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65 Responses to Open Thread || Saturday, May 23, 2015

  1. o won by victory for his trade agenda Friday with Senate approval of fast Track legislation that could make it easier for him to complete wide-ranging trade deal tat would include 11 Pacific nations.
    A coalition of 48 Senate Republicans and 14 Democrats voted for Trade Promostion Authority late Friday, sending legislation to a difficult fight in the House, where it faces more opposition from Dems.
    The Fast Track provisions would allow Congress, under strict timelines, to consider trade deals with a simple up or down vote without any amendmentsor requirements of a Senate super majority to end debate.

  2. I am discouraged…I resist the racist theme–think it’s encouraged from on high, think way too many people buy into it, it’s not supported by logic, but AOL had a comment thread on those DC murders and the good burghers of AOL really chimed in with the vilest racist comments imaginable. Totally disgusting. I feel like the internet truly is the world’s colostomy bag, as some have said.

  3. Lodging a formal complaint about the ad that is running on the right sidebar.

    When it’s running, the screen keeps resetting.
    You can’t even see the comment box !

  4. I am not sure if you Americans have ever heard of it but tonight this gigantic European spectacle takes place, The Eurovision Song Contest. All the European countries participate ,including Russia. But not Ukraina this year, guess they are busy elsewhere. Israel has been included in Europe from the beginning, also countries like Azerbadjan and this year , Australia. It is a hilarious spectacle and everyone, especially gay groups, love it. Last year Austria won, with a bearded transvestite called Conchita Wurst. ABBA made their debut in this contest, by the way.This year my personal favourite is the Italians. Three handsome Italians in nice suits singing about “Grand Amore”, what´s not to like there ? Other countries with songs that are considered winning-potentials are Australia, Israel, Cyprus and my own, Sweden. It will be a glamorous night.

  5. Since 1956, the official motto of the U.S. has been “In God We Trust”.
    After Jeffrey Goldberg’s one hour interview with our first Jewish president on Israel and Iran at a Jewish synagogue, our motto should be changed:
    “In Obama We Trust”!

    Why is it that American Jews, for the most part, are supporting Obama on the Iran nuke giveaway deal?
    Why would anyone, Christian or Jew, approve of a ‘deal’ that lifts all sanctions, allows uranium enrichment without any inspections, and forks over $50 Billion as an incentive???

    Brace yourselves. The megalomaniac-in-chief is finally defining the Obama Doctrine:

    “Look, I’m still going to be around for the next 20 years, God willing. If Iran has a nuclear weapon, it’s my name on this.”

    • “Brace yourselves. The megalomaniac-in-chief is finally defining the Obama Doctrine:”

      Oh so true Girly1.
      He is becoming more dangerous by the week.
      Another year and a half, it is anybody’s guess where this Country will be.

    • The question regarding Obama has always been: who does he really work for? It’s obvious he doesn’t respect the US Constitution, mocks those who question his motives and decisions, doesn’t relate in any reasonable manner to the Congress or even members of his own party (as they readily and publicly admit). He is untrusted in the international arena. He has put enormous energy and resources into hiding his own biography and background. He is beyond question the strangest and most bizarre President in the history of the United States.

      Who does he really work for?

      • Marcus, You and I and many others here at WHD wonder the same. What concerns me as well, are the other people in office. They are all being led, as far as I am concerned.
        I could give a rat’s cheese, what he will be doing in 20 years. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to care about our future. You don’t protect the Country on a “Maybe it will work” deal.
        A mother, and (yes many fathers) think of all the if, and’s and but’s about their children’s current upbringing, as well as their future. As hard as we try, none of us are perfect, but we don’t sign deals with people like Iran when it concerns our children.

      • His father maybe ?
        Frank Marshall Davis maybe ?

        It’s obvious that neither Barack nor Michelle can stay out of the spotlight for very long.
        The intense desire to be the center of attention, whether it be on TV or youtube videos, indicates that they are intent on taking this Country down to a level that the rest of the world no longer respects.

        That particular plan is working nicely.

        His policies are like a cancer for America, and congress is allowing them to eat away at Her.

          • Yes, the Blackberry that’s supposed to be secure from the Chinese who have already hacked into every government system we have. Who IS on the other end of that thing? Maybe it’s ValJal telling him that he’s wonderful and how no one appreciates him. Maybe she’s putting that day’s action word in his head, so he follows instructions properly from his handlers.

        • The next stop where he will continue to carry out his intense campaign of chaos and destruction will be— Secretary General of the United Nations. That’s as obvious as it can be. His handlers will see that he gets that position.

          • Back in the runup to the election in 2008, when I could find out next to nothing about Obama, Reid & Pelosi kept coming up as people who were mentoring him…they may still be being underestimated.

          • It’s entirely possible, Star. Then add Frank Marshall Davis (see below), Valerie Jarrett–whose family was associated with Frank Marshall Davis– Jeremiah Wright, and many others of a similar ilk. Davis was a self admitted bisexual pedophile (who claimed that the 13 year old girl he was intimate with seduced HIM. Where have we heard that excuse before!) and a writer of pornographic novels, as well as, as we know, a Chicago based Communist who wrote extensively about the joys and wonders of Communism and how awful America was. He effectively supported Hitler in WW2. A real sweetheart, eh? Davis edited Communist newspapers in Chicago, Hawaii and Atlanta for 40 years. Well, we all know about this stuff by now, it’s been written about extensively, except for the MSM. Little wonder Obama lies about his background.



          • Marcus–why so glum. You mean you didn’t have a pedophile, communist babysitter?
            LOL. I have often wondered not about his influences (incl Wright) but who “groomed” him–got him the Dem convention speech that launched him (Reid & Kennedy, I heard). Remember how he told Reid, very proudly, that he had a “gift” of oration, which turned out to be an ability to read a prompter, with who knows who putting the words on it. I have yet to read one thing HE wrote. And when he was “selected,” his own wife said, “Why him–he hasn’t done anything.” This is all a very weird chap of Am life–or I hope just a chapter.

          • Agree with what you said, Star. It’s so clear that he was groomed and programmed from an early age (beginning in his late teen years, I would guess), to be as he is now, speak the way he speaks now, behave the way he behaves now. It is an arranged life. He’s so robotic that it’s spooky. He is more like an actor dutifully reciting his lines on a stage than a President. Someday we will know the whole story.

      • Who cares who he works for? He is a freaking idiot and a sadistic SOB. Only wants to hurt America, obvious he has a low I.Q. in everything he does. Can’t wait until God punishes him.

    • Because American Jews are not Jews anymore, they gave up their Jewish religion and joined the communist/democrat party just like the Nazis and commies, they believe in exterminating babies and DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD ANYMORE, they are loyal only to the “party”

  6. In case you were wondering … Obama played golf today with Biden and a couple of aides. Mark Knoller, CBS said this is the 7th time Obama and Biden have played together. I think it’s Obama’s 229th golf game since becoming POTUS.

    • The DNC tweeted out Happy Memorial Day wishes today using an old photo of Obama holding a big ice cream cone. I was pleased to see so many people were unhappy with that photo – even Jake Tapper, CNN, said it was inappropriate for this holiday.

      Tapper has tweeted out photos and messages, very nice tributes, all day about the great men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

      • A GOP president.

        More, a GOP president who makes it clear, during the campaign, that the abuses of the Obama administration must not, and WILL not, be allowed to escape the scrutiny–and, more importantly, the judgment–of history.

        It’s then going to take an AG who will be ruthless in pursuing any and all forms of government corruption, regardless of who committed them.

        Once that’s established, break out the leg irons, and start frog-marching this administration’s various stooges, lackeys, and hangers-on off to the nearest oubliette.

        It would be a good first step.

        • I fear it will never happen. Only another Civil War will get rid of these criminals in government, nothing less. The “president”, Congress, Republicans, etc., etc., are all in cahoots. The only way to clean out the corruption of the Obamas, Clintons, the racist democratic party and some of the Republican party, would have to be by force. Everything is corrupt now, the voting is fraudulent, government is stealing the people’s money,only hope is if the people rise up, really rise up. We have a tyrannical government and it must be overthrown. Imagine, we have a President? who is fighting America and hates us. The only way to restore America to a decent country that it was before Obama, would have to be by force.