anyone in the GOP field. IMO, he doesn’t have a chance against Castro. 2016 will be about rounding up the hispanic/illegal vote…and nothing else. It’s a numbers game…and the table is set for a DEM win.
    I, for one, am not ready for a radical Mexican in the WH. A radical Af/Am was enough! Sorry to be so blunt…

    • I really don’t see how HRC can win the nomination, much less the Presidency. She doesn’t even have the slobbering media on her side. Plus, she’s not nearly as likable as she was in 2008 simply for taking a position in the Obama administration and fouling that up.

      Then there’s that stupid money laundering Clinton foundation she’s part of, making millions while bashing rich people.

      • Agree with all of the above. HRC should have been put out to pasture after the 2008 debacle. That said, the demographics have changed greatly since that time, thanks to Obama.
        The electorate is more dumbed-down than ever which bodes well for HRC. She has name recognition with those who can’t read or write, and the DEM women are solidly behind her.

        She is beatable, no question. But the GOP field is so weak, I can’t see it happening. There is no one, so far, who interests me in the slightest. If ‘ordinary’ is the new norm for the GOP, I suppose any one of them could win. /s/

    • Remember when Hillary said they left the WH “dead broke?” The Washington Post reported that the very next day she gave one speech, Bill gave two and they raked in $700,000. In one day!

      The MSM isn’t on their side, people won’t forget her for Benghazi. She can run all she wants but I truly do not believe she will win. This may call for a bit of a tin foil hat, but I think the Dems are keeping someone in the wings while Hillary unknowingly acts as a decoy.

      • That’s why she won’t take questions from the press.
        Neither does Obama.
        Even though her history is out there, she would govern just like Obama.

        I have a problem with the secrecy of the trade bill that the senate just passed.
        After that debacle, I’m convinced that McConnell should be removed from his position.

    • Ugh, like most of you, I saw all this coming back in 2012. It was obvious that the Dems were all excited to make the Castro brothers their next big superstars. That’s when I read up on them and their mother. Once Julian Castro became HUD Secretary, I knew that he was being placed there to raise his profile and creds so he could be their VP nominee.

      After eight years of BHO, if Shrillary is elected, this country is really doomed. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over at that point. They will have succeeded in dumbing down the population enough, not to mention rigging the elections with fraudulent and illegal votes. At this point, all I can do is pray that we have a Republican president next, but after seeing what a pass Shrillary has been getting on all her lies and crimes, I can totally see her waltzing right back into the White House. God help us and our country.

  3. Yesterday it was Eurovision Song Contest again and it is a big, big thing. The winner gets to arrange the contest so this year it was in Vienna because the Austrian crossdresser Conchita W won last year. And did this crossdresser and her/his issues get much time and space in this years arrangement ! I must say, if this thing is going to transform more and more into a Gay Pride Festival at least my husband is out. He can´t stand her/him. I have absolutely nothing against gays but there are limits.No special rules for them, we should all show considerateness. The Russian artist, a very young girl with a great voice (but a boring song about lovepeaceandunderstanding) was booed by the international audience with, I guess, many, many gays. It brought her to tears. And I do not think they booed because of Ukraine/Krim but because of Putins softly anti-gay politics. However, she ended up as number two anyhow ( the voting system is international ) and our young man , Måns Zelmerlöw, won. And had to say something PC like “all loves are equal”. He was pummeled by the media last year because of a very simple statement, he said that it is more normal that a man loves a woman and that they make babies together. He was called a homophobe by some activists ! Well, today you have to be extremely careful if you want a career in the limelight. There are many sensitive groups out there.

    • Why even get into that subject? A lot of this smearing etc is avoidable.Over here, yeah, used to it–everyone is a racist or a racist in denial or a hater or whatever.

      • Can’t imagine why I thought of this, but some gal at the WaPo is all about the First Lady’s fantastic, inspiring workout routines…These people are tireless.

        • And “The Root”, owned by Graham Holdings (formerly the Washington Post Company barely goes a week without fawning over Michelle’s dresses — and now hair.

  4. How blessed are we as American’s to live in this great Republic of the United States of America.
    We are protected by hero’s past and present who have sacrificed so much for our Freedom. I am grateful for their unconditional Love,Courage and Sacrifice.
    I am grateful because by the Grace of God I was born in America.God Bless America and Our Military.

    • Yes, very well said, Grandma Di. Watching the news I find myself often thinking, (and telling my son also), that we are so very fortunate to have been born in America of all the places in the world. While our complaints might be numerous at times, we should start each day realizing we lucked out by being born here. And, we are so fortunate to have so many who have voluntarily served to protect our freedom. Even in times like this, or maybe especially in times like this around the world, it’s important that we never take this for granted.

      • Thank You Snark&Lee.Everyone on this WHD blog…are Patriots and they love America. I appreciate the intelligent & articulate thoughts daily.I know there is a bond of patriotism and ‘family’within this WHD. Thanks to Keith for offering the platform of words and thoughts.I love it.

    • They should be behind the desk discussing what to do about Isis.
      Secy Carter stating Iraqis showed no “will to fight” in Ramadi.
      The are ignoring everything that is going on over there. Same time they think up anything and everything that does not seem to be to our best interest, for one the Trade Deal.

  5. Whilte we’re on the topic of heroes this Memorial Day weekend, and I’d like to recommend a fascinating book: “And There Was Light: Autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, Blind Hero of the French Resistance”

    Even though he lost his sight in an accident when he was 8 years old, Lusseyran grew up to be a leader of the French Resistance. During his work for the liberation of France, he was betrayed and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he was tortured mercilessly. He survived Buchenwald, and had an enormous impact on the lives of others right up to his death (accident in France in 1969). (I’m skipping the years 1945-1969 to whet your appetite). He may well have an impact on you when you read his book. It had that effect on me. As we study the heroes of the past and present to serve as inspiration for us, Lusseyran should be on our list.

  6. Drudge linked to a good John Podhoretz column in the NY Post today.

    BHO and the Dems see Obamacare as his big domestic policy accomplishment from his first term, and now for his second term they want a foreign policy accomplishment for his legacy. And, it’s clear that they manufactured this “opportunity” with Iran.

    His deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, put it this way last year to a roomful of liberal activists when talking about the initial November 2013 agreement to begin talking about Iran’s nuclear program: “Bottom line is, this is the best opportunity we’ve had to resolve the Iranian issue diplomatically…This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is health care for us, just to put it in context.”

    But this “opportunity” didn’t just emerge organically — which is actually where “opportunities” are supposed to come from. It did not result from changing conditions that opened a new possibility of finding common ground.

    Iran’s behavior didn’t change, and its pursuit of nuclear weapons didn’t change. Obama manufactured what Rhodes called an opportunity by pursuing a deal with Iran and dangling all kinds of carrots in front of the mullahs.

    And why? Because he wants a foreign-policy legacy to match the size and scope of his key legacy in domestic policy.

    And who can blame him? After the failure of the Arab Spring, the collapse of Libya, the failure to act on his self-imposed “red line” in Syria, Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine and the terrifying rise and forward march of ISIS, the only unmitigated positive on his foreign-policy spreadsheet remains the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    Look, the guy will need something impressive to fill the exhibition space at his brand-new presidential library in Chicago

    • The people in Congress and the msm need to start working on something as well to make themselves appear to be successful as well.